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Psychic 2020
Over 30 Years Dedicated to Excellence in Metaphysical Service
Psychic 2020
About The Academy
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  • History
  • Values
  • Beliefs
  • Code of Ethics
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  • Services for Individuals

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    Our Mission

    At Academy of Psychic Arts and Sciences. . .

    Our purpose is to improve the overall quality of life, happiness and success of those we serve.

    We operate with passion, advocacy and sensitivity in providing:

    personal consultation, counseling and mentoring services utilizing metaphysical gifts and spiritual philosophy, and

    metaphysically-based educational materials, programs and experiences.

    Our intention is to:

    facilitate an "edge" of spiritual insight and understanding to those who are in any way disenfranchised, and

    consistently emphasize values of personal spiritual connection, kindness, free will choice, fairness, self-responsibility, co-creativity, honesty, integrity, excellence and growth.

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    Academy of Psychic Arts and Sciences was begun in 1970 by a group of seekers intent on fostering greater understanding and wider practice of metaphysics in the United States. Led by our founder, Timothy Dexter Latus, Academy was established to bring a new level of professionalism to the study, understanding and practice of the psychic arts and sciences.

    Having had operations in Albuquerque, Houston, New York City, Palo Alto and Saint Louis over the decades, Academy has operated from and been based in Dallas since 1979, which now serves as its world headquarters.

    Throughout its over thirty year existence, Academy has served many thousands of individuals from all walks of life and has gained an international reputation for promulgating and upholding the highest standard of ethics and practices in the profession.

    Academy proudly marked the 21st Century by launching its DPMPdesignation (for Dedicated Professional Metaphysical Practitioner™), a hallmark honor reserved for the finest metaphysical practitioners in the world. This program is a major step in Academy's goal of promoting high standards in metaphysical practice and providing the public with a reliable gauge of professional excellence earned by a select few. Every DPMP™ has strongly demonstrated an exceptional commitment to the profession and has pledged to strictly uphold Academy's Code of Ethics.

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    To better know a person, study what they value. Here is a list of words. Each symbolizes an energy held in high regard at Academy of Psychic Arts and Sciences.

    Know us by our values:

    Accountability, Achievement, Advocacy, Animals, Appreciation and Awareness;

    Balance, Boldness and Boundaries;

    Celebration, Choice, Clarity, Collaboration, Commitment, Community, Concern, Confidentiality, Cooperation and Creativity;

    Dedication, Dependability, Dignity, Discernment, Discovery and Diversity;

    Education, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Empowerment, Encouragement, Enjoyment, Ethics, Excellence and Exploration;

    Fairness, Faith, Fellowship, Forgiveness and Fun;

    God, Gratitude and Growth;

    Healing, Hope, Husbanding and Humor;

    Innovation, Inspiration, Integrity and Interaction;


    Kindness and Knowledge;

    Laughter, Leadership and Learning;

    Maturity, Mentoring and Motivation;


    Opportunity and Options;

    Participation, Partnership, Pets, Potential, Pride, Privacy, Profit and Promotion;


    Reciprocation, Relationships, Respect, Responsibility, Results and Reward;

    Sensitivity, Service, Sharing, Simplicity, Stewardship, Strategy, Strength and Spirituality;

    Teaching, Technologies, Trust and Truth;



    Wholeness and Work;



    YES! Please know us for what we value.

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    Academy of Psychic Arts and Sciences believes:

    In a Creator giving us the experience of life as a learning opportunity toward the objective of unconditional love;

    In the ultimate importance of a personal spiritual connection with our Creator;

    In the Creator given gift of Free Will Choice;

    In individual responsibility to make the best use possible of our learning opportunities;

    In the natural and constant communion between every individual and the Creator;

    In "Gifts Of The Spirit" which foster and facilitate our spiritual communion, communication and connection.

    In the "Golden Rule" for living and business: do unto others as you would wish them to do unto you.

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    Code of Ethics

    We protect the sanctity of client relationships and information.

    We maintain a safe, sensitive and supportive environment to facilitate personal growth and enrichment for all.

    We value our client's time as our own.

    We enforce the universal gift and responsibility of free-will choice.

    We describe our services and products truthfully and without exaggeration.

    We highlight that we have no supernatural powers, cannot cause nor prevent any occurrence.

    We explain that results from our work vary by individual.

    We are forthright about the terms and conditions under which we work.

    We communicate immediately any fee we charge for products or services. We base our fees on time or costs involved, never escalating solely for urgency of need nor client emotional state.

    We suggest alternatives to those in financial hardship.

    We avoid divided loyalties, hidden agendas and dual relationships which could compromise our judgment.

    We guard against creating unhealthy dependency or abiding disrespect for the profession.

    We better the profession as a whole by keeping current with developments, furthering our education and experience, sharing our results and research and acting as mentors to those less experienced.

    While we absolutely reserve our right to choose for whom we work on the basis of individual consideration, we pledge to honor and maintain the Academy's more than 30 years' tradition for ethical and social responsibility by making our services and products available without regard to gender, race, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, social standing, advanced age or physical status.

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    With over three decades Dedicated To Excellence In Metaphysical Service™, Academy has served the personal growth needs of many thousands of clients -- both individuals and businesses.

    Academy's success and reputation have developed from the RESULTS PRODUCED for our clientele: results impressive enough that clients often remain actively engaged with us for many years.

    Perhaps our greatest satisfaction comes from our work being so highly regarded by clients that repeat engagements constitute over 90% of our practice.

    The quality of our clients is a success factor too. They are capable, open, courageous, adventurous and have a sincere motivation to grow. We are honored to partner with them!

    Here are examples of these wonderful people:

    Academy Services for Individuals clients come from all walks of life and virtually every imaginable group.

    A sampling includes:

    Actors, Attorneys, Athletes, Artists, Authors, Bankers, College Professors, Dancers, Designers, Diplomats, Executives, Homemakers, Investors, Inventors, Judges, Mayors, Medical Doctors, Merchants, Ministers, Novelists, Nurses, Police Officers, Politicians, Producers, Psychiatrists, Recruiters, Scientists, Show Business Stars, Speakers, Struggling Students, Teachers, Technicians, Teenagers. . .

    European Royalty and many more.

    Academy Services for Businesses clients come from industries of all varieties, different company sizes, different positions within companies, all stages of company life cycle and with great diversity of objectives.

    A sampling includes:

    Accounting Firm, Advertising Agency, Agricultural Products Brokerage, Animal Care, Antique Merchandising, Architectural Designing, Art Gallery, Automobile Sales, Banking, Body Shop, Broadcasting, Charitable Organization, Collectibles Marketing, Computer Software, Concert Promotion, Corporate Training, Credit and Collection Service, Cosmetics Manufacturing, Custom Home Building, Delivery Service, Document Production, Educational Seminar Producing, Employment Agency, Employee Benefits Brokerage, Executive Recruiting, Furniture Manufacturing, Greeting Card Publishing, Government Service, Hair Styling, Health and Beauty Aid Manufacturing, Home Accessories Designing, Home Remodeling, Hospital, Human Resources Consulting, Industrial Space Planning, Industrial Waste Management, Insurance Brokerage, Interior Designing, International Marketing, Internet Web Service, Investment Advisors, Juvenile Product Manufacturing, Law Firm, Mail Order Marketing, Management Consulting, Medical Clinic, Metal Fabricating, Mining, Mortgage Brokerage, Motion Picture Studio, Music Publishing, Office Equipment Distributing, Organizations Meeting Producing, Photographers, Political Action and Lobbying, Portraiture, Publishing, Property Management, Ranching, Real Estate Development, Real Estate Sales, Record Company, Restaurant, Safety Consulting, Secretarial Services, Shoe Manufacturing, Specialty Retailing, Television Syndication, Technology Services, Temporary Personnel Service, Theatrical Production, Trade Show Producing, Travel Agency, Trucking and many more.

    Could YOU possibly benefit from our services? Just click here to learn more.

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