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Step 2: Select One of Timothy's Verses or Write Your Own!

Verse 1

Money is just energy. . .

that hides in your pocket.

Verse 2

Mountains would be flat. . .

without valleys.

Verse 3

We are all students.

And teachers.

Verse 4

Wisdom accumulates.

If we let it.

Verse 5

I'm hiding out. . .

to pause.

Verse 6

I wish you smooth sailing.

With a storm to add interest.

Verse 7

My carnival. . .

is glad to have your side show.

Verse 8

You've done good!

Now rest.

Verse 9

A gentle breeze.

Soothes the weary.

Verse 10


It's time.

Verse 11

Are you sure. . .

you want to know me?

Verse 12


I share the joy of you.

Verse 13

Don't you dare give up.

Dare to do instead.

Verse 14

With you in my life,

Every day is a new beginning.

Verse 15

Your possibilities are endless.

Never forget that..

Verse 16

Gentleness. . .

Accomplishes greatness.

Verse 17

We're learning every day.

Ancient mysteries are still unfolding.

Verse 18

Some obstacles seem big.

Til you whittle them down to size.

Verse 19

Thank goodness. . .

Bad days are usually followed by good ones.

Verse 20

You make me smile.

ALL over.

Verse 21


It's what life is all about.

Verse 22

I wish you joy.

So big it stretches you!

Verse 23

Reach for the heavens.

You'll be surprised how far you'll get.

Verse 24

As you grapple with your choices. . .

I send you love.

Verse 25

Sending you hugs & kisses.

And tons of love!

Verse 26

I trust you for all the best.

Give yourself time to be.

Verse 27

Color your world brightly.

Make it match your power.

Verse 28

Picking our path. . .

is the most important thing we do.

Verse 29

Go high.

You CAN do it.

Verse 30

Life can seem so complicated.

Until you make it simple.

Verse 31

Often times the littlest things. . .

create the biggest difference.

Verse 32

You are the sole creator. . .

of your own responses.

Verse 33

Many times a little bit of effort. . .

creates a mighty force.

Verse 34

I wish you abundance. . .

in all you do.

Verse 35

The right answers. . .

are within you. Focus!

Verse 36

Laughter and fun. . .

are essential. Party!

Verse 37

Challenges can seem so big. . .

until you put them in perspective.

Verse 38

Our love. . .

is bigger than both of us.

Verse 39

I'm so proud of you. . .

and ALL that you are.

Verse 40

God's grace is everywhere.

Let's celebrate it!

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