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August 1, 2008

I'm writing you with some really exciting and very positive news -- and why today is a very special and powerful day for you.

Be patient with me, please. Lest we be thought of as "pie in the sky" loo loo lah lah New Age kooks -- let's first acknowledge troubling realities.

Feeling discouraged and negative about the future? Many Americans are. Poll results released yesterday show that 76% feel things are going badly in our country -- one of the highest negatives ever recorded. Is it any wonder?

We're off and running in a nasty Presidential election that still has months to go. Instead of dealing with the country's incredibly difficult challenges, our apparent potential Presidents are talking about confused Britney Spears, wealthy heiress Paris Hilton and how many people showed up at the latest speech. Rumors are flying. That Texas nasty Karl Rove is now running the John McCain campaign behind the scenes and is responsible for the recent mocking mud slinging that McCain, (who has always prided himself on "honor") insists he is personally "proud of". That former Democratic nomination candidate John Edwards (who dropped out of the race suddenly and mysteriously) fathered a love-child during the campaign in an affair with a hired worker and has arranged "hush money" payments -- all the while posing with his attractive "model family" including his terminally ill cancer-stricken wife, Elizabeth. That McCain (whose campaign calls Obama "elitist") walks around in $520 Italian loafers, doesn't have a clue about grocery prices, can only manage one campaign event a day and never on week-ends. That on rare days off from campaigning, Obama sometimes works out 3 times in a single day and regularly eats MET-Rx chocolate roasted-peanut protein bars while only wanting to drink organic Black Forest Berry Honest Tea.

The beat goes on.

Meanwhile, hard working Americans have been losing more and more paycheck power for nearly a decade, while wealthy folk see no limit to the upside of their fortunes and the trust funds they are passing on to their children. Credit card interest rates blow your mind every month and the banks just "rewrite" your contract and increase them whenever the whim strikes -- even though we all know "official" interest rates (the one banks pay each other) are at near record bottom.

Terribly run mega corporations claim bankruptcy by the dozens, but the executives that drove them into the ground walk away with multi-million dollar pay offs and head to the finest golf course resorts. Government welfare used to be abused by deadbeat wino slackers but now is gobbled up by the country's biggest executive suite corporations and government-private agency partnerships. And there is no end in sight.

The stock market is a roller coaster. The economy is having a tough ride, hitting average folks very hard. The reported official unemployment rate is the highest in four years and people who have jobs are getting their hours cut to part-time in greatly increasing numbers every month. Despite these realities, the leading economic advisor for one of the Presidential nominees (himself a super rich lobbyist for a giant foreign bank) says the country's economic woes are all in "our heads" and really only amount to whining by Americans who have a "psychological" problem. Huh?

Our collective national debt boggles the mind from eight years of credit card styled government, as we continue to spend $720,000,000.00 dollars a day (including interest that will be passed on to our children and grandchildren) for a military invasion nobody can adequately explain -- and the vast majority of Americans want to be out of.

Pulling into a gas station for a fill-up costs as much as a fun shopping spree did a few years ago. Ordinary people are being hit by tasers in the hands of gangs of police left & right -- some literally dying on the spot. Cameras watch you wherever you go and whatever you do and it is your own Congress you can thank for violating your Constitutional citizen rights to ever again have assurance of a confidential phone call or email. And yesterday a napping teenager riding a bus in Canada got stabbed to death and beheaded -- by his stranger seat companion -- right in front of a bus load full of passengers.

A moon-walking national-hero NASA astronaut confirms that aliens from outer space do exist and that the "body recovery" crash at Roswell for sure actually happened -- and plain old, ordinary water has just been found by our robot on Mars -- a fact scientists told us for many decades was not possible.

It might even get worse. Coming energies show a still more incredibly difficult Presidential election season with shocking surprises and confusion, potential terrorist attack disruptions, frightening passenger aircraft dangers and profound changing times that impact everybody.

Whew! With all that being the world you live in, do you think it makes sense to put your future in the hands of society's "leaders"?


Neither do I. The time has come for YOU to take over total management and control of your life direction 24/7/365.

Yes you CAN!

I'm done recounting the nasty realities that we all have to face every morning these days. As if you needed any reminder, I just wanted to dramatize, that if things are going to get better in your life, YOU are going to have to be the one to do it.

And that's WHY today -- and the rest of this month -- is so important to your own personal growth and happiness.

Let me explain.

Make a note of these three important dates and steps:

Today's total solar eclipse marks a START point for you to activate a comprehensive review and jump start of your life.
A lunar eclipse is coming in about two weeks, on August 16th. It marks the point for you to have FINISHED collecting your thoughts and intentions, figured out your personal lessons so that you can make CHOICES about your life direction.

And between those two dates, comes August 8th, 2008 -- 8-08-08 -- a triple 8 day that opens spiritual portals for incredibly powerful energies -- available for you to use for meditation, reflection, prayer, releasing, definition and CLARITY.

I wish I could cram a whole "Change Your Life with Metaphysics" course into this one email, but I can't. What I can do is give you a quick run down on the Spiritual Metaphysics implications of the powerful astrology that is going on this month.


Eclipses are forceful astrological events with great symbolic meaning. The Sun and the moon come together in a way that changes normal reality. The energies empower a coming together of masculine and feminine forces within you -- an integration of all that you are spiritually. You are being nudged to STOP looking at "normal" reality (who you think or act like you are) and START dealing with the truth of who you REALLY are -- and this examination will include your relationships as well.

The "new moon" always marks a positive time of new beginnings. Plant seeds. An eclipse is the new moon (new beginning) coming together with the strongest force in the universe -- the Sun which provides the energy that makes our entire universe thrive -- our light and our life. And in an eclipse, it is the new beginning (new moon) that dominates.

All of this is profoundly more important when the eclipse event takes place in the sign of Leo -- the home base for the Sun -- as it has today.

Bottom line: all this astrological power IS going to move you. Things ARE going to change. The KEY to making this a positive event is for YOU to CHOOSE the changes that are within your power.


Look at yourself. Look at your life. Closely. Really, really closely. What is right? What is wrong? What is true? What is false? What NEEDS changing?

You ARE set in your ways. Don't for a minute think you are not. Over time you have established patterns, habits, routines, structures, even relationships -- all based on assumptions or conditions at the time.

THINGS HAVE CHANGED. It is time for you to RE-SET the patterns. This applies to every aspect of your life. Think, meditate, pray and feel about it deeply.

I promise you that your "settings" NEED to be changed in some ways. That is the message of today's Eclipse in a nutshell.

So should you pull out a sheet of paper -- or a fresh computer screen -- right now and jot down what you think needs changing?


But don't stop there. Invest a couple of weeks. Spirit is telling us through astrology the timetable to conduct this process of change:

August 1st -- Start examining your life for truth

August 8th -- 8:8:8 PROSPERITY POWER POINT -- open yourself up to receive. To receive guidance. To receive understanding. To recognize the incredible positive power that is within you when you are spiritually connected. Some say that energies that happen on this date actually activate a "channel" embedded in your physical DNA. That on that date, you will receive a "download" of natural power to activate positive change in your life. Whether it is physical or not, what is important is that 8 is the ancient and symbolic number for abundance and prosperity and the 8:8:8 energy of that date IS something you want to take full advantage of for creating positive change.

August 16th Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. If you have really been open, spiritually connected and have applied yourself, you will have a good assessment of your personal truth by this time and know what CHOICES you want to make for your life direction. You should have a "gut feeling" of WHO you really are, what makes sense for you and what requires RE-SETTING in your life. The time has come to decide on your RESETS. (For minor astrological reasons, I'd wait until Monday, August 18th to sign any papers or formalize any major practical changes.)

So YES, make your notes today or this weekend as you take a really focussed look at your life. But do NOT stop there.

Recent scientific research proves that your stress actually diminishes when the focus of your eyes becomes "soft" -- meaning just a bit blurry. That's what I want you to do with your life between now and the 16th -- look at it in "soft focus" -- allow a little blurry. Give yourself the chance to relax and to FEEL. By doing that, new truths, new realities and new possibilities will become obvious to you. Even as you experience 8/8/08, do not FORCE understandings or insights -- just let them FLOW IN.

Listen: Only when you really realize and face what parts of your life need RE-SETTING can you make good choices. Examine deeply.

Whatever you decide, yes, life's realities will trudge on around you. None of us lives in a vacuum. The difference will be that you are NOT on auto-pilot, stumbling around hampered by worn out "settings". That you are NOT dealing with an outdated inaccurate version of who you are. That you have actively and responsibly taken control of your own personal life force energy (as God intends you to do) in conjunction with your spiritual direction.

And that, after all, is what you are here for!




   (Copyright MMVIII, APA&S. May be freely circulated & published with
     copyright & author credit intact.)

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June 9, 2008

A Delayed Welcome

Welcome to the 21st Century.

Yes, more than eight long years AFTER all the excitement, celebration and Y2K hub-bub about the calendar changing over to a new century. . .

for Americans at least, the new century now appears finally to have arrived.

(Observing from my listening post, I just had to welcome you aboard. *wink*)

"Why now?", you ask.

Because in the United States, beginning today, we are shifting gears into Election 2008 and all that comes with it. For the next five months (at least) the collective consciousness is going to be impacted -- let's hope positively. We will be examining where we are, how we got here and where we want to go. Beyond the USA, the world population will be affected too, because what happens between these shores has planet-wide implications.

"But there have been a number of USA elections since the 20th Century -- why would the 21st Century just be starting now?"

Because elections 2000, 2002, 2004 and 2006 all pretty much sprang from the same old, same old. Last century stuff. For instance, the major presidential candidates of 2000 and 2004 were each, more or less, products of 20th Century systems and heritage. They achieved major party nominations by using the OLD systems and culture.

This time it was different for one of the world's oldest political parties. The USA Democratic presidential nomination, for the first time in history, was fought between a woman and a black man finalists. The black man won by NOT relying on 20th Century systems, heritage and culture. He defeated a candidate who would have revolutionized the notion that American Presidents must be men. His victory happened most likely because she represented and used old 20th Century systems, heritage and culture, despite being revolutionary as a female seeking the highest office.

The USA Republican party, reeling from an incumbent President with the lowest approval ratings in contemporary American history, saw its similar reliance on 20th Century systems, heritage and culture produce a confused and weird primary season that finally resulted in the most aged presidential nominee in all of American history.

The nomination contests wrapped up last week on a backdrop of remarkable happenings. The world wide price of oil reached its highest peak in history. USA unemployment took a giant, unexpected jump. Consumer confidence is in the pits. The price of a food staple like corn is at a record high -- up 69% in just a year. Average equity value in people's homes fell to its lowest point in 63 years. The dollar remains near record lows against the Euro and other world currencies. Averages on the world's largest stock exchange fell 394 points and the USA Senate released a long delayed official, in-depth report, confirming with facts beyond the shadow of a doubt that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney knowingly and intentionally misled the country and world as they LIED their way into invading Iraq. Meanwhile, USA continues to spend over $720,000,000.00 every DAY on the Iraq invasion and occupation, including interest to be paid by our children and grandchildren.

Our challenges are enormous. Our lessons are major. And yes, there is spiritual karmic-balancing going on as a consequence of choices we have collectively made -- as I've written about before. In any case, all these things are WHAT IS. We've got to find the lessons in them and get totally WILL-INg to learn them as a people.

We know from spiritual metaphysics, that there is no coincidence in these many signals sounding at virtually the same time. Notice that each piece of "bad news" has its roots in pursuing 20th Century practices and notions into the 21st Century.

The message is unquestionably clear: 20th Century problems are not going to go away with 20th Century solutions -- or they already would have. It is going to take 21st Century solutions to survive in the 21st Century. We can either realize that now -- or later.

As I said, Welcome to the 21st Century.

LISTEN: You and I made a spiritual choice to be living at this "Century Crossover" time in history. We chose it for the challenge. We chose it for the opportunity. And now, here we are -- face to face with our destined life agendas. And choices.

It can be a very confusing time for all of us. Look at the presidential nomination politics that have just played out for examples.

On the Democratic side we just saw the first credible female candidate for the nomination run as if she were a man: tough, aggressive, boastful, exaggerating, audacious and carrying a voting record full of testosterone. Perhaps that is why she only managed to get about half of middle-aged women to vote for her. Her major male competitor ran a campaign highlighting attitudes of detachment, cooperation, accommodation, gathering together and nurturing -- not exactly old fashioned male attributes. Surely you see the 21st Century mash-up of traditional feminine and masculine roles.

If you felt like you were in a house of mirrors through all this nominating season, you were not alone. Hillary Clinton, the power wife of the ex-presidential couple who made a modest $110,000,000.00 these last few years and who had never met a mega-corporation or big business lobbyist she didn't like, somehow found her greatest success by adopting the costume of your assembly-line, whiskey drinking, union-loving, bullet-dodging, sister gal who became miraculously and suddenly dedicated to fighting against the very big businesses and industries which had bank-rolled her own campaign with record breaking multi-million dollar contributions. Huh?

And John McCain. The once upon a time maverick Senator with a multi-generational family history of proudly serving military officers and with his own impressive military record as an American hero and prisoner of war in Vietnam, who had recently led the moral fight against USA's repugnant use of torture, and had condemned theocrazies for lining up their fear and hate in support of the Republican party. . .

suddenly was brought to heel by the likes of American "chicken hawks" like Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh and Dick Cheney who dodged the American military draft and have never served a day in uniform. McCain flatly dropped his moral based position against Americans using torture. He also personally solicited the endorsement of some of the worst type of hateful theocrazies that he had earlier condemned. Huh?

Even young, 21st Century candidate, Barack Obama invited you into the house of mirrors. While promoting a campaign totally based on the "power of community" and pulling in millions of new participants, marketing techniques were being consistently employed to transform him into a cult-like persona. Photography almost always intentionally framed the view looking upward at his towering visage. Video shots showing hundreds of hands outstretched just to get a touch of him. Frequent visuals of thousands of people standing in line or filling giant arenas to hear him speak. And while promoting and employing every social network, bottom-up kind of innovative organizing technique, his campaign was actually being run by the most lean, mean, top-down, tightly controlled and disciplined management structure of all the campaigns. Huh?

"Well, that's just politics," you say.

Yes. But Spiritual Metaphysics also insists it embodies, reflects and presents the issues and lessons of our time. It is vitally important that we pay attention.

Hillary had one hell of a time figuring out an effective way to combat sexist attitudes and ideas in a way that was true to her history. Her entitlement attitude made it no easier.

Obama had similar troubles dealing with racism and the fundamental cultural differences that set blacks apart from whites and Hispanics in this country. His inexperienced naivety and ego only compounded the problem.

McCain cannot reconcile being an independent and maverick when his only chance of winning is to gain the support of ALL the party parts -- any more than he can present himself as the powerful agent for change when he is the oldest player on the block and can hardly speak a paragraph without bragging about enduring capture in a war 41 years ago. And all the while, despite serving as a USA Congressman and Senator for 26 years, being married to a multi-millionaire heiress and claiming to be absolutely healthy and fit to be President, he continues to collect a payment of over $58,000 for total disability from the USA treasury every year.

Regardless of all this crazy making playing out in our daily news, any intelligent observer must be impressed with the absolute marvel of the American political system -- yet again adjusting, changing, accommodating -- creaking and groaning perhaps, but still -- making way for its third century cross-over.

USA Election 2008 presents an incredibly powerful choice: cling to the old or spring to the new. Both have their risks.

Despite the many challenges we have before us, our 21st Century is an exciting time to be a player.




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November 11, 2006

An American Election

Six years after "passing of the baton" in the USA White House from William Jefferson Clinton into the hands of George Walker Bush, American voters have expressed an opinion about the results that have been obtained utilizing extremist attitudes and ideas in the direction of the United States of America.

The vote is in. Extremism in all its mutations has been condemned. A clarion call for moderation has been sounded by USA voters. Moderation being sought in place of war, fear, hate and greed is a profound move toward spiritual thinking that all enlightened people can and should celebrate.

It has been a rugged six years with many hermetic and telling signals and challenges, startling violations of American traditions and numbing greed creed arrogance everywhere. It is heartening that voters listened to some of the signals and took action.

The change of energies began to show up earlier this year. This past May 7th, I was pleased to alert Academy clients to these changes and wrote in an update:

"I received guidance to extend my monastic work... when some terribly disturbing negative energies were coalescing on Planet Earth -- particularly in USA political circumstances ...you have witnessed the spiritual metaphysical principle of Divine Lessons being revealed every day through happenings on the planet -- often involving the political articulation of the collective values of a people.

A major spiritual challenge these past years has been correcting the neglect of truth and lack of broad understanding in the population at large -- due primarily to modern sociological developments and patterns that have created ignorance and manipulations by greed driven information delivery systems. Plus, the compelling and URGENT need to inspirit thinking and actions away from extremism and toward enlightened bipartisan moderation."


"You have surely observed the dramatic change in awareness, understanding and discontent that has sprung up among the majority of Americans over the past few months. When that wave of enlightened energy finally starting taking hold in the USA, it enormously reduced the urgency and priority of the spiritual assignment given [the Academy]."


What was it that finally penetrated the consciousness of USA voters to turn them out at the ballot box strongly calling for a change away from extremism and stopping the American government being in the pocket of a coalition of the greed creeders and the theocrazies?

I suggest that it was the cumulative effect of news headlines. Iraq civil war and its death toll. Incredible corruption by elected government officials. Hubris filled hypocrisy of the highest order among theocrazies who had made homophobia their stock in trade. The constant bleat, bleat, bleat of phony fear feeding that came from the highest officers in the land.

Back in early May, I was hopeful that the coming headlines would deliver a loud enough message to finally break through people's busy lives, when I wrote:

"As I write this, Americans are on the threshold of many more startling developments creating unique challenges for survival, leadership and faith. Some of what will soon be revealed in the headlines is NOT going to be easily absorbed into the country's consciousness, but a right response is going to be essential for the country to live up to its professed ideals, which have been horribly profaned and distorted and urgently need correction.

[The Academy] will be actively participating in this process, as the country's -- and planet's -- opportunities now reach a new level for us all."


Alas, an opportunity HAS been seized. As a people, Americans have passed a consummate test. Like all spiritual tests, this one too is only a harbinger of more difficult ones to come. There are no simple solutions -- particularly with the depth of the hole that has been dug with extremism.

We must maintain optimism and positive thinking that newly elected politicians will recognize and appropriately respond to the trust the people have put in their hands and abandon "business as usual" immediately.

We'll see.

The Academy will continue to monitor happenings and share metaphysical spiritual perspective. The job for all of us does not get any easier now. We must watch, look, listen and carefully interpret the signals and do our personal part to move the planet toward a higher consciousness.

Thanksgiving is around the corner. Let all Americans -- even more deeply than usual -- give thanks that the downward spiral into negative thinking has at least been temporarily abated in this country with the call for moderation over extremism.

Without that call, hope was dimming alarmingly. Now we need to get to work with more vigor than ever before. Keep looking up!




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Open Letter

September 11, 2006
Five Years Later

To The 3,000 Americans Who Lost Their Lives On 911

Dearly Departed American Souls,

This is an apology from one of your countrymen on behalf of many of your fellow Americans.

You lost your life in a tragic, stunning incident. Five years have past and we still don't know the full story about why or how. The country's President and Vice President were against any investigation. They said it would be too upsetting for the country. Thanks to the loved ones you left behind and pressure from millions of your fellow citizens, we managed to get a formal government investigation done for you.

Unfortunately, like the Warren Commission investigation of the JFK assassination -- eventually proven to be politically manipulated and false -- there are far too many unanswered questions and contradictions in the results of the 911 investigation. It is obvious that we still do not know the whole truth behind your deaths. We apologize for that and want you to know that thousands of smart, caring people, including leading scientists, professors, engineers, writers and investigators are still working hard to discover and publicize the real truth, as soon as it can be figured out.

The official 911 investigation did accomplish putting together a set of recommendations for the government to adopt to try to prevent another horrible tragedy like the one that ended your lives. Unfortunately the President and his administration has failed to take those recommendations seriously and they have not been adopted. We apologize that we have not created a political furor so intense that the recommendations could not be dodged, but we haven't.

By far the worst offense to your collective memories are six shameful things we've allowed the government to do:

1.) Proclaim constant fear as the virtual motto of the once proud United States of America. For anybody who is paying attention now, we're encouraged every day to become a country of absolute cowards, afraid of "those people" who are out to get us.

2.) Cynically manipulate that fear to whittle away important civil rights of American citizens, specifically in regard to searches and wire tapping with no warrants or judicial oversight. Almost every day we learn of some new government intrusion on rights American's previously held dearly, all sadly collapsing in the shadow of your deaths.

3.) Lie, lie, lie and lie some more. Lie about 911. Say that it was never imagined, when we know better. Lie about how the authorities had no idea it was coming, when we know better. Say that the government and military did all it could do to prevent it, when we know better. Lie about who was behind it, when we know better. In fact, it is embarrassing to say, constant falsehood and manipulation of the truth has become everyday business in American government since your mass murder.

4.) As part of the scheming liar leadership, for the first time in history, your country, the United States of America actually preemptively invaded another country in your name, causing incredible death, destruction and civil war. No, from all we know, that country Iraq, was NOT in any way responsible for your being murdered on 911. In fact, the country that was responsible for training the terrorists who flew those deadly planes, Afghanistan, was under American military control for awhile, but has since fallen back into the hands of the bad guys because our President was determined to get a dictator who had nothing to do with your murder -- and we let him do it, because he lied and said over and over and over again that he was doing it for you.

5.) For lots of reasons, but primarily because of that invasion and things that have happened as part of it -- things you would never believe, like our soldiers openly torturing prisoners and murdering innocent civilians -- America has almost become a dirty word on the planet. After your deaths, there was an enormous outpouring of outrage at the crime -- and sympathy and support for all Americans. Hard as it is to imagine, unfortunately that good will has just about been obliterated by the actions of our government. In most parts of the world, if not outright hated, we Americans are thought of with great suspicion and disdain now. Worse than it has ever been. Those deep feelings of compassion and sadness about your tragic deaths, have now been replaced with unkind and shameful thoughts about your countrymen.

6.) Perhaps the worst thing of all is that the man we are told was the dastardly mastermind behind your mass murder, the radical Muslim fundamentalist Osama bin Laden, head of the Al Qaeda terrorist network, has not been brought to justice. In fact, he hasn't even been found. We knew where he was once, not long after your deaths. The American military had him cornered in a place called Tora Bora. Somehow through some confusion or lack of orders or something, he got away. Then the government put a $25,000,000.00 reward for his death or capture and formed a special USA intelligence squad devoted to getting him, but for some reason not adequately explained, that reward is now foggy and the squad has been discontinued. We may be the most powerful nation in the world, but we haven't had a good clue about where to find this fiend in over two years. The "wanted poster" for him does not even list 911 as his crime. And just recently there are reports that America's ally Pakistan has made an agreement with him that he can remain in their country without worry of capture -- if he will just "behave himself." Incredibly, our government didn't at first forcefully deny that, either. Now Pakistan seems to be saying that we can freely look for him anywhere in their country -- except where he is most likely to be hiding. It's embarrassing.

So, our dearly departed American men and women, frankly your fellow citizens have failed you miserably and we apologize. It is not for lack of resources, of course. As the wealthiest nation on the globe, we've already spent close to half a trillion dollars on the lied-about invasion so in a way we could say no expense has been spared -- but we know that wasn't really connected to your death at all. Some of us pretend it was though, because that makes our conscience feel better.

But truly, we have NOT gotten justice for you. Oh sure, all our media is dominated by recollections of your bravery and the terrible tragedy of your deaths, especially today on the 5th anniversary. There are ceremonies untold. There is no question that we all care deeply for you and your families.

In our hearts, we know that is not enough. We owe you justice. And we owe that your deaths should somehow create an enormously positive heritage for your offspring and your country. Collective cowardice and lies and political posturing and fear manipulation and shame -- we know all of that is the exact opposite of what would be appropriate for your bravery and tragic end.

We just don't seem to have the leadership to get it right for you. Not enough of us are as outraged as we should be. We're busy you know. We have our living families to be concerned about. Our jobs, our health and our recreation, I'm sad to say.

And frankly, lots of us are just afraid.

Today, we honor your sacrifice for your country. Sure sorry we haven't done more right by you. We just don't seem to be able to get it done.

May you rest in peace.


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     copyright & author credit intact.)

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November 1, 2004

•• USA Election 2004 •• An Open Letter


On the eve of the election, I'm not going to predict which candidate is going to win, but I WILL predict an absolute certainty -- regardless of whether GWB or JFK is the victor.

History WILL record USA Election 2004 as a clear turning point in the evolutionary progress of Planet Earth.

And YOU, of course, are playing a role in this historical crossroads. I urge you to carefully apply principles of Spiritual Metaphysics to your responsibility of making a wise choice.

First on the subject of national security and war. What IS the appropriate spiritual choice when faced with a determined enemy?

The key biblical teaching on this condition comes from Matthew 10:16. Jesus' instruction to his disciples as he sent them out into a world of hostility: "Remember, I am sending you out like sheep among wolves; so be wise as serpents and harmless as doves."

Those four points serve as a basis of your evaluation of the presidential candidates.

First, qualities of wisdom, judgment, good sense, focus, reality.

Second, the serpent qualities. Being keenly attuned to evil, being tough, emphasizing strength through preparation and protectiveness, rather than pre-emptive attack.

Third, harmlessness, not hurting the innocents, not overcompensating, not seeking revenge, being mindful and responsible about unintended consequences from defensive actions.

Fourth, dove qualities. Innocent of deception and manipulation, using simple, deep spiritual truths as our guidance, coming from the heart, extending the benefit of the doubt, caring about others, being guided by genuine compassion -- not hate, fear and revenge.

Which candidate do you feel is best qualified to lead according to those principles?

Then, on the issue of upholding the great metaphysical principles that are embodied in American ideals. The land of the free and home of the brave. Freedom and justice for all.

The past is the best predictor of the future. Look at the candidates' histories to assess these abilities. What did each do as young men when faced with being called by their country to war? What evidence do we have of courage demonstrated by the behavior of each? Which of them in their public service has been most concerned about precious freedoms guaranteed by the USA constitution? How concerned does each seem to be that freedom and justice MUST extend to every single solitary American citizen? How seriously does each seem to take the responsibility that America, as Earth's greatest democracy, must LEAD ?

How about the most fundamental American liberty, freedom of religion? Which candidate seems to strongly support your rights to your own beliefs? Which one feels the USA government must honor all religions equally? Which one sees the great danger in blurring the lines between American government and individual religious beliefs? Between church and state?

Which man is spiritually guided, but yet with enough humility to know that he does NOT have an absolute channel to the almighty? That he is human, not infallible?

Faced with making decisions in the Civil War that affected millions, but still displaying deep humility, the great Republican president Abraham Lincoln, when questioned whether God was on his side, replied "My great concern is to be on God's side."

A president who staunchly upholds all these principles is critical for a positive American future.

To those who much is given, much is asked. Whether you agree that the USA is truly spiritually inspired as some contend, or not, little argument can be made against our having many, many blessings that most countries do not.

Who would utilize those blessings the most wisely to be the best and most inspired leader for the globe? Who would provide an effective response to the many millions in the world infected with AIDS? Do the most to prevent genocide? Who would be most concerned about the environment and protect it best? Who would garner the most respect of the world community so he could lead them to good choices for the planet? Who would best act with compassion and understanding about the many on the planet who have so little?

With all the natural advantages America has, how must we handle the responsibility that goes with it? Psalms 24:1 tells us "The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, the world and they that dwell therein...", going on to point out that we humans are only custodians and that the world and all that is in it, belongs only to God. We are instructed to be good shepherds over ALL that is.

Which candidate takes that incredible responsibility to his heart? Which demonstrates the most concern about the spread of nuclear weapons? About pollution? About the insidious and obvious effects on planetary weather by global warming?

And how about the issue of money? Money is only "frozen energy" to be allocated to contribution of some kind. We know it must be dealt with carefully and responsibly.

Which candidate seems to understand that best? Which has the keenest idea of putting USA government money to good, productive and positive use?

Spiritual Metaphysics emphasizes the importance of keeping money in circulation -- realizing that hoarding by the nation or individuals STOPS its power to contribute and help.

Matthew 6:19 tells us "Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth..." The spiritual dangers of greed are further emphasized by Mark 10:25, "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God." and 1 Timothy 6-10, "For the love of money is the root of all evil..."

Which candidate promotes government policies that most support the greed and excessive accumulation of wealth? And which is most concerned about using government policy to contribute to uplifting people?

The 9/11 attack on our country has pushed up a very strong American lesson in Spiritual Metaphysics: fear.

We know that what we fear, we attract. 1 John 4:18 tells us "There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love."

Love conquers fear. Our country has been assigned a very difficult spiritual lesson: respond APPROPRIATELY to terrorist attacks.

Which candidate will be better able to rise above knee jerk nationalism and revenge motivation in dealing with the issue of terrorism? Who is more qualified to create a broad strategy that deals with all the complex issues? Who is cautious enough to be keenly aware that "unintended consequences" happen? Who understands, as former president Jimmy Carter said, "We will not learn to live together in peace by killing each other's children”? That his "assignment" as the most powerful man on the planet, is to creatively move us all toward peace through love, not fear?

Of course, there are multitudes of specific important issues that go into making a wise choice in your vote for president. Nonetheless, you can't go wrong if you use these deeply rooted spiritual criteria for deciding which man, George Walker Bush or John Forbes Kerry offers the best hope at this historical moment.

May you choose wisely -- and pray that we collectively, choose the high path at this momentous crossroads.




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October 21, 2004

Important stuff is happening as America edges toward a critical national choice presidential election. Fasten your seat belt!

In your personal life, have you been feeling like you are an actor on stage in a play that somebody ELSE wrote?

You're reading the lines and going through the stage business but you have NO idea how the next act is going to unfold?

Are you exhausted from this "acting assignment"? No sooner than you try to pry a little rest into your life, when the curtain goes up AGAIN and you're thrown back on stage into another bizarre plot twist?

Welcome to planet earth. . .
as it is undergoing some mighty astrological upheavals!

You are not alone. Probably unbeknownst to you, just about everybody around you is feeling the same way.

We're ALL riding a raft down a rapid filled stream right now. We're so busy trying to not get thrown OUT of the raft, that we CANNOT take time to see WHERE we are going -- much less attempt trying to steer the boat.

And in the midst of all this, we are supposed to analyze what is going on in the world and make a WISE choice for president -- as we listen to claims and counterclaims by the dozens!

I'm writing to give you some insight into what's happening in the cosmos, point out some specific power point dates and offer you some survival tips to make it through the next few weeks.

(KEEP this information for your reference even AFTER this time period has past, because these influences will have LONG LASTING effects on your life!)
It'll take a little time to read this message, but it'll be well worth it. Also bear in mind that while I am going to give you some specific dates that you should note on your calendar, ALL these energies are powerful and will be BLENDING in your life over the next month. The dates are important but this WHOLE period is going to impact your life.

I write this not just for you, but also so you can help your children, your grandchildren, your friends and other members of your family. All of us are going to need some spiritual understanding as intense events unfold in the next few weeks.

Remember the "Elevens" ??

You might remember that a few years ago I started getting profound and disturbing psychic insights having to do with the numbers 111 or 1111, which KEPT telegraphing across my "psychic screen" as being something incredibly intense and important.

This perception "telegraphed" often enough and intensely enough (and without any further information other than the numbers) that it became something I learned to live with, without really understanding why. It's been more than a little disconcerting, especially in a world prone to terrorist attacks.

I think I know the WHY behind the 1111 numbers now. . .

and I'll share that with you today.

Before I begin, remember a basic fundamental of Spiritual Metaphysics:

Astrological conditions are a constant guide to interpretation of the spiritual lessons that are playing out in life -- both individually and collectively.

I'm sure you have little doubt that you've chosen to live in "very interesting times". I recall many years ago, guiding a group meditation for a reincarnation class I was teaching. The whole group, myself included, was stunned to "see" the enormous competition among "souls" who wanted to get reincarnated back on Planet Earth during this very time -- no doubt so that they could participate in the incredible lessons we all are living today. We need to appreciate the opportunity for learning and growth we are all being given by world events.

Spiritual Six Shooter

And to bring your earthly human attention to these lessons, through astrology Spirit has apparently pulled out a "six shooter" and has begun blasting away.

Here's what I mean:

Spiritual Six Shooter, Shot Number One


The current incredibly intense "lesson set" began a week ago with a New Moon Solar Eclipse on October 13th, the date of the last debate in USA Presidential Election, 2004 -- a major happening for our American Family.

Interestingly in macro metaphysics, the point of who won or didn't win the debates (or even who wins or doesn't win the USA presidency) may not be AS important as the fact that record numbers of millions of Americans have watched the discussions and MAY be understanding that THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE for the choices before them AND for the karma of what has been happening on the globe.

This timing is certainly no accident and it is a STRONG SOS (Spirit Offered Signal) that the eclipse falls just as the most powerful country on the planet had one last opportunity to discuss the issues before we make a voting choice that will no doubt influence the FATE of the planet.

[If you are a Libra or Aries, this eclipse energy particularly impacted you, because of its placement.]
Eclipses have something of a nasty reputation in astrology because they are proven to signify the death or the conclusion of SOMETHING.

As a student of Spiritual Metaphysics, you understand fully well that DEATHS can be good things -- releasing tired, worn out patterns, relationships or even people no longer serving your greater good.

The positioning of the eclipse tells us that the power right now is in LEARNING FROM THE PAST and applying what we've learned to our collective future.

The fact that this was a NEW moon eclipse means that it energized all of us into taking a NEW look at things. It illuminated aspects or subtleties that each of us needs to look at.

This involves the actions or decisions of OTHER PEOPLE and how they affect or influence you.

One of the impacts is that you have probably begun to have some awareness of being the "actor" in the script that you didn't write, mentioned earlier. You have an awareness that your "life script" right now is a consequence of circumstances and people that are FAR from being under your control.

Deeply embedded in your awareness is the NEW OPPORTUNITY you are being shown. IF you allow your frustration and irritation to get the best of you, you will probably MISS the opportunity, so be careful now to see the glass as half full -- figure out where the opportunity is for your positive CHANGE, amidst your frustrations. DON'T be rigid.

As I write this, not long after the eclipse and leading up to the next major astrological event on October 28th, you may have noticed that "things" seem oddly different in your perceptions.

Time almost seems out of whack by how fast it is going. There is almost a sense of "unreality" to things that are moving you along as fast as your legs will carry you. This is the lull that Spirit is giving us for energies to sink into our deepest consciousness. It's an odd feeling.

Spiritual Six Shooter, Shot Number Two

COMING This Weekend, October 24th

The planet Neptune, which has been retrograde, turns direct. Whenever a planet is in such an astrological transition, energies "ruled" by that planet are greatly emphasized in the two or three day period of transition.

Neptune always reminds you that you live in a world of illusion. Nothing is ever as it seems to be.

Expect intense emotions from yourself and others as we all grapple with the truth of illusion. Watch for previous deceptions and manipulations to be uncovered. Count on your attention being brought to true spiritual values as pretenders are exposed. Pay close attention to events showing you how you may have been fooling yourself. Face realities.

[If you are an Aquarius or Leo, this energy will particularly impact you, because of its placement.]
Your personal psychic ability will be empowered and you may have to guard against sudden sensitivities overwhelming you. At the same time, your personal spiritual connection is enhanced. Increase your prayer and meditation for protection and understanding.

On the earth plane, since Neptune rules viruses, expect the flu vaccine problem to be getting wide visibility -- especially the lies and manipulations behind it. Protect your own health from the coming cold weather season.

Our vulnerability to terrorist attack through chemical or biological means is probably increased. Airborne or waterborne factors could be involved. As always, I urge you to have a supply of safe water available for you and your family.

Now would be a good time to review Academy's Metaphysical Guide To Personal & Family Safety:

LINK: http://psychic2020.com/safety/

As Spirit uses Neptune direct to snatch the blinders off the USA electorate, a truer picture of the candidates comes into view.

Even so, both in your own life and in the greater picture, you may just not know what to believe -- or what in the world to do. That indecision or feeling of emotional chaos is likely to be very prevalent and obvious in everything that is going on.

The silver lining in all this is that Neptune emphasizes the ONEness of life. We are all in this together and by learning to PULL TOGETHER with love, we can rise above earthly challenge.

Spiritual Six Shooter, Shot Number Three

COMING October 27th

All this confusion in the air and there's no place to hide. And hide may be what you want to do! A full moon lunar eclipse on October 27th is going to exaggerate the intense emotions everybody is already feeling. Things are coming to a head and everybody feels it. Wow.

Your personal health and well being is a theme of concern. Even though life circumstances are pushing you hard to make decisions and choices about things, beeeee keeeeerful! With all this intense emotional energy, it may not be smart to decide SOMETHING just to get yourself some relief. Word to the wise: the consequences could be long and far reaching.

Think about your past and how it is influencing what is going on right now in your life. There ARE familiar lessons that are being presented to you again. Pay attention!

[If you are a Taurus or Scorpio, this eclipse energy will particularly impact you, because of its placement.]
A useful exercise at this point would be for you to envision a "playing board" that represents YOUR LIFE. You've got a "playing piece" for every person who has been important in your life up to now.

Where and how do you put those pieces on the board in your future? Which ones stay? Which ones go?

In doing this, pay special attention to the support you get -- or do NOT get -- from the "players" in your life. Stop putting up with put downs or totally selfish behaviors from others. Invest your energies in people from whom you get pay back. And STOP any behaviors of your own that don't honor what is good for you.

[Tucked in here is USA Election Day 2004 on November 2nd.]
Spiritual Six Shooter, Shot Number Four

COMING November 7th

The power planet Saturn goes retrograde.

Uh oh. The harsh schoolmarm is about to award some A's and some F's and wants to get YOUR attention!

(Actually you could imagine that the schoolmarm has been "on the hunt" for you for a couple of weeks before this. Saturn's reach is so powerful that you began to feel the energy transmission of this change to retrograde in October. And if you are a Cancer or Capricorn, this Saturn energy will particularly impact you, because of its placement.)

Yes, this is report card time. If you've been studying and working hard, Spirit may award you with a gold star through some happening.

Slackers beware! Saturn WILL find you and let you know how and where you need some "foundation repair"!
If there are important "issues" that you have consistently been putting on the back burner, get ready to face and deal with them. Saturn is NOT happy about undone homework!

At judgment times like this it is easy to feel like "nobody loves me, nobody cares". That misses the spiritual point of this time. Instead, honestly examine what you have done or not done and figure out where to go from here. What is the right growth path for you from this point forward? Stay clear headed and choose a direction.

On the world stage, remember that George W. Bush is a Cancer sun sign and Saturn is strongly placed in his natal chart. The Saturn schoolmarm has no favorites and Mr. Bush will be getting his report card around this time

- - interestingly a few days AFTER the election. Hmmmmmm. (Health could also be a factor.)

Spiritual Six Shooter, Shot Number FIVE

COMING November 11th

Ai yi yi.

I've written you before about the constant psychic telegraphing of the numbers 11-11 onto my "screen".

It appears that day I've been forewarned about for so long, is about to arrive!

November 11th, 2004 at 11:11 AM, Pacific Daylight Time

The planet Uranus turns direct.

Bear in mind that this astrological event is prefaced by FOUR intense spiritual shots across our bow.

Ai yi Yi YI!

EXPECT the UNexpected. Times Ten!
The cosmic wake up call sounds. The spiritual challenge is issued. The conscious and the unconscious meld. Individual consciousness and collective consciousness unite.

Eleven is a "Master Number". A DOUBLE eleven is incredibly powerful and spiritual. A TRIPLE eleven is awesome. A QUADRUPLE eleven: 11/11 at 11:11 is MIND BOGGLING.

Not only check on your seat belt, but make sure your air bags are working! This IS a turning point. Remember the willow tree. What bends, doesn't break.

[If you are an Aquarius, Pisces, Virgo or Leo, this energy will particularly impact you, because of its placement.]
Prepare yourself for emotional upheaval. Prepare for your attachments to be challenged. Prepare for WILL-FULLness to be heavily scolded and WILL-INgness to be rewarded.

Watch your personal safety closely. Accidents could come and find you with ANY lapse of concentration. Fanatics favor this energy because the "old order" will be overturned somehow. Stay mindful of possible terrorist activities.

Adopt flexiblility. Chaos in some form may be prevalent around you. Change requires destruction. Be detached.

On the earth plane, it is doubtful you will have to use a magnifying glass to see this 11/11 11:11 culmination of what I'm calling the Spiritual Six Shooter.

However these energies play out in your personal life and on the earth plane, realize that during this period Spirit gives you very important information for your growth and happiness.

Pay close attention. Celebrate your personal spiritual connection. Realize that we are all on this rock and in this experience together. Spread love and generosity. Help the children understand. Be kind to yourself.

Spiritual Six Shooter, Shot Number SIX

COMING later??

Spirit obviously doesn't want you to get bored...grinz. More is coming later, I'm sure. Apparently these five shots are enough to keep you busy for awhile.

Meanwhile, remember always that you attract what you fear. Love CONQUERS fear and action dispels anxiety.

I'm honored to be with you on your ride.




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August 3, 2004

With five of the nation's core financial centers under a new al Qaida terror alert, many are asking what the psychic energies show.

They show that, as a country, we had BETTER be paying attention!

And not just to earth plane safety but to the spiritual metaphysical signals!

I'm sure you have been following the news. . .
The Congressional 911 Commission's report has been released. Through great political temptation and trial, our governmental system has provided the best it can in way of a review of what led up to 911 and what corrective measures can be taken to lower the likelihood of another terrorist tragedy in the USA.

And no sooner than the ink is dry on that report, here we are faced with the most alarming terrorist alert SINCE 911. Guards armed with automatic rifles are out in force guarding our most prime office real estate.

Could it happen again?

The most important reason to look backward as a country, of course, is to LEARN from our mistakes. Unfortunately for many reasons, the PRIMARY CAUSE of the 911 tragedy is NOT mentioned in the Commission's report.

The Zipper.

Bill Clinton's deplorable sexual assignation with Monica Lewinsky was the FIRST primary cause of 911.

The incredible POWER GREED of many in the Republican Party was the SECOND primary cause of 911.

(There was a THIRD primary cause of 911. Although I won't go into it here for various reasons, astute readers will be able to identify and understand it with a little thought.)

Oh yes. Not a question one. Those two developments are what created the energy path that led to the horror of honest, hard working American citizens jumping to their deaths from burning buildings -- and ALL the negative destruction that ensued from those attacks then -- and up to now.

Bill Clinton did an incredibly stupid and weak thing. Leading Republicans (more than a few of whom personally practiced the SAME level of sexual and marital immorality) seized the opportunity to grab power as if their life depended on it. They chose to make personal greed their priority rather than being concerned about weakening and damaging their country in the process of their grabbing.

As the entire country became stupidly obsessed with the impeachment power play, our system ground to a virtual halt. We became distracted and weakened.

WE provided the energy opening for factors seeking to destroy our system (and NO, those factors were NOT limited to Osama bin Laden's al Qaida, but that's another story.)

Don't doubt it for one minute -- for every American, the causes behind 911 are THE lessons of your lifetime!

From a Spiritual Metaphysical perspective, we ignore these lessons at the risk of imperiling the very entity called the United States of America.

We are most likely getting a spiritual reminder to be MINDFUL of learning the lesson right now with this renewed terror alert on the national screen -- and the renewed terror thoughts in YOUR mind.

The learning of the lessons must
begin FIRST in each citizen's HEART.
We must FORGIVE. We must be GRATEFUL for the wonderful country we still have.

And then, we must elect leaders who, are responsible, psychologically healthy, have TRUE personal moral values and do NOT have a strong distorted lust and need for power.

And we need to mete out HARSH political punishment to leaders of ANY stripe, who demonstrate that greed for power comes before community good and whose actions show a belief that the ends justify the means.

IF American citizens could and would do both those things, then the losses of 911 will have been worth it, and we won't likely have a recurrence.

The terrible tragedy of lost lives places the incredibly high price on the lesson's worth.

IF collectively we do NOT appropriately respond and act on the 911 lessons, the volume of national discomfort WILL get turned up! The first "nudge" of the volume has probably already happened with the past weekend's increase in terror alert.

The commission itself, from its earth plane review of the facts, warns us there is more trouble coming that MIGHT be prevented if the correct actions are taken.

I suggest to you that "correct action" has to go far beyond fencing in our office workers and guarding them with automatic rifle toting guards. I suggest it starts with YOU and me.

Of course, the government needs to take seriously the practical and operational recommendations that the 911 Commission has made. And with adequate thought and review, needs to act urgently on implementation of change.

But the IMPORTANT change starts with each of us Americans. Recognizing the lessons, accepting the lessons, learning from them and, with God's help and guidance, being WILL-INg to lead the way for CHANGE.

First in your own personal attitudes, standards and values. Next, in being a leader and patriotic citizen in pointing out the lessons to others and helping them understand. You need to be vocal and active.

Each of us owe it to our country and we owe it to those 3,000 who lost their lives on 911.

Please be careful. Practice all the practical safety precautions you know, but most importantly pray for guidance and understanding of the lessons of 911 -- and make your important contribution by taking appropriate actions based on those lessons.




PS: I realize there are credible reports that the flare up in terror alerts is based on WAY old information and may be politically motivated. That's true. But the spiritual metaphysical impact is undeniable, just the same. YOUR attention IS again being drawn to the LESSONS. Be wise!

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July 8, 2004

I want to sponsor you on a date! A night out. And not just for you... but for your date too!

The details about that... coming up.

I hope you had a great American Independence Day.

Just imagine that 228 years ago, a cast of characters, at risk of life and limb, got together and wrote:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness"

and thus formed this mightiest of the planet's democracies.


I know you and your family must have given thought and thanks to how blessed we are in this country as you observed our anniversary.

In the week before the 4th, another event noteworthy of democracy happened.

The invasion and occupation of the sovereign nation of Iraq by the United States of America ceremonially came to an end. 467 days and 850 dead USA service members after the launch of "shock and awe".

This prolonged preemptive military effort, unprecedented in American history, has accumulated a very high price tag -- with more to come, of course. It is not over by a long shot.

Countless lives lost, lives forever changed through both physical and mental wounds, fractured families, gigantic physical destruction, hundreds of billions of dollars spent -- and hundreds of billions yet to be due.

It boggles the mind. And yet ... we MUST be mindful of these costs, the incredible sacrifices already made by many, and the sacrifices yet to come.

Devil Saddam no longer dictates to the Iraqi people. A courageous Iraqi interim "government" has been established -- and given both power and limitation by the USA.

I know you join me in holding positive hope and prayer that a true, freedom loving democracy in Iraq can truly come to be. That independent Iraqi leadership may be blessed with courage, wisdom, flexibility and tenacity to create good for the Iraqi people. To serve as a beacon of democracy for neighboring countries and cultures.

May it be so.

You may have noticed that the streets of Iraq were curiously silent after the "turn over" ceremony announcement took place. No celebrations.

Sources inside Iraq report that the average citizen remains strongly skeptical about American intentions. Distrustful that Iraqi leaders have been appointed by America for its own continuing greed.

Occupying soldiers pointing automatic weapons remain everywhere. The country is still barely functioning. Shortages of jobs, water, electricity and gasoline make every day a trial. An intense struggle between politicians and fundamentalist religious fanatics defines everything.

And yet, as in every new beginning, there IS hope. It's a tiny thread of hope, vulnerable in its infancy, but HOPE nonetheless.

Despite all that has been spiritually wrong -- much that shames all Americans of spiritual belief, through all the deceptions, scandals, mistakes and manipulations -- Americans can be proud of one thing.

Proud that, regardless of the enormous price tag, we've given a candlelight flicker of hope to these fellow human beings. People we've never met. People different from us in many ways, far away on the other side of the planet. People who maybe aren't even our friends. But still.

The gift of hope is priceless. . . and as an American, it has your name on it. Because it flows from your spiritual VALUES.

Unfortunately though, much involved in how all this came to be, does NOT flow from any honest spiritual value.

Since you've just celebrated United States Independence Day. . .

(and as the Iraqis now hopefully have an opportunity to begin sorting out their own new independence)

there couldn't BE a more appropriate time for you to reflect on what your country stands for -- or SHOULD stand for, and what it really has come to be.

I feel so strongly about your reflections as a fellow American, that I want to pay you to do it.
A courageous and patriotic American named Michael Moore has produced a controversial documentary movie you've probably heard about, Fahrenheit 9/11.

Many, many powerful people do NOT want you to see this movie!

This movie is SO revealing and SO powerful. It is SO important that you, your friends and family see it . . .

that I'm going to send you and a special someone on a movie date to see it...my treat!


Because of VALUES.

And how VALUES influence your future. The future of your children and grandchildren. Our collective future on Planet Earth.

We can work hard to be successful. Teach our children to do the same. Accumulate things -- a nice house, a fancy car. An assortment of play things.

We can have gym built bodies. Be on the Atkins Diet. Or the South Beach. Get plastic surgery. Beautiful veneers on our teeth. Designer clothing. Sparkling jewelry. Spa make overs.

But it's ONLY our VALUES that have real worth. What we stand for. What we pass on.

Fahrenheit 9/11 reveals things you need to know. Things about the way your government has come to function. About how you've been fooled. And why.

Reveals a deplorable break down in our collective communication systems that has resulted in an outright high jacking or prostitution of your values.

Gives you a clue about why the momentary glimpse of a woman's breast on television can dominate the media, the government and the American legislative process for weeks and weeks. . .

and yet an Act of Congress comprehensively snatching away individual liberties in this country that your forefathers shed blood to secure . . .

was not even READ by most of YOUR representatives who then voted it into law!

God help us.

You need to know how -- and why -- this could be.

Fahrenheit 9/11 is NOT a dry, dull, ponderous civics lesson documentary film. It is subjective, not objective. It is funny. You will laugh. You may cry.

And yet it is one HELL of a civics lesson.

Fahrenheit 9/11 is playing right now at a movie theater near you. Go see it tonight. Or this weekend.

Here's the link to find out where it is showing near you

Click Here To Discover Where Fahrenheit 9/11 Is Showing Near You:

Here's how I'll cover the cost of your night out:

Go see Fahrenheit 9/11 sometime soon. Take your sweetheart, a neighbor, a friend or a family member.

Buy a bag of popcorn. Have a coke. Enjoy and learn.

To cover the cost of you going to Fahrenheit 9/11, I'll give you an $11.00 discount on any future Academy consultation service or product.

Take somebody with you and I'll give you a $22.00 discount on any future Academy consultation service or product.

To collect just tell me or my office staff the DATE and TIME you went to see the movie.

It's that simple. Honor system.

I want you to do it for your VALUES.

(Now, just so you'll know. . .

I don't agree with every little thing that is in this movie. You probably won't either. You might not agree with a THING that is in this movie. That's cool. At least you will have seen it and heard it with your own eyes and ears! It is NOT made up.)

This is the United States of America. We have free speech. We have free press. We have artistic, creative freedom. We better USE IT -- or we will LOSE IT!

You would NOT know we even HAVE those freedoms, by taking a day to day look or listen to our Profit Puffing Media.

If you follow what I write in my daily Psychic News*Views


(Click Here For Free Access To Timothy's Psychic News*Views Archives)

you know that I am continually exposing lies fed by the Profit Puffing Media. The deceptions are relentless. You are bombarded with falsehoods, twists, turns and hypnosis 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It's time you saw another side of the story. See Fahrenheit 9/11. At a movie theater near you now.

Do it for your VALUES.

(And collect your $11 or $22 discount to cover your cost -- I even cover your date and popcorn and coke -- with the purchase of any Academy service or product. Just let me know.)

And meanwhile ...

pray for democracy, freedom, liberty and justice for ALL.




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July 25, 2003

I've been waiting to write you again.

Waiting for a time when I had some good, positive news to share. Unfortunately it has been quite a wait! On the other hand, thank goodness I've got good things to share with you now.

Like me, you've lived through these difficult and trying last months. The USA, in a choice unprecedented in our history, making a "preemptive" attack by invading another country's sovereign territory. In the process, we've caused incredible damage to a country belonging to millions of innocent people. Not to mention the deaths of thousands,including many of our fellow countrymen and women serving in uniform. Some say "ah yes, but we've rid the world of a terrible tyrant." Maybe, but was this the ONLY way to have accomplished that?

It has NOT been an easy time for anyone.

In the last few days, however, there has finally been a shift of energies toward the positive. A result, I'm confident of the prayers and empowering thoughts of many spiritual people all over the globe. Some of which has probably come in the emotional form of outrage over parts of what has been happening. I've certainly been perpetually red in the face, that's for sure.

If you will recall in a message to you earlier this year, I wrote about a similar positive shift in energies. Suddenly, it appeared that the planet might be spared an awful blood-bath in the USA invasion of Iraq by the "elimination" of Saddam Hussein from the equation somehow.

At the time, I speculated that the energies could be indicating a coup, his assassination, perhaps his exile -- something that would minimize the pitched battle for Baghdad that up to that time, had been so obviously gruesome in the energies.

Of course, we now all know what the energies were telegraphing. Saddam's forces cut and ran into strategic retreat. Almost without a fight at all. Something that, up to that time, had not been logically anticipated by anyone. Perhaps not even Saddam himself!

Again the power of prayer and spiritually empowered thinking accomplished the implausible. And the net result was far less blood shed and heart ache as the USA invasion took place. (There are plenty of undisclosed fascinating details about the earth plane actions involved in the "retreat", that I'll reveal at a later time, but the point is -- however it happened, Saddam suddenly at the last minute, "disappeared" just as the energies had indicated.)

The events of this week, with the death of Saddam's two sons -- major contributors to the terror and ungodly treatment of Iraqi citizens -- mark a new signpost in the energies of these times.

(By the way, you probably know by now that I am a died in the wool skeptic about what the government says, but from every psychic indication, this time we are being told the truth about the deaths of these two. I would trust psychic input far sooner than I would trust even those gruesome pictures of dead corpses being circulated in our so-called civilized society. These guys ARE dead.)

Before I describe more of the shifts to the positives that our Academy Psychic Surveillance™ has detected, I want to comment a bit on the overall spiritual issue of the death of people who do great evil.

I've learned something important. Back when I first detected the positive energy shifts coming from the potential death of Saddam himself, I grappled a good deal with this deep spiritual question.

How in the world does the death -- especially by way of murder -- of a human being, cause a positive upswing in energies?

There is little question that it can. Undoubtedly I AM detecting a positive shift as a result of these deaths -- even though they were accomplished via assassination and murder. I have tested the conclusion and tested it and tested it again -- applying every bit of my talent and skill from over thirty years of spiritual psychic work. The positive impact generated is plain and clear cut!

Hard as it is for me to grasp, USA forces brutally killing Odai and Qusai Hussein has resulted in an holistic spiritual impact that is unquestionably positive. How could that be? What does it mean? What are the deep spiritual implications?

Were Saddam and his sons THAT bad?

Well, WHO in recorded history has been worse?

I had to realize that even in my own desperation to find some way to quickly but adequately communicate my perception of their horrible deeds, I have referred to Saddam in my writings as "Devil Saddam" and the younger as "Devil Sons"

Was I buying into the fundamentalist held belief that a "bad" person was a "disciple of the devil"?

I'm not sure. Frankly, I get very, very uncomfortable when I think it is up to me -- or you -- to decide who is and who isn't a "disciple of the devil"!

Searching for an answer, I posed the spiritual question that was pressing on my heart and mind. In what specific way has the death of the two Hussein henchmen created a positive uptrend in planetary energies?

Here's the answer, as I've interpreted it.

Release for balance. The death of the Husseins is a comprehensive RELEASE of the old culture, systems, controls, fears and greed that proved to be fertile ground for Saddam's horrifying system to take root and grow in the first place. Their deaths have freed millions of Iraqis to CREATE NEW. To bring BALANCE to their own homeland. An opportunity to come together with their own countrymen and women, despite differing religious beliefs. Come together to establish a new system for governing their own country, themselves.

Can you see how these deaths could also potentially create a powerful energy for Iraqis to TAKE THEIR COUNTRY BACK -- not only from the corrupt Saddam system, but also from the greed driven recent invaders?

Since early in my studies of spiritual metaphysics, I recognized that "fate" and "predestiny" seem to operate much more powerfully in the lives of important players on the world stage. Those men and women who make choices that impact millions of people simply seem to be more bound by fate and predestiny than the rest of us. Apparently, some grand karma is operating.

Perhaps that is a clue as to why or how the death of such a person -- even by brutal or heinous means -- might have potentially powerful positive ripples in the cosmic energy stream.

My study and work with this issue continues, but I am here to report to you that a great positive potential energy for Iraq seems to have been released with the death of Odai and Qusai Hussein.

Of course, I don't have to tell serious students of spiritual metaphysics that these positive energies ONLY create opportunities -- NOT outcomes. It will be up to the collective will of the Iraqi people to make the right choices to take advantage of the new positive opportunities they have. And the rest of us on the planet will, no doubt, be affected and challenged by what they decide. We need to pray for them to make the highest choices and send them empowering thoughts!

Additionally, I can only speculate what the energy implication might be from the death of Saddam himself. I'll save that exploration for later. Now I want to get back to more of the positives I mentioned closer to home.

You've been witnessing the USA news media FINALLY raising important questions about the Machiavellian Means that were employed to engage the USA invasion of Iraq. You've seen the people in charge defensively falling all over themselves coming up with one lame explanation after another, as they try desperately to explain away their many obvious manipulations.

The challenging that is going on is a strong contribution adding to new positive potentials in the energies. The concept of ONE MAN deciding to engage the fiercest military power on the face of the earth simply because HE wants to, HAD to be challenged. Otherwise, the USA was going to end up with an unchallenged Emperor hell-bent for empire building as HIS notions dictated.

In the process of terribly serious questions being raised about how this all happened, the USA opposition party is starting to find its courage or voice -- or both. That is a great positive. Great solutions spring from vigorous debate -- not intimidation, cowardice, name calling, public relations, spinning and truth suppression.

Add to that, the release this week of the first official congressional inquiry report on the 911 tragedy. Many provocative questions are raised in the report. Many MORE questions/issues remain untouched. The administration has resorted to all kinds of delay tactics and efforts to intimidate witnesses from truthfully testifying to the American people -- and more of that will continue. (As I've often said, if you ever learn the FULL truth about the 911 incidents, it will absolutely make your hair stand on end.)

But, the process has FINALLY begun with the release of the report this week and there are plenty of unsavory truths contained in it. Nonetheless, the fact that it was released, is another big positive contributing to a positive energy stream for the planet.

Amazingly, also this week, the USA Congress seemed to have come to a sudden realization. It is WRONG to allow the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission to ram down our throats a ruling that would greatly lessen diversity of view points in the media. That is a great positive. We need to EXPAND the marketplace of ideas on this planet -- not restrict it to serve the greed of a few.

And SO FAR, government efforts to slide into position and start exerting control over the content you can read on the Internet, have been very slow to get off the ground. Further, the recent astounding financial success accomplished by Howard "invasion was NOT the best way to do it" Dean, Democratic presidential candidate has stunned American politics. Dean accomplished that by using the Internet to attract thousands of inspired INDIVIDUALS (not big money people) to put money where their values are.

With all of the above as a backdrop, it now appears that the USA has also reluctantly begun tippy toeing to the United Nations and laying the groundwork for the entire planet to participate in fostering a new positive Iraq. That is a great positive.

And in order to meet the MINIMUM qualifications for many countries of the world to even CONSIDER an involvement in the new Iraq, the USA has quietly, but significantly, accelerated their schedule of turning the government of the New Iraq over to IRAQIS. That is certainly positive.

In the most terrifying danger that faces our planet, bar none, the North Koreans continue to develop their nuclear capability while they are increasingly desperate to preserve their falling-apart system. Here too, new positive energies have broken loose. GWB is showing early signs of considering to abide by a Clinton-era "no-invasion" pledge that the North Koreans have long said is essential for them to cease their nuclear development.

And, for the moment, those rabid, fundamentalist, crazy neo-conservatives who have been running USA foreign policy have had their wings clipped and their insane ambitious agenda curtailed -- temporarily at least. That is a great positive.

A USA presidential election is on its way. That creates an opening for American citizens to consider once again who should be entrusted to lead this majestic democratic system. The election process will provoke debate and an examination of values. That is good and a positive we have desperately needed since the election process was perverted last time.

Each of these influences, added together, I think, has contributed to the positive upswing in the Earth's energy stream. Your prayers, outrage, efforts, intelligence, hope, faith and empowering thinking has made a real contribution. For all of our sake, please CONTINUE.

You know of course that I am far from a Pollyanna. I'm not suggesting for one millisecond that our troubles are over. Progress in this 21st century obviously is going to require the VERY best that each of us can offer -- every single day.

And there are some pitfalls that I would be remiss in not mentioning.

Political manipulators are still rife with power. We cannot let our guard of protection and vigilance down. Not even a crack. We must work hard to be ever watchful. We must challenge negative, selfish, greedy manipulations. We must resist being frightened and taunted with actual terrorism or MYTHS of terrorism. We must be courageous. We must remember every day that complacency is what the worst people are counting on in order to get what they want. They know if we are paying attention, they CANNOT accomplish their agenda. Obviously, paying attention is one of our most IMPORTANT spiritual obligations in the 21st Century!

And, despite what I've said, there certainly is a danger created by the USA casually disregarding our long-standing position that we would NOT assassinate or murder officials of ANY government. While that prohibition is "still on the books", it obviously is being disregarded by the current CEO. That is an enormous value SHIFT. There appear to be selective positive results, but there also could be awful karmic consequences. We must never stop examining our own behavior!

Financial realities also pose an astounding challenge for the USA. The clock is absolutely running out on the ability for us to "play pretend" to accomplish political and greed filled objectives. At the best, your children and grandchildren already have an unconscionable burden to carry. At the worst, they might not have any country to call the USA at all.

So yes, we surely still have our hands full, but hopefully we are learning new spiritual metaphysical skills that can continue to propel us into better times. Times when COoperation and the understanding of planetary ONEness prevails over separatism, hate, fear, greed and demagoguery.

Please keep your mental, emotional, prayerful contributions going. As a very wise person taught me many years ago. . .

"If even on one day -- or with one person -- you contribute to an increase in positive consciousness...

in that moment you have raised the consciousness of the entire planet."

I KNOW that is so. Please keep spreading the light.




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February 18, 2003

I have some hope -- and what could be good news to share with you, but first I have to give you a little background.

With all the phony-baloney publicity through the years about psychic predictions, talking to the dead, 100% accurate remote-viewing and mind-reading, unfortunately it is pretty hard for the lay-person to really understand true psychic functioning.

If a little bird sat on my shoulder every day, she would get pretty sick of hearing me say "The future is not fixed..." and "As energies stand now..." It would be far less boring and much more interesting for me to make dramatically astounding predictions of a "fated-future", but that would be professionally, intellectually and spiritually dishonest. Things just don't work that way. So I'm left in a constant battle against the distorting influence of cultural media (and perhaps human desire for easy answers) sounding like a broken record, "The future is not fixed..." and "As energies stand now..." I've reconciled myself that this "comes with the territory" of honest practice in this profession.

I share this with you to emphasize a critical spiritual metaphysical principle that is essential for understanding psychic interpretation and other gifts of the spirit: the actual happenings in the future is a direct and specific consequence of all the decisions and choices made up 'til now AND all the decisions and choices made between now and when the future gets here.

Whenever a gifted psychic sees a future happening, s/he is seeing something created in the future that is BASED ON ALL THE DECISIONS AND CHOICES MADE up to the very instant that the psychic is looking.

Most anything a psychic sees in the future CAN BE CHANGED BY MAKING DIFFERENT DECISIONS AND CHOICES.

The same principle operates in circumstances having to do with our COLLECTIVE FUTURE -- such as the prospect of the USA Attacking Iraq. In the past weeks you have been witnessing events unfolding that I saw and wrote you about over a month ago. So far things are playing out precisely as I saw at that time. That is disturbingly unfortunate.

-- From my listening post in Dallas, I have maintained constant Psychic*Surveillance to detect any changes.

I'm writing you today to report on an important development.

This past weekend many millions of citizens the world over moved their feet and put action behind their desire for peace and positive problem solving, instead of greed and fear driven invasion.

Suddenly, late this past Sunday evening, February 16th a NEW ENERGY STREAM about Iraq appeared for the first time in our Psychic*Surveillance.

Whenever you look at a circumstance or event psychically, you detect a number of different "energy streams". These streams illustrate potential outcomes in a situation. The stronger, wider, more intense a stream is, the more likely (as energies stand at that moment), that particular outcome is going to prevail and actually come to pass in the future.

Extensive study and decades of research and experience has proved to me that the actual future outcome in most situations turns out to be something of a "blend" of the energy streams rather than any one stream in its purest form. But the most robust stream almost always prevails in the end.

What is exciting about the NEW ENERGY STREAM appearing in the Iraq problem is that the events in this stream are accompanied by beautiful, positive, spiritually high energies -- never before seen in the Iraq problem, after over a year of Psychic*Surveillance.

Translated to earth plane happenings best I can interpret them, here's what this NEW ENERGY STREAM shows as energies stand at this moment:

Saddam Hussein's personal human energy in Iraq is quickly and easily terminated. Immediately afterward there is a wonderful flow of positive, loving energy into the problem.

Frankly I suspect the events of this NEW ENERGY STREAM, should they come to pass, would mean that Saddam Hussein is assassinated. I doubt it means exile because it appears too quick, too intense, too instantly conclusive, but I suppose such an exile IS possible, but not probable. It could NOT mean as a result of invasion because it is far too clean, precise, quick and positive.

When I meditated on the spiritually troubling aspect of such seemingly positive results coming from the murder /assassination of any human being, I was led to understand the spiritual truth that Saddam Hussein's personal circumstance is a direct result of HIS personal choices in life.

What makes this NEW ENERGY STREAM so noteworthy and exciting to me are three things:

1.) It is the first fundamentally NEW ENERGY STREAM in the Iraq problem in many months;

2.) It seems bombarded with hopeful, loving positive for all of us and the planet;

3.) It unquestionably suddenly appeared in Psychic Surveillance as a direct and positive result of THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS, CHOICE and INTENTION of many millions of earth citizens resolving within themselves that the Attack Iraq approach is wrong. And they have put action behind their belief.

This is proof positive for me of the incredible power and influence that EACH of us has in our own hearts and minds as we commune with our Creator and move energies AWAY from hate and fear and toward love and understanding!

Here's the troubling news: this NEW ENERGY STREAM is but a small tributary, as energies stand right now. Unfortunately it is competing with the much more robust ENERGY STREAM that has been created by politicians who play on fear and hate.

If I had to predict the outcome, as energies stand now, I would still stand by my January 15th message to you.

But there IS hope.

Hope that the new positive understanding represented by this NEW ENERGY STREAM might take hold and overcome the low, negative energies that are being manipulated by some. In fact, the momentum might actually be on the side of hope.

I'll be keeping Psychic*Surveillance targeted to these issues and if there are important changes, I'll let you know. Who knows, maybe hot-as-hell, Dallas-summer-like temperatures and/or "preserve the presidency" USA election season might save many and avoid unthinkable risks.

Meanwhile, you can help. By working on MYOA in your own life.

Through meditation, prayer, intention and loving thought.



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January 15, 2003

Happy New Year greetings, 15 days old. All of us at the Academy send wishes to you and yours for a year full of happiness, good health and inspiring growth.

My message is kind of long, but there's lots to tell that affects YOUR future. You need to know what's going on!


That's what the Spiritual Theme for 2003 seems to be. Remember the critically important spiritual metaphysical principle: M*ind Y*our O*wn A*genda.

As you look forward and are making plans for your 2003, restrict your efforts and concerns to aspects of YOUR LIFE that the Creator has brought to your personal attention (by way of Life Event Signals). Those are the things that merit your attention in 2003. Avoid the human temptation to stray from your own agenda and meddle in another's affairs. Mind Your OWN Agenda!

Collectively, all of us are spiritually responsible for applying this principle in what OUR government does, too. There is not a single doubt in my mind that we each are held accountable for the actions of our COLLECTIVE will. The actions that your GOVERNMENT takes up in YOUR name clearly fall into YOUR AGENDA.

(I hope you remembered that on the last election day.)

Do you smell the Winds of War in the air? How could you NOT? And, if you are an American, the upcoming WAR has YOUR name on it.

I've pointed out before, the clarity of Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution of the United States of America. "The Congress shall have the power to...declare war..." (among other things.)

Nowhere in that inspired document is there authorization for the representatives of the people (Congress) to DELEGATE the authority of declaring war against the citizens of another country to the office of the USA President.

FACT: The people (through our representatives in Congress) have NOT declared WAR on anybody.

But you will recall just prior to the mid-term elections Congress voted to ALLOW "the use of force" in Iraq under certain conditions. (Decided incidentally, by a Congress which included only ONE member with a child in enlisted ranks of the military and a FEW more who have children who are military officers.)

And yet, as you fully well know, American men and women are at this very moment suiting up and shipping out -- fully prepared to soon DIE in YOUR name.

And fully prepared to soon KILL in YOUR name.

Quick tell me: Are we going to Attack Iraq or not? WHO is going to make that choice?

One man named George W. Bush, it appears.

Just listen to him talk about it:

"I don't have to explain myself to anyone... you may have to, but I don't." (November 21, 2002)

'You said we're headed to war in Iraq. I don't know why you say that. I'm the person who gets to decide, not you.' (January 1, 2003)

Obviously GWB believes putting the full force and might of the United States of America and the lives of American men and women into Attacking Iraq is HIS agenda and his alone. I certainly disagree. As Americans, my name -- and your name -- is on the first bullet fired. On the first dead American. On the first Iraqi man, woman and child killed dead.

So, is Attacking Iraq M*inding Y*our O*wn A*genda for the USA?

Some say it is. Politicians in power think Attacking Iraq is absolutely the right and moral thing to do.

With the United Nations inspectors grumbling but finding "no smoking gun" in Iraq and the contrast of North Korea literally flaunting nuclear weapons in our face and brazenly threatening America with the "Third World War" (to which we say "diplomacy is the solution"), many leaders on Earth are calling an attack on Iraq immoral and a bare knuckled USA power grab.

The PEOPLE of Great Britain, the most staunch supporter of our Attacking Iraq, are against USA go it alone action. 87% say we should NOT.

The PEOPLE of the United States are against Attacking Iraq without United Nation support. 66% say we should NOT.

Even after months and months of beating the WAR drums, most people do not think Attacking Iraq without world wide support is the thing for USA to do. In other words, there is a collective realization that it would NOT be the USA Minding Your Own Agenda.

In fact a TIME poll asking Europeans which country poses the greatest danger to world peace in 2003, only 26.5% say Iraq but 59.7% say USA.

Person after person ask me, "WHY are the WAR planes flying and the 'Attack Iraq' plans being unfurled when there seems less and less reason for this WAR?"

I've written before about the rationalizations of OIL. (They've got it and we need it.) Since then, I've worked hard on grasping the motivation of the decision makers -- to understand WHY their mantra is "Attack!".

A WAR will conveniently draw attention AWAY FROM America's very troubled economy, the fact that Osama bin Laden outsmarted us AND GWB is having the lowest approval ratings since 911 (5 points slippage in the last week), but I've realized that motivations go far beyond oil and distractions.

Thanks to Academy sources and our Psychic Surveillance™ techniques, here's what I can tell you:

Several pillars make up the foundation of the Attack Iraq rationale. The first is "MIGHT makes RIGHT". In short that we should do it because WE CAN and that we know best.

No surprise to you that the USA is the most militarily powerful force on Planet Earth, I'm sure. Since GWB, more and more of the country's resources are being spent for militaristic purposes every day.

Do you realize the DEGREE of this militaristic might?

FACT: Annual USA military expenditures ($400 Billion) are greater than the TOTAL COMBINED military spending of the next FOURTEEN countries on Earth ($337 Billion) -- which of course includes Russia and China. USA is spending $5 Billion A MONTH in the "after-war" game in Afghanistan alone.

(Where is all this money coming from? From our economy, of course.)

The MIGHT makes RIGHT people argue "What good is all this military strength if we don't USE it?" They call that rationale by the fancy name "preemption", and it is a cornerstone of GWB policy. Clobber (preempt) the "bad" guys BEFORE they have a chance to hurt us. Is that Minding Your Own Agenda?

[“Preemptive war is immoral and illegal...It is theologically illegitimate and profoundly violates our Christian beliefs and religious principles.” -- Bob Edgar, General Secretary, National Council of Churches, USA]

Next comes the geography lesson. Look at a map of your planet. I mean it. Take time and really LOOK. Note carefully where Iraq is and how it is situated near all the Middle Eastern hot spot countries. You're looking at the "terrorists" neighborhood. At their backyard.

Keep those two fundamentals in mind: USA power and Iraq's location. Now add one other truth: Saddam Hussein is a mad man dictator who lusts to preserve and gain power at any cost that preserves his survival.

The Attack Iraq politicians feel that we can't afford NOT to attack for at least two reasons. If we don't attack now, eventually the "terrorists" are going to hook up with Hussein and do terrible things. Their motivations -- his for power, theirs for destruction -- are just too similar and compelling. And they hate Judeo-Christians.

Furthermore, establishing USA power OVER Iraq, geographically situated like it is, is a possibility, and strategic advantage, simply too good to pass up. Once Iraq is quasi-USA territory, imagine how much advantage we will have over the "terrorists" in the Middle East and their many hiding places and "stomping grounds". Then we can EXPAND our influence from there, enhancing USA global power over many others.

Putting these points together, the Attack Iraq politicians say, "We've GOT to do it." To preempt what might happen if we don't AND to gain the advantage available to us once we do.

And THAT is the reasoning the profit-puffing media hasn't told you. THAT is the reason American military might is preparing for attack at this very moment. THAT is the reason we WILL Attack Iraq -- regardless of world opinion and regardless of what the UN finds or says.

Is that Minding Your Own Agenda?

Frankly, like all spiritual discernments, it is not an easy question to answer. And it is a heck of a lot easier to tune into the latest "Survivor" television program and not even think about where we are and how we got here.

But let me tell you a sobering truth:

IF our Attacking Iraq is NOT MYOA, we (you, me, the whole USA, men, women and children) WILL pay the price.

Don't doubt it for a minute.

And since you and yours may well pay that price, it makes some sense to pay attention to the LESSON, so at least you will "get what you paid for."

Am I saying God will extract retribution from USA if we do the wrong thing? No. I know that God is not punitive.

I'm saying that how USA collectively handles Iraq, our response to being attacked by murderous terrorists on 911 and all the aftermath, is what is going to set the stage and content of. . .


That's the metaphysical spiritual significance of what is going on.

Now, what about the earth plane happenings? I'll try to summarize it for you. Here's how energies stand at the moment I'm writing this to you.

(Interestingly, energies HAVE settled a little in the last few days after jumping up, down and all around. Always remember please, that the future is NOT fixed and free will choices, prayer and collective intention can still alter these energies!)

GWB is NOT going to be satisfied with anything less than USA control over Iraq. That means Saddam G O N E, his government gone and USA troops controlling Iraqi soil.

GWB is playing Texas poker here. Fully intending to attack and buying time while he gets his forces into place. He's ACTing like this is not completely inevitable so he has time to marshall his forces and twist arms to go along. He has long since "decided".

AND he has a few cards "up his sleeve", just like any card shark with a big pot. GWB is going to pick the time to play his hand. Watch carefully.

Saddam is doing any and everything to create delay and enough pressure on GWB to cause him to reconsider. Saddam thinks that GWB can't stomach the prospect or the reality of heavy casualties of American soldiers.

Saddam is wrong.

Saddam has terrible weapons and surprise strategies to throw at USA troops. He's thinking about doing something VERY provocative "sooner" rather than "later." And even if GWB does attack, Saddam believes he can make him flinch, reconsider and negotiate.

Saddam is wrong.

This week Saddam began playing a cat and mouse game about maybe going into exile. He hopes he can play that game for weeks and months. Important countries are doing everything they can to help that happen -- thinking exile or coup is the way to prevent this very dangerous war and a USA-controlled Iraq -- and heaven only knows what else.

They are wrong.

Some think GWB wouldn't dare Attack Iraq without a UN directive. They believe the weight of contrary opinion by virtually all the world leaders except Great Britain's Tony Blair will be enough to daunt GWB's ambitions.

They are wrong.

It's quite a poker game, isn't it? Better drama than contrived television, huh?

But this is no game and the stakes are HUMAN.

The best minds at the UN estimate that the USA attack machine turned on Iraq will require immediate emergency treatment of 500,000 men, women and children civilians.

That 3,000,000 Iraqis will require "therapeutic feeding" resulting from "dire" malnutrition -- about 1,000,000 of them driven from their homes.

Exaggerated by "peace mongers"? Who knows. Horrifying even if it is only 10% of that.

What can you do?

Think and pray about the MYOA lesson. Apply it in your own life. MAYBE we don't all have to learn it this way.

While we are fighting a munitions war, our enemies will attack us on other fronts. Our freedoms and our economy are "soft-spots". The stock market is already utter lunacy, your freedoms are FAR less than last year and the greed-driven are HOPING that you are NOT aware.

Pay attention.

Be grateFULL. Celebrate and protect what and who you have in your life. Be humble. Pray. Ask for help.

"Timing, Timothy?"

That introduces one other important factor. Strong as we are, USA cannot afford the risk of keeping so many of our forces tied up in one place for very long. It encourages mischief-making by those who know we are distracted. Ala North Korea. China, maybe.

So there are important rationales to get on with WAR. Just as soon as we are ready.

So when?

There's no calendar in the psychic realm and energies could certainly shift. . .

but I suspect it is going to be difficult for you to have an anxiety free Valentine's Day.

Or to forget the Ides of March.

Pray, stay safe and Godspeed.



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October 7, 2002

This past weekend I was able to sneak a break from a Client Intensive and scoot over to Galveston Island. It turned out to be an experience meant for sharing.

I jumped at the chance to take a breather from the "heavy energy" all of us have been dealing with lately. Taking in some salty sea air seemed like a perfect tonic!

Plus, a private box and a chilled bottle of champagne was waiting for me at the wonderful old 1894 Grand Opera House in Galveston -- to be enjoyed along with one of the last public performances ever by rock and roll legend, Little Richard.

Actually Richard calls himself way more than a legend of rock and roll. He says he INVENTED the genre. He is the "originator, the architect, the creator, the emancipator, the king" AND "the Georgia peach beauty who is still on duty" at almost 70.

It all started when he quit school in the ninth grade and, despite the physical malady of a right leg shorter than his left, he joined a traveling medicine show, then hired on with Sugarloaf Sam, a minstrel show, going on to win a singing contest and RCA recording contract at age 18.

He had an enormous impact on rock and roll, shaking up USA segregationist music and radio until it would never be the same again. From his first giant hit, "Tutti Frutti" to "Good Golly Miss Molly" to "Long Tall Sally" to "Lucille" this singer/song writer, piano player extraordinaire has been cited as THE inspiration for performing by none other than Elvis Presley, John Lennon, James Brown, Otis Redding and David Bowie. In the 1960's a group called The Beatles opened his European shows and, being "a singer, not a businessman," he said he passed up their offer to purchase a 50% interest in the act.

No slouch himself, he personally has sold over 32 Million records, though his royalties were typically meager in the white-dominated business and he collected next to nothing.

He was inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986, won the BMI Ikon Award and just this year was honored for his "exhilarating showmanship" and inducted into the NAACP Image Awards Hall of Fame (even though he wants it known that his mother was American Indian. He points out that he "has the cheekbones" which he is glad of because "your face don't fall in as fast.")

For 54 years, vegetarian Little Richard has been performing. He says he hasn't taken a day off EVER and that finally he "is tired." Shortly after his 70th birthday upcoming on December 5th, he will do his last public singing performance. Now calling himself a "black Jew", his history includes a couple of not-much-talked-about detours as a Seventh Day Adventist minister, a Bible salesman and forays into gospel singing.

Two life-threatening incidents marked turning points in his life and to this day he views his work as spiritual. His performance included a lament that contemporary society seems to have lost its way from the Ten Commandments. Of God, he says He has been his "director and protector" and "a blessin' and a lesson" in his life.

And you could certainly say that Little Richard's performance was "out of this world!" This wild man of flashy clothes, thickly sprayed, piled high hair, mascara accented eyebrows, high heeled sparkle boots and face made up to let, sang and pranced like no other 69 year old I've ever heard or seen before.....grinz.

The audience had its fair share of octogenarians, but they all were there to have a good old rock and roll time. Little Richard didn't disappoint.

There were two great highlights of his show. The first was when he called for people of every shape, size and description to join him on stage. "Now I want a big, fat white woman," he hollered out at one point.

It didn't take long before there was quite an assortment of folks on stage, from his requested fat white woman in blue stirrup pants and tennis shoes to a giant American Indian complete with headdress, celebrating his birthday. These two dozen assorted stage companions, Little Richard and his band broke into the song "Old Time Rock & Roll," accompanied by self-styled dancing of every imaginable description. It was GREAT fun.

(NO! I stayed safely ensconced in my box.....*wink*.)

All those varied souls in common celebration was a wonderful metaphor of American culture -- a melting pot of diversity -- each dancing their OWN rock and roll dance and each having a greater time than the other.

Well done, Richard Wayne Penniman.

Shortly afterward the mood quieted. In his falsetto voice, and with unique expression, Little Richard shared his personal reactions while watching television on the morning of September 11, 2001.

"My gawd. Ooh no. Ooh my gawd. Mercy, mercy me. Ooh, my soul! My, my, my. And to think that the man flying that thing thinks he is going to heaven to meet virgins -- when he is really going to where there is a whole lot of heat."

After performing all over the world, Little Richard said he had come to realize how very lucky he was to be born in the USA.

And then, with the audience quickly joining in, we all SANG,

"You can do what you want to do

-- living in the USA.

You can eat what you want to eat

-- living in the USA.

You can preach what you want to preach

-- living in the USA.

You can buy what you want to buy

-- living in the USA.

You can learn what you want to learn

-- living in the USA.

You can go where you want to go

-- living in the USA.

You can say what you want to say

-- living in the USA.

You can believe what you want to believe

-- living in the USA.

You can see what you want to see

-- living in the USA.

You can be what you want to be

-- living in the USA.

I didn't find out whether Little Richard wrote that song himself, but I can tell you this. . .

Seeing a 70 year old non-white American music legend with pompadour hair, full make up and glitter boots leading an audience full of wizened white hair and all colors of skin -- every one singing the praises of freedom. . .

was a memorable and uniquely AMERICAN experience.

We love our freedom!

Yes, you are SO right, Little Richard.

Your work IS spiritual.

Thank you for the breath of fresh SALTY air.

And Godspeed to you!



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September 23, 2002

Just hours ago the sun went into the peace loving sign of Libra. It's the Fall Equinox when God gives us an equal balance of light to match the darkness.

I wish I could suggest that this was going to have a dampening effect on the winds of war. I can't.

Look with me at these bullet points I just pulled out of a secret American document:

**War against Iraq for developing weapons of mass destruction;

**Iraq, North Korea, Libya, Syria and Iran are dangerous regimes;

**The new concept of "regime change" is a justifiable American military option;

**"The unresolved conflict with Iraq provides the immediate justification, the need for a substantial American force presence in the Gulf..."

**Use the UK as "the most effective and efficient means of exercising American global leadership" in diplomacy.

**Emphasize that peace-keeping missions demand "American political leadership rather than that of the United Nations."

and here's a summary quote:

**"The United States has for decades sought to play a more permanent role in Gulf regional security. While the unresolved conflict with Iraq provides the immediate justification, the need for a substantial American force presence in the Gulf transcends the issue of the regime of Saddam Hussein."

Take a guess about what this secret document is?

Talking points for the USA Defense Department?


A "justification memo" from a strategic desk in the USA State Department?


Something Condi Rice's people drew up before this week- end's TV news talk shows?


Listen carefully now:

All of the content above (and much more) is highlighted from a report made for THEN Presidential CANDIDATE George W. Bush's people

IN (are you ready?!)


-- over TWO YEARS AGO and a whole year BEFORE the tragedy of 911.

Yes, dear friend, despite what the profit puffing media and self-serving politicians have been telling you, as I've mentioned before. . .

ATTACK IRAQ has been in the works for a very long time and for reasons far afield of what you are being told!

(Lest you be skeptical, check it out for yourself, the report I am describing was prepared for and given to Dick Cheney and other administration people by Project for the New American Century (PNAC). It is titled REBUILDING AMERICA'S DEFENCES: STRATEGIES, FORCES AND RESOURCES FOR A NEW CENTURY.)

Since we are seeing this "Blueprint For Maintaining Global US Preeminence," being built plank by deceptive plank every day right before our eyes, let me give you another quote peek:

"American grand strategy" should be advanced "as far into the future as possible" while USA forces have a "core mission" to "fight and decisively win multiple, simultaneous major theatre wars."

War without end.

That's what many influential people in USA government want.

WAR with a capital W!


Listen to how the report talks about USA armed forces overseas:

"The cavalry on the new American frontier."

THAT, dear friend is breath-taking.

The thinking BEHIND what we are seeing played out in Congress and on nightly TV has as its objective to:


I shudder to think the spiritual/ karmic price that comes to a country which exerts its mighty force to injure, kill and maim simply because IT CAN.

I become more afraid everyday that we may soon find out.

It is against EVERYthing this country is supposed to stand for!

Meanwhile YOUR representatives in Congress will be considering this week a "resolution" that effectively gives away the constitutional power to make war FROM the USA PEOPLE TO the USA executive branch.

The profit puffing media says passing that resolution is a slam dunk deal in this election year. And it probably is.

And yet, just before writing you tonight, I read dozens upon dozens of letters expressing terrible alarm about this head-long push for the USA to unilaterally Attack Iraq.

Not everybody is falling for the false.

USA Senator Robert C. Byrd isn't. That man who cares so much for the law that he is the only member of Congress in history who accomplished his law degree (and cum laude, too) WHILE serving in Congress; the only person in USA history who has been elected to EIGHT consecutive six year terms as Senator; the man who has cast more votes than any other Senator in USA history.

Here's what this wise elder statesman said this week-end about the Attack Iraq war resolution:

"Congress will be putting itself on the sidelines. Nothing would please this president more than having such a blank check handed to him."

He said the proposed resolution would be the "broadest possible grant of war powers to any president in the history of our Republic. The resolution is a direct insult and an affront to the powers given to Congress."

War without end.

WAR with a capital W!

And Israel, obviously more inclined than ever to fight back (see the predicted bombardment of Arafat this weekend) has point blank told the USA that if Iraq does the logical thing when attacked by USA forces, and attacks Israel again as they did in the Gulf war. . .

Israel will launch a nuclear bomb onto Iraq.

What pray-tell does anybody think would come from THAT?

How much fuel might THAT add to radical Muslim fundamentalists and their promotion of attacks on the USA?

We are rapidly headed down a very slippery slope. As spiritual folk we have three obligations:

First. . .

To be TRULY informed and give DEEP thought to these issues and morality;

(The United Methodist, Roman Catholic, National Church of Christ, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), The Episcopal Church, Mennonite Church USA, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Unitarian Universalist Association, National Council of the Churches of Christ, National Baptist Convention, USA, United Church of Christ, Quakers and many other "organized" churches are speaking out strongly against the immorality of any unprovoked attack on Iraq.)

Second. . .

To continue to pray for the power of God's love and wisdom to come into these times and the hearts and minds of all decision makers.

(For a self-proclaimed God-oriented nation, what do we TRULY stand for?)

Third. . .

To MOVE YOUR FEET personally to influence opinion, political choices and YOUR government's actions.

(Is it "unpatriotic" to speak out loudly if you feel your country is acting immorally?)

And, have you noticed. . .

Do you feel them? I do.

I feel MILLIONS of ghosts looking over YOUR and MY shoulders.

Each one is a life lost in a meaningless war "we had to fight" in Viet Nam.

58,202 of those ghosts are women and men wearing American military uniforms. A few of those ghosts were classmates of mine.

Ink killed those millions.

Ink from the pen that signed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution granting President Lyndon Baines Johnson vast war powers on August 7, 1964.

A different time? A different situation? Different objectives?

Are you sure?

Stay safe today. It's the highest astrologically-derived danger APB index we've had in many months and USA hasn't exactly been NON provocative on the world stage of late. You have a challenging week ahead of you. Please be careful. Godspeed.



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August 30, 2002

Lately I feel like a person listening to some juicy gossip. I want to jump in and say my two cents worth, but have been holding back lest I miss something.

By now I've heard so much that I'm about to pop. And with nudges from some of you asking why I've been so quiet, it's time to share some observations.

WAR. (That's WAR with a capital W!)

It's a bit hard to believe, isn't it? A couple of years ago, we were all planning Millennium New Year parties.

Who would have imagined that by now every single day, USA government politicos would be insisting that our country MUST attack another nation for the reason that THEY EXIST!

And you notice? Virtually NObody is talking about the MORALITY of WAR whatsoever!

But then, OIL makes for some convoluted, murky and treacherous logic.

Make no mistake: the political decision to attack Iraq was made many months ago (and you read about it here). Since that time the politicians have been working hard to get YOU to ACCEPT this WAR as inevitable by saying it over and over and over again.

And you probably have!

You've also been told repeatedly that "no decision has been made". Oh yeah? Listen to USA Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage in Tokyo this week:

"I have no doubt that when the president makes the decision and that we lay out our public case and that we consult with friends and allies, at the end of day, there're a good many people who will share the view with president Bush, We believe that we will ultimately be able to make a compelling case about the weapons of mass destruction and at an appropriate time we'll be moving forward."

Does that sound to you like "no decision has been made"?

Why this head-long push into WAR?

An intentional political distraction maybe?

To distract YOU?

From the greed-driven USA economic policies that have created a world wide "crisis of confidence" reflected everyday in the absolutely staggering losses of capital investment in the world's largest marketplace (the USA stock exchange).

To distract YOU?

From the greed-driven money manipulations of the USA corporate ruling class who have lied and cheated and given shareholders, customers and employees the shaft at Enron, MCI and others soon to be revealed. All while THEY were cashing in millions and millions of dollars worth of ill- begotten stock that they knew would soon crash?

To distract YOU?

From an economy-stimulating "invest in the common man" budget SURPLUS of $127 Billion last fiscal year to "wreck your pocketbook" budget DEFICITS of $150 Billion this year, next year and more to come.

To distract YOU?

From the stock market woes that are around the corner? Some market experts who have been right in the past are predicting the Dow (which yesterday was at 8600) to fall to UNDER 6,000 yet this year and to UNDER 2,000 next year. Impossible?

Wait until the year closes and companies must report the status of USA pension funds which have been heavily invested in stocks, for instance. They lost $200 BILLION last year which put them dangerously close to being bankrupt. It appears that with another $200 BILLION loss this year, they WILL be bankrupt. What will that do to already plunging market confidence?

To distract YOU from maybe ALL of the above?

But wait. Isn't Iraq such a clear danger to the world that it SHOULD be attacked -- now before it is too late?


The very same politicos who are now advocating attack said exactly the OPPOSITE before the war push got started. Use diplomacy, they said. Use the UN, they said. Contain Iraq with international pressure, they said. (I don't want to take up space to bore you with letter and verse of how often and how strongly THESE SAME POLITCOS made the non-war point before, but it was loud, clear and frequent, until SOMEBODY changed the chorus tune.)

Ah, but Timothy, 911 happened!


Nobody has presented persuasive evidence that 911 had any real roots in Iraq. In fact, there are TONS of evidence that 911 WAS rooted and financed in "USA buddy" Saudi Arabia and you aren't hearing (yet) about attacking that country.

(I must tell you that a recent "occupation" of the Iraqi embassy in Berlin by an alleged, but never heard of before, group of "dissidents" looks pretty fishy. It would not surprise me at all if we are going to be told that "secret documents" found there connect Iraq to 911 hijackers living in Germany. It might take say, until right after the November elections, for such a discovery to be revealed. Hmmmmmmm.)

But we must attack. International pressure doesn't work and can't protect us from Iraq.


Then why has that been USA policy for over 40 years? Dealing with the USSR and all their nukes. Dealing with China and their nukes. Dealing with both countries and their KNOWN chemical and biological weapons? Not to mention their training of terrorists!

No...this WAR fever has a hidden purpose. It is an agenda in search of justification and morality. And you don't have to look very deeply to see that.

The USA's own expert on the Middle East, Retired Marine General Anthony Zinni, speaking in Florida last weekend emphasized that eliminating Saddam should be a low- priority. "I can give you many more (priorities) before I get to that." Specifically he cited really paying attention to 911 related issues.

``We need to make sure the Taliban and al-Qaida can't come back," and he pointed out that Iran is a big financier of anti-American terrorism, not Iraq. He further cautioned that an attack on Iraq would stretch USA forces much too thin and create new problems with hatred of Americans in the whole area. "We need to quit making enemies that we don't need to...''

Nor could he let pass without comment the LACK of hands-on military experience by the vocal war hunger politicos, ``It's pretty interesting that all the generals see it the same way and all the others who have never fired a shot and are hot to go to war see it another way,'' he said.


An excuse to put USA puppet governments into place in the Middle East -- in keeping with our historical practice to prop up greed?

The USA uses over 25% of the world's oil each year. We have only 3% the world's oil. Iraq and Saudi Arabia own 36%.

Realize that we two leggeds have already used up HALF of the recoverable oil that exists on our blue orb -- and we did that in the last 100 years. It ain't gonna' last forever! And conservation or alternative fuels aren't exactly the mantra of the politicians running the show.

Is it that big of a deal, really? Let's just attack and get it over with. It's a slam dunk, right?

Virtually every USA military general who has the guts to talk is urging enormous caution. Saying our military will be spread too thin. Saying the domino or boomerang effect in the Middle East is terribly dangerous. Saying American boys and girls will be in for a long, long stay in the desert. Like maybe a decade! (The ones that don't come back early all "bagged" up!)

Maybe they are being TOO cautious. (Not exactly a prevailing quality of military generals, I'd say.)

So, what do they know that's not being said? Maybe that in the most recent USA "war games" at least 40% of the fancy dancy high-tech military tools and weapons DIDN'T WORK. And what's worse, the tools often spit out the wrong information. For example, troops that were supposed to be making a surprise landing in Kuwait ended up landing in THE WRONG COUNTRY. The Global Positioning System goofed up the numbers.

Most importantly, NONE of what I've pointed out so far even begins to address the probable countless deaths of innocent people, women and children who are already victims of terrible consequences of sanctions placed on Iraq's supply of food, medicine, etc. OR dead American military men and women. Kids from YOUR street.

So, what to do?

At the least shouldn't every USA citizen, out of personal moral responsibility and obligation, be THINKING about all these moral and practical implications? Shouldn't we be IN ON the dialogue? Shouldn't we be communicating our thoughts and concerns with our representatives in Congress?

The USA constitution is very clear that waging WAR is very serious business and that the authority to commit our country to doing it, is specifically reserved to the PEOPLE, through our representatives in congress.

And yet, leading politicians are saying that they don't need to -- and don't plan to -- ask "permission".


So, what possible control do YOU have over whether this country goes to WAR or not? And because it doesn't seem like you can do anything about it, does. . .


I don't think so.

I would be the LAST person to suggest that we should be naive about the evil in this world and just stay in a stupor like sitting ducks while the tyrant of the moment prepares to attack US again.

But that concern to protect ourselves is NO EXCUSE for us to turn a blind eye to greed-driven, self serving, truth bending manipulations that we have sense enough to SEE.

Unless our eyes are being held tightly SHUT.

And in that case, we must carry the burden -- and the consequences -- of awesome PERSONAL moral responsibility.

Please give it some thought.

And please increase your prayers that wisdom and the incredible power of God's love will move into this dangerous situation.

When you are in the shower. When you are driving. When you are sitting on hold on the phone. When you are cooking. Please take EVERY spare moment you have and turn it to PRAYER for God's good to prevail in a seemingly very perilous dilemma.

Stay safe and enjoy your Labor Day. Godspeed.



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July 15, 2002

Since we've communicated last, I've gotten a REeducation about travel by wheels, enjoyed a provocative gathering of metaphysical thinkers and felt a sigh of relief that the USA birthday party mostly escaped attack.

Plus, have you noticed that SOME of the profit-puffing monopoly media are apparently cooperating less in the myth building and cloaking? That's good. We'll see how long it lasts.

Before I get to observations about these perilous times, some personal thoughts.

Now, months after 911, I'm convinced that one of the spiritual purposes was to nudge each of us to hone our vision and understanding into two foci: The MICRO and the MACRO views of life. (Frankly I think most of us were stuck in a dazed, non focused "staring off into space" view before 911.)

The MICRO view is your personal life and what you are DOING with it, your family and friends, how you relate to them and just what makes up YOUR PERSONAL VALUES.

(And I have a TON to say about the MACRO VIEW. Saving that for another conversation.)

My recent experience of using trusty wheels for travel, instead of flying around like a bird, has given my MICRO VIEW focus a real jump start.

While it is true that when you FLY OVER this magnificent country, you get a real sense of its majesty and magnitude, it is equally true that when you traverse it by wheels you get a profound sense of its INNARDS.

Foremost I think, we're a country of the dirt -- and the hard scrabble values that spring from soil -- bit it rich or poor -- along with this season's crop. Agriculture is a pretty no-nonesense endeavor. You can't "spin" the truth this way or that to make the crops come in. You get no crops without good seed. You accomplish nothing by wearing out the soil. You really realize God IS in control. The sunshine, the rain, the elements generally are very little influenced by YOU. You operate day by day on FAITH. Crops grow in their own time. Not much way to speed things up, distort things, lie or bamboozle trying to present a pretty picture or "make your quarterly numbers look good." The harvest TELLS THE TALE succinctly!

As wheels take you down the highways of this incredible nation, the utility poles ticking the miles away, you're hypnotized by white stripes dashing that black ribbon to nowhere -- and everywhere and you FEEL things differently.

For one, you get a sense of how incredibly blessed USA is as a nation. All of the robust resources that God has entrusted us with. You recognize what a great system we have in this country -- when it is kept PURE -- and how it MUST have been Divinely Inspired. You see much tangible proof of hard work and what it has created -- both the good and some of the not so good.

You get a different sense of the people. Good people. Not the top ONE per cent in this country who own THIRTY PER CENT of the ENTIRE USA wealth. But the rest of us. You see folks going about every day life.

You think about THEIR micro-view. Their work, their families, their friends. Their confusions, their hopes and dreams. Their histories. Their vulnerabilities. Their fears. What they know. What they THINK they know. And what they probably DON'T know.

And most of all, USA wheel travel, for me at least, is a profound and stirring reminder of FREEDOM. The freedom to get up and go. The freedom to decide which way to point yourself today. The freedom of which route to follow, what sights to see, what destination to choose. All on your own schedule. Traveling as light, or as heavy as you want. The FREEDOM that created and built this country! A more Spiritual theme, I can't imagine. May it be everlasting.

Funny isn't it when we think of freedom, we say "free as a bird". And yet my recent experience with wheel travel has taught me that the old turtle probably has a heck of alot more freedom than we ever thought.

Try some "turtle freedom" for yourself. Get you some wheels and GO. I highly recommend it. It will help you FOCUS.

Also, I promised to share with you what I learned from the gathering of Spiritual Metaphysical folks coming together from across the country. I learned plenty and it was a great opportunity to reflect and put the intensity of these past months into perspective.

I'm excited to tell you all about it, but I haven't decided the best way to do it, so I'm staying alert until I get guidance on how to proceed. More later.

Until that is sorted out, here are two THEMES that were universal in thought among the metaphysical thinkers:

1.) We are all being challenged to live every day life with the constant presence of two seemingly contradicting conditions: ENORMOUS OPPORTUNITY and TERRIBLE PERIL.


2.) Each of us who realizes that our times include possibilities of both ENORMOUS OPPORTUNITY and TERRIBLE PERIL must QUIT being lazy and self protective and START telling others. Our very lives -- and/or our children's lives -- may depend on it.

Details of many exciting things I learned coming later.

Now, from my listening post in Dallas, thoughts about current goings on -- most of which you aren't being told by the monopoly media:

**The July 4th shooting incident at LAX has WAY more to it. Where is the blond man many witnesses saw shoot? Pure coincidence that Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres' granddaughter, Michal Valden, was standing at the El Al counter preparing to board a flight to Toronto when the shooting began? Then why hasn't the media told you? Really non-terror related? Listen: USA air travel is not safe!

**The stock market turmoil has only just begun. For instance, massive class action law suits over commonplace fraudulent practices will haunt finances for years. Only a tiny hint of "what is" has been exposed. The unbridled arrogance of those who view themselves as the USA "ruling class" has been the gigantic pink elephant in the room that nobody wanted to mention. Despite what some want you to believe, the infection goes from the VERY top down. Things are at a dangerous edge. The slightest nudge could spell disaster.

**As I wrote you on February 1st about Yassir Arafat's fate, the USA DID "ditch him completely" on June 24th. Now starts the "face saving" race between USA and Arafat to figure out which exit path that "looks nicest". All this is complicated by the three main "tribes of world terrorists" having now truly joined forces against the USA as predicted.

**Are you being watched? It is said that evil Saddam Hussein has been impossible to oust from power because he created a phenomenal network of "inside citizens" watching their neighbors and reporting on them. Communist governments have long used a system of small "party cells" to gain and maintain control over the people.

(Take a look at this actual "spying" directive from Vietnam designed to control religious practices. Go to: http://www.freedomhouse.org/religion/pdfdocs/vietnam_doc5.pdf

We know that East Germany used citizen informant spying by the infamous Stasi Secret Police to keep that population "in line." And as predicted to you on March 11th, the USA is now starting a program to have MORE citizen spies reporting on "suspicious activities" of American citizens than the East German communists EVER did.

Don't believe it? See it for yourself: http://www.citizencorps.gov/tips.html

**Speaking of Saddam Hussein, it is not much of a secret that war plans to "undo" him are heavy in the works. And USA is going to need far more than the 390 body bags used in the Gulf War, as tens of thousands of ground troops -- young American boys and girls from your town and mine, would be involved. The risks are a little more daunting this time, or at least you'd think they would daunt. Saddam has biological weapons and the means to get them into Israel. Israel has state of the art submarines, nuclear weapons, a planned new satellite capability to send ICBMs anywhere on earth and a leader in Ariel Sharon who many think would use it all. More than one expert is saying when the USA attacks Iraq, Israel will make its quick move to push the Palestinians across the Jordan. It is a pretty scary scenario and it is a "coming attraction" many are working hard to make real.

**Information recently uncovered from secret Al Queda documents in Afghanistan confirm terrorist intentions to attack USA water supplies, as we've been warning about in Academy's Metaphysical Guide For Personal & Family Safety ( go to: http://psychic2020.com/safety/ ) If you live in a large city, you NEED to have an emergency water supply stored up. In addition you may want to do what I've done and get a supply of inexpensive Water Purification Tablets to have on hand. (go to: http://4starmilitarysurplus.com/item96803.ctlg)

**A sobering report from the respected World Wildlife Fund cites scientific data that humans have destroyed more than a THIRD of the natural world since 1970. It tells us that our beautiful blue orb has an "expire date" of 2050 if we don't make BIG TIME CHANGES. Are USA citizens at fault? Well. Each one of us consumes 24 TIMES more natural resources every day than a resident of Africa does. An August world wide gathering in Johannesburg is being called the most important environmental gathering in a decade. Reports are that USA delegates have been told to BLOCK any agreements on energy use, biodiversity and corporate responsibility.

We've got a lot to pray about. Stay safe, discover an inspiring micro view for yourself and enjoy your days.




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June 4, 2002

My my my. There is SO much I'd like to share with you right now that I could write 'til my fingers fell off.

In my last note to you, I mentioned that the profit puffing monopoly media was about to FINALLY cover some of the UNtold story behind 911.

The next day, the "fireworks" began. Now there is more butt covering going on than a raid at a Texas whore house! It would be funny if it weren't SO tragic. More about that in a minute.

Otherwise, I've got good news and bad news to report from my "listening post" today.

There are strong indications that if it were not for the spiritual and prayer work of many, the USA would have initiated a military attack on Iraq by today. Of course that would have significantly altered the "danger" threshold on the planet. Somehow apparently authorities have thought better of it -- for now.

For only the third time since 1991, March 2002 brought us an advance of the "Doomsday Clock" by two minutes, putting us at seven minutes to midnight -- the same time as when the clock originated 55 years ago. This is human progress?


Clients are writing to me about disturbing dreams of war and destruction that many are having. There is no doubt, awful energies ARE afoot. And you ARE feeling it.

As I write this, psychic indications are that MAYBE things are backing off from a terrible danger "flash point" between India and Pakistan, both cradling nuclear bombs as their security blanket.

India's own defense secretary said of his country's atom bomb capability, they were "prepared for mutual destruction on both sides" and that they can "strike on three hour's notice."

REread those stunning words again and let them soak in. HOW could things have gotten to this point?

This explosive situation, intentionally provoked by the very Al Queda leaders who "escaped" from USA grasp in Afghanistan, has come disturbingly close to an unspeakable calamity. Anybody who thinks we do not live in terribly dangerous times is NOT paying attention.

We must keep our prayers and highest thoughts going for both India and Pakistan -- who interestingly share the exact birthdate which has been put under incredibly difficult astrological pressure with the recent Saturn- Pluto opposition and recent Mars influences. (Saturn ruling the "structures /boundaries" of each country, Pluto ruling the atom bomb and Mars ruling war.)

Unfortunately, even IF the situation continues to calm now, severe danger will continue and flare again in October- November, 2002.

How serious? Serious enough that I'll soon be sending you information about personal protection measures to take in the event of the unthinkable! Always remember, being more prepared IS being more protected.

Back to 911 and the "tip of the iceberg" of information that is now being revealed to you.

It does NO good to keep our head in the sand. The USA government WAS warned before it happened. From many sources. Almost like an awful bit of gossip that you are the last to hear, it seems almost everybody but us knew something devastating was coming. Israel, Russia, France, Italy, Egypt, Argentina.

And they TOLD US.

Our own CIA chief was so convinced that an attack on USA soil was imminent that he was absolutely frantic immediately before 911 -- and he was NOT keeping it to himself either.

So what happened? How could there have been NO warning to the citizens? How could there have been NO specific precautions?

Those are incredibly troubling questions that you will see toyed with in the coming weeks. Realize that what you will be watching is mostly akin to a tennis match or a football game. Almost totally about the points on the score board and about which "coach" can avoid getting fired. A coaching change is inevitable, of course. SOME "truth" will be exposed to your view in this game but the "plays" and the "strategy" will be kept secret. Understand that.

The most chilling question of all is very unlikely to ever be addressed in open view. Not HOW could warnings have been made to our government and not acted upon, but WHY ?!

All of this is disturbing to the maximum, and yet for those who understand spiritual metaphysics, not at all surprising. As things unfold, I'll be pointing out the underpinnings of how we created all of this to learn from with our God given Free Will Choice.

Meanwhile, on the earthplane, terrible dangers continue.

**Commercial air travel is still nakedly vulnerable. Aside from the "airplane as weapon" weakness, there is the "shoot a plane out of the sky" danger with terrorists walking around your neighborhood with an anti-aircraft missile on their shoulder. Flying to get somewhere is still plain and simply a roll of deadly dice. Sensible people are rediscovering wheels.

**We are being told by the highest positions in USA government that further terrorist attacks on our soil are a virtual certainty. They say it is NOT a matter of IF, but when. They also emphasize that the coming attack/s WILL involve devastating weapons and likely result in the killing of great numbers of citizens. Despite the many millions being spent to prevent terrorist acts, the leaders still say "it's gonna happen!" And 90% of Americans know it in their hearts.

**These upsetting conditions do NOT happen in a societal vacuum, of course. People are coming out of their shock and getting fiercely upset. Many are correctly asking what the Billions of dollars spent in the name of "national security" has bought us. More than one national radio talk show host, for example, has almost overtly called for "revolution" as soon as we experience another terrorist attack. Some believe that it is imperative that USA government be converted to a Taliban-like theocracy where the "misbehaving" (defined by THEM, of course) can be shot in the head. And no, I'm NOT kidding. There are probably "neighborhood watchers" in your own neighborhood who think that very thing AND intend to do what they can to make it happen. And your government is enlisting THEM to watch YOU.

**Through all this, USA civil liberties are under enormous pressure. You can't get on an airplane without being searched. You can't have spiritual conversation in a mosque and know nobody is recording you. Your lawyer, if you happen to be a "suspected terrorist", cannot have a private conversation with you. The government is asking your neighbors to keep a careful eye on you. All these things make sense and are necessary to protect the rest of us, you say? Maybe, but where does the editing of the constitution stop? And WHO is being trusted as the managing editor?

Almost overwhelming stuff... and times, yes. In spiritual metaphysics, we believe we chose to be here at this time -- precisely BECAUSE of the stuff.

We have an abundance to learn and grow from! Hand wringing doesn't get much accomplished.

With that learning objective, I'm off on wheels to another hinterland assignment which includes traveling to join an intense "symposium" of metaphysical spiritual thinkers gathering together from far and wide to discern the light shining through today's clouds.

I'll be keeping in touch via daily Star*Sights and back soon and available to work with you again personally. In future notes, I'll be sharing with you some of what I learn at this special gathering of like-minded spirits.

Your prayers and spreading God's loving light are important parts of what YOU contribute to the planet every day. Stay safe.




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May 15, 2002

As you may know, I've just recently returned from an intense, extended and far-away assignment. I'm back at my listening post in Dallas now and lots is going on.

A quick scan of things the profit puffing monopoly media isn't telling:

***USA commercial air travel is still not safe. (I haven't set foot on an airplane yet.) Unfortunately USA commercial jetliners are still the easiest deadly weapons terrorists can get their hands on. Murderous fundamentalist zealots have sneaked into the USA and they intend to strike again.

***Although specifically thwarted in past months, terrorist plans to attack a nuclear power plant are still in the works. These thugs are tenacious and once they have a thought-through plan, they do not give up regardless of how often thwarted.

***Be particularly reflective about taking commercial flights over California, the Pacific Northwest and the urban Northeast.

***Explosives on tractor trailer trucks are very recently popping up on the psychic radar screen. Avoiding prominent buildings, landmarks and heavily populated shopping malls remains prudent.

***The Middle East situation has gotten considerably messier. As predicted, Arafat has increasingly paid the price of his hubris. Israel's recent position against ANY Palestinian State shows how far this situation has deteriorated. While USA "leadership" was vacationing, seeds were sown here that we will forevermore regret. The price tag to get back to where things once were is going to be high, high, HIGH.

***Activities are stirring at key USA Air Force installations. Some are itching to expand conflict. Please add your prayers and positive thoughts for peace and stability world wide, so that we can get through June and the rest of the summer without war. May Iraq and Iran particularly realize the importance of prudence.

And now even the monopoly media is beginning to reveal nuggets that there was much more to 911 than everyone was led to believe. I'll be "filling in" some of those "blanks" for you soon.


Quick note that dear planet Mercury goes into apparent backward motion this afternoon, Wednesday at 1:51 PM, USA Central, where it will remain until Saturday, June 8th.

During these weeks it is advisable NOT to undertake any really important projects or sign any contracts. Watch details carefully in any and every thing you do -- especially travel.

Use these weeks for putting your focus on any activity that begins with "RE", like REleasing, REsearching, REvising, REducing and so on.

This is a natural pause that Spirit gives you to REflect on things and plan for the actions you will take as soon as Mercury goes direct again on June 8th.

(some content omitted--confidential exclusive for clients)

Enjoy your Mercury Retrograde REleasing and sunshiney days. Please stay safe and keep positive thoughts flowing for God's love to prevail on this rock.




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March 11, 2002

Six months later.

How splendidly appropriate -- and metaphysical -- are those two beams of soaring light memorializing the tragedy of 911.

The Pillars of Light remain!

We've all thought and said it: our life changed on 911. And our spiritual challenges continue and get more complex!

From my listening post in Dallas, ramifications the monopoly media isn't telling you:

***A war has been fought, many lives lost, but the "wanted dead or alive" apparent lynch pin culprit Osama Bin Laden is nowhere to be found. Remarkably, technical remote viewers have great confidence that he is alive, sick and injured while being held captive by SOMEONE underground in Bangladesh. Governments say they have no idea where he is.

***Virtually the entire Al Queda leadership GOT AWAY. Their communication HAS been hampered but for how long?

***Any stability in Afghanistan is tenuous at best. It is a hornet's nest waiting to burst open.

***More attacks are planned on the USA. A prominent dam could be the major target on the drawing boards. Hoover? Shasta? Nuclear power station attacks HAVE been dodged but these creeps are tenacious and don't give up.

***Look for summertime escalation of the "War on Terrorism" boldly into Iraq. Many sensitive metaphysical folks are highly alarmed about such a war getting totally out of control -- and quickly.

***Arafat is hanging on, barely. Count the days.

Meanwhile back in the USA.

***Commercial flying is still NOT safe. If you MUST fly domestically, you may be safer flying from/into outlying airports rather than the major cities.

***Academy has learned that the recent spike of gas prices at your corner station comes as a consequence of insurance increases because of terrorist plans to use a tanker truck to blow up major buildings.

***Remember that mysterious presence of Israeli Mossad Intelligence Services closely around 911 events that I wrote you about before? It came closer to public view with USA recently deporting dozens of young Israeli "students" -- all with "spy like" backgrounds. A major nest was situated right here in Dallas.

***Count them: Fourteen world leading microbiologists have died in the last year -- at least seven under highly suspicious circumstances. Five of them had a connection to the Howard Hughes Medical Institute -- often reported to be a CIA cover facility.

***And speaking of the CIA, an investigative reporter in the Bahamas has said that ENRON spent more than $400 Million -- most of it to pay off the Taliban -- in the process of "studying the feasibility" of a giant oil pipeline in Afghanistan in the months before 911. Who handled this for ENRON? CIA agents. By the way, the death of ENRON executive Baxter was murder NOT suicide according to scores of expert authorities. He was about to talk.

***Many USA air travelers are shocked with the intrusiveness of the so called "safety screening procedures" being employed at airports. The armed military troop airport presence is going to be made permanent.

***A "shadow government" has been put together by the White House to operate in case of a "national crisis." Interestingly the secret plans (which leaked) only included ONE part of USA government: the executive branch.

***The FCC has ordered all cell phone companies to implement a system that will constantly provide the EXACT location of 140 million cell phone users. And Applied Digital Solutions has developed an electronic miniature "tracking device". Implanted under your skin, it constantly monitors your whereabouts.

***GWB just announced part of a complex web of "help and/or watch your neighbors" government "volunteer opportunity" program called the Citizen Corps.

See if you can follow this:

The Citizen Corps (CC) will be run nationally by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and locally by Citizen Corps Councils (CCC). Volunteers will participate in aiding police, medical reserve, emergency response, the old Neighborhood Watch program and something called Terrorist Information and Prevention System (TIPS).

Not yet widely publicized is the inclusion of the Local Citizen's Profiling Program (LCPP) which will establish dossiers on neighbors, recording individual information such as name, address, date of birth, political affiliation, religious affiliation, education, skills, organizational memberships, firearms owned, record of protests against the government, etc.

A specific objective is to determine anyone who harbors views "contrary to the security of the state" or "injurious to the domestic tranquility of the people."

All of this -- and much more -- is intended to determine certain neighbors who are Enemies of the State (EOTS). Various "containment methods" will be utilized for people identified as EOTS. In fact, 2,000 humvees, called Domestic Urban Control Vehicles (DUCV) are said to be standing by in a warehouse for that purpose, to be employed all at once at a future time.

This plan has money. Almost $19 Billion has already been appropriated.

I'm told that any similarity between this program and the communist party system of cells and bosses is purely coincidental.

A government that demands more and more privacy for ITSELF and less and less privacy for its CITIZENS tells you something. Are you listening?

"Those who would sacrifice essential liberty for a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty NOR safety."
~Ben Franklin~

Please continue to pray for God's light to protect us from ALL the perils and dangers at hand.




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February 8, 2002

Well. . .

The astrological condition of Mercury Retrograde which greatly confuses communication, travel and details, while seeming to "curse" new beginnings of any kind. . .

officially cleared this morning, providing you with much better conditions to be effective and get things done.

Be listening to Star*Sights and the "All Clear" will be sounded shortly -- just as soon as energy confusion seems to settle down and productive energies start moving again.

Many eyes are on the competition of the Olympic games of course, but the most profound thing I see is the virtual military occupation of Utah in an effort to preserve the safety.

Let's hope and pray that this isn't a sample of what American life in the 21st Century will become. Further, let's hope and pray that, as citizens, we won't even tolerate such a thing long-term.

The first step in any "political" movement is to acclimate the citizenry to major change. Be aware!

And if you ever had any doubt about how lower forces will move into and take advantage of ANY and ALL darkness. . .

(like the darkness of fear, the darkness of exploitation, the darkness of greed, the darkness of manipulation, the darkness of power OVER others)

look at the example of the new "brand" of heroin that has just hit the streets of New York. One side of the "home made" heroin packets has BIN LADEN boldly stamped and the other side has an illustration of the now destroyed World Trade Center Towers with an airplane in the foreground.

Take a look:


DARKNESS loves and spawns more DARKNESS. Work hard to keep it OUT of YOUR heart and mind!

And here at my "listening post" in Dallas, I detect an unmistakable "up tick" in work by the various Intelligence Agencies. They seem to be going back into greater anticipation of problems.

With the Olympics started and Mardi Gras around the corner, that may not be surprising, but then again, something else could be showing up on their "screen" too.

Stay vigilant and keep up your prayers for God's loving light to protect us all.




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February 1, 2002

Welcome to February, 2002.

Webs, webs, webs. Webs everywhere I look and listen.

No, I don't mean Internet kind of webs. I mean webs of intrigue, duplicity and complication.

One thing is for certain.

If you have young children, grandchildren or great grandchildren, you need to be making certain that they get an exceptional education ...

with MUCH emphasis on learning to THINK on their OWN -- despite what "facts" might be fed to them by the "powers that be". They're going to need that ability for SURVIVAL.

Not that you and I DON'T -- right now!

This week, here's what the Monopoly Media is NOT telling you, most of which has been in Academy's postings weeks ago:

** Yassir Arafat has blown his last opportunities to be a serious statesman -- and along with that eliminated any near term possibilities of progress for the Palestinian cause. It is only a matter of time (and a short time) before the USA ditches him completely.

** The various radical fundamentalist Muslim sects (that in the past could NOT get along with one another) are now banding together in Lebanon (including bin Laden's thugs) to attack the USA. Expect Arafat's radicals to join with them as soon as he is cast out of the inner power circle by the USA. Yikes!

** Despite lots of sincere effort, commercial air travel is still NOT safe! This week's San Francisco incident of possible bomb residue on a man's shoes -- who then simply walked away toward the boarding gates and was NEVER found -- proves it up again. Pay attention!

AND. . .

as I've been emphasizing to you for months, terrible danger and our need for vigilance CONTINUES.

If you've followed Academy Psychic*Surveillance™ from the psychic2020 website at:

Go To the Explanation

you knew months ago what the Monopoly Media just started revealing to your neighbors this week:

** The terrorists have made specific plans to attack a USA Nuclear Power plant in hopes of killing many and spreading radioactivity far and wide.

** The terrorists have made specific plans to attack a USA water plant and contaminate the water supply in a large city. (Do you have an alternate supply in YOUR home?)

** The dreaded entry of North Korea into the "terrorist genre" that I warned about a few weeks ago, seems a step closer with GWB's "State of the Union" script including that country as one of three in an "Axis of Evil."

I hope you are coming to some spiritual understanding of what all this means in YOUR life -- and that you are managing to keep depression at bay.

For the protection of preparation, I again urge you to visit Academy's Metaphysical Guide For Personal & Family Safety at:

Go To the Information

Nothing in our human experience happens without a LEARNING and GROWING reason. Keep meditating and praying to determine what God is trying to bring YOUR attention to. And keep the positive of God's light and love flowing to protect us all.

Meanwhile, of course we continue with our day to day living. What do YOU seek to accomplish in 2002?

Now that you've got 11/12ths of the year left, how are you doing?

Consultation appointments are available to help give you an edge. Email us or call 214 219 2020 to arrange yours.




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January 25, 2002

As I write you today, I'm mourning the loss of two people who had a strong influence on me and my work.

May I honor them here and share some personal remembrances with you?

The first dearly departed, from the psychic world, was a teacher, a mentor. A marvelous lady who helped me understand that psychic gifts called for sharing, for contributing to others and fostering understanding about an ability that was little understood by most.

I was on assignment designing marketing strategies for Universal Studios and Columbia Pictures in St. Louis when a community college class in psychic development caught my eye. Curious about how any psychic in the 1970's had managed to garner the support of a community college in the conservative Midwest, I enrolled.

Once I got acquainted with Bevy Jaegers I understood perfectly well how she had persuaded the college to take up this unusual subject. She was a practical, plain spoken, non pretentious psychic who emphasized that EVERY person had psychic ability and needed to learn how to use it.

In subsequent years she went on to write several how-to books on psychic ability, strongly advanced law- enforcement /psychic cooperation, founded the US Psi Squad and went on to be a notable figure in an interesting melding of remote viewing and psychic perception.

Bevy would and did teach any and all who came. Her no- nonsense approach to psychic functioning will live on in the lives of many.

The second dear soul to depart my world, just this past week was Stanley Marcus, who died of heart failure at an unbelievably robust 96.

"Mr. Stanley", appeared in my life to teach me about the world of business -- or at least so it seemed at the time.

He, merchant prince of the renowned Neiman Marcus retailing empire, bastion of fashion, taste and premiere standards of customer service, had retired as Chairman Emeritus of the famous retail chain and had begun a consulting practice just about the time I was in a business position to engage his counsel.

Of course, I learned much about business from Mr. Stanley, but truth be told, he really taught me (or TRIED to teach me) about life, standards and taste. Not some high brow notion of fancy dancy taste -- but common sense, down to earth, good sense TASTE.

To me (and countless others) Mr. Marcus was a mentor, coach and demanding teacher -- all rolled up in a kindly grandfather package with a great twinkle in his eye and a sense of humor that always punctuated his point.

He was a leprechaun. OK...a Jewish Leprechaun, but an imp nevertheless.

Here's a perfect example of his unique way of expressing his incredible insight and making a point all at the same time. His heart condition had been a concern for the doctors for decades. Having been treated by the finest of the finest at Dallas' Texas Southwest Medical Center, Mr. Stanley felt they deserved a special gift.

Stunned silence filled the room of medical giants as his appreciation gift was eventually unveiled: a priceless painting of an American Indian Medicine Man dancing vigorously to ward off evil spirits. It hangs yet today at that most prestigious of medical schools. And appropriately so!

Miss Bevy and Mister Stanley: Fond memories of you both fill my heart. Each from such different stations of life but both with such a natural desire -- and talent -- to teach and share.

I am a better man for having known you.

Thank you both and Godspeed to you.



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January 12, 2002


My great concern about 1/11/02 danger appears to have been unwarranted.


The continued spiritual work by millions created enough protection to thwart any problem terrorists intended to do on 1/11/02.

My caution to you about 1/11 was the first "specific date" danger alert I've EVER published. Here's the background:

Shortly after the attacks on 9/11/01, in my daily meditations, I began to see the numbers "111" with an aura of PROFOUND tragedy. Repeatedly since then, "111" has appeared accompanied by an awful bleak energy.

Now that we are past 1/11/02 and no tragedy has occurred, there are several ways to interpret the energies I've been getting for months:

(Note: this is ALL-WAYS how it is with psychic perception and why the work is an ART as much as it is a science. The receiver has to INTERPRET what s/he is seeing. Accurate INTERPRETATION is the biggest challenge.)

Possibility One:

The 111 vision was some figment of my imagination. I discount this possibility completely. Anyone experienced at psychic work for over 30 years can tell the difference between "imagination" and bona fide psychic insight. The fact that the impression was SO tenacious and came virtually every day for months -- often completely unexpectedly proves to me that this is a valid, powerful and unusual alert being given to me to share.

Possibility Two:

The 111 visions accurately conveyed danger on 1/11/02 but the efforts of prayer and spiritual protection blocked that danger.

In fact, a seriously determined and dangerous plot to assassinate GWB's brother Jeb seems connected. The plot reportedly had been in the planning for many months. All along, they planned to do it with explosives on 1/11/02. The plot was only discovered and blocked the day before 1/11, as reported in the Florida media:

Go To the Article

Was the "Assassinate Jeb Bush" plot what I was picking up as the potential tragedy of 111? Could be. After all, the attack WAS scheduled to happen on 1/11/02. If that is what I was foreseeing and it was blocked from happening, that would be GOOD news.

But unfortunately, a signal I got last night probably proves that wasn't the case.

Immediately AFTER midnight last night, 1/11/02, AGAIN came the vision: 111 draped in black. Coming immediately AFTER 1/11/02 had just passed, that SAME vision most likely means that the danger I've been warned about is still afoot.

Possibility Three:

Perhaps some terrorist "something" was "put in place" on 1/11/02 to "explode" later.

That might be a slim possibility, but raises the question as to why the psychic emphasis would be on the day of "planting" rather than the day of "destruction". I doubt that.

Possibility Four:

A vision of tragedy on 111 could also refer to 11/1/02. Yikes! Or to 1/11/03 or 11/1/03 and so on. Given the quick reappearance of the vision immediately after 1/11/02 passed, I'd say that is a pretty STRONG possibility.

It's enough to make you scratch your head, for sure. But then, such is every day life for a psychic. Trying to figure it all out. What does it all mean?

Needless to say, I'll keep watching and listening and be keenly attuned next November and will keep you advised.

At any rate, thanks be to God that 1/11/02 has come and gone without terrorist tragedy.

Hopefully this "inside story" about months of my disturbing 111 vision will help you better understand how psychic functioning works.

Meanwhile, please keep your prayers of protection going and enjoy your free access to Star*Sights, which continues to include daily APB updates of the astrologically based, Overall 911 American Safety Index.

Before I go, I have to share a funny I overheard last night. A fellow was talking about lunatic fundamentalist Osama Bin Laden. . .

and he called him Osama Been Hidin'. GRINZ.




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January 2, 2002

Happy New Year!

Sending warmest wishes to you and yours for a happy, healthy, safe and prosperous 2002!

--> Please read this carefully because I have a serious and specific warning and request for you.

Thanks be to God USA has gotten through December. Any additional terrorist attacks have been thwarted -- including the attempted airline shoe bombing.

Things you ought to know that the media isn't telling you:

***The "war" in Afghan has NOT crippled Al-Qaeda. Truth is the bin Laden forces were quite clever and about 85% of the "soldiers" escaped and are now plotting their evil from various other locations including Iran and Abu Dhabi. In the midst of USA bombardment, most "bought" their way out to Pakistan for somewhere between $1500 and $3000 each.

***The shoe bomber was simply a "test" of airline security and there will be more to come. Only for that alert heroic airline stewardess and the lack of a lighter did it not result in another jet full of innocents plunging.

***Arafat's and his thugs' fingerprints are all over the shoe bomber. That is an alarming sign of cooperation in USA hatred between Palestinians and two feuding groups of fanatical Muslims -- the Shiite Muslims (who are connected with Hezbollah in Lebanon and responsible in the past for taking American hostages, hijacking airplanes, and murdering hundreds of Americans in suicide bombings at the U.S. Embassy and Marine barracks in Beirut) and the Sunni Muslims of bin Laden's Al-Qaeda.

***The "tracks" of Israeli intelligence strangely appears around each one of these terrorist activities. It is open to speculation WHY they are always so close by, but it is unmistakable that they ARE and apparently not telling.

***Don't assume that the purported translated tape of bin Laden "confessing" to 911 is real just because you are being told it is.

***Flying commercial aircraft in America is NOT safe.

PLEASE don't be lulled into complacency of safety because we have had a relatively calm few months.


I do not often perceive specific DATES of DANGER by way of pure psychic means and I do not want to spread needless alarm, but these energies are so intense that I feel I should speak up.


Take EVERY PRECAUTION OF SAFETY you can on January 11, 2002. If at all possible, stay close to home and family that day.

And please start now calling for God's light of protection to manifest beautifully that day.

Thank you.

One positive result of 911 is that there appears to be a renewal of spiritual searching and connection in the USA. Last month more traffic on the Internet went to web sites connected with spirituality and astrology than ANY other kind, validating nicely Academy's emphasis on spiritual astrology through the free Star*Sights service we offer you.

And starting this week. . .

each day's Star*Sights is going to highlight what 2002 is going to have in store for a specific Sun Sign. Listen!

Another interesting event with deep spiritual implications not noticed by many is the introduction of the unified Euro currency throughout much of Europe.

On a positive note: the Euro may portend an Aquarian Age erosion of differences among countries and cultures, but it may come with a real eventual challenge, as well. It sets the stage beautifully for the possible erosion of individual rights I've written you about before.

And in the grand spiritual scheme of things, even the Euro's introduction highlights the 911 Emergency Call about the terror danger of fanaticism!

Native Europeans (mostly Christians) are dying off, lacking enough new births to replace those passing. The users of the Euro are going to increasingly be Europeans who are immigrants from Africa and the Middle East -- and you guessed it -- mostly Muslim.

We live in fascinating times with spiritual challenges every where we step.

How is YOUR 2002 going to be? Consultation appointments are available to explore that. Have a blessed New Year.




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December 14, 2001

I hope this finds you and yours safe, healthy and enjoying the spirit of the Holidays.

It certainly has been an active couple of weeks since I last wrote you. Thanks be to God that, so far, we have gotten through times of very dangerous energies without another USA attack.

The great need for your prayers and continued high spiritual thought is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL for the rest of this month -- and great preparation for the years to come.

I continue to monitor energies from my "listening post" in Dallas and I can tell you that AWFUL intentions against the USA are VERY intense right now. PLEASE stay highly vigilant!

Here is some of what I can share with you:

**As I wrote you last time, the situation with PLO Chairman Arafat is a powder keg. There are intentions on both sides to enflame that situation to specially create a much greater conflict.

**Osama bin Laden is determined never to be captured alive and, when cornered, plans a dramatic martyr /suicide presentation.

**Sleeper agents in the USA are at this very moment planning and plotting catastrophic multi-site attacks on USA cities. They have been foiled and thwarted in several plans since 911 by the federal government's "round up" of large numbers of immigrants. The government strategy has been to throw the terrorist cells "off balance" with doubt about which "terrorist secrets" have actually been uncovered. This strategy has been remarkably effective to date, but almost by definition, its effectiveness wanes with time.

**Watch for the focus of the "anti-terrorist" campaign to leave Afghanistan and turn to Africa and Europe.

**If and when you see a conflict spotlight on North Korea, you will know that the world is inching much closer to TERRIBLE possibilities. Let's hope not!

**While we are all dealing with these awful "terrorist" anxieties, an enormous threat WILL be made by power hungry politicians on civil liberties for all Americans. If any semblance of the USA will be passed to our children, that effort MUST be defeated.

**The deceptions, distortions, manipulations, deceit and "politics" that is going on in ALL these events are SO prevalent, weighty, intertwined and abhorrent that it is enough to take anyone's breath away. "Evil" is unquestionably rife and searching for fertile ground in the 21ST Century. People of faith, sincerity and love are going to have to be SUPREMELY vigilant and wise to combat dark forces.

Probably more than at any other time in your life, this season IS the time to celebrate the angel song in Luke 2:14

Glory to God in the highest,

and on earth

peace, goodwill toward men !




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December 4, 2001

I have 5 things to write you about, but. . .

AS I write this tonight, an emergency Cabinet meeting is taking place in Israel and 57 Islamic countries are being summoned to an urgent summit to examine options. USA Marines are almost within spitting distance of the VERY spot in Kandahar where Osama bin Laden and his fellow thugs planned and orchestrated the USA 911 atrocity.

Hours ago, USA federal authorities issued a return to high alert, citing generalized threats and volume increasing "above the norm." USA National Guard troops and helicopters are moving into place on the Canadian border for the first time in over 100 years.

The difficult energies of December that I've been writing and warning you about since September, HAVE arrived.

The "radical Muslims against the world" fundamentalist scenario got louder today.

See latest InZightsN5, "Did the Pillars Tumble" Go to Ezine Archive

The latest terrorist attacks in Israel have persuaded the Israelis that Arafat MUST go. Israeli attacks this morning on the Gaza helicopter fleet that Arafat uses to move around (like some world-class statesman) was the opening salvo of much more extreme measures around the corner.

(By the way, Arafat is a classic example of God given opportunity and Free Will Choice -- an example for us all. He HAD God-plated opportunities to lead his people toward positive goals and objectives! (WILL-FULLness simply and surely got in the way, to disastrous consequences!)

Amidst all this, I hope you and yours are safe and doing well. To my 5 things.

Number 1 -- Hearing Your FREE Daily Star*Sights

(some content omitted--confidential exclusive for clients)

Number 2 -- You've Entered A Dangerous Time Period

USA is moving into that December Holiday period that I've been cautioning you about for many weeks. In all the analyses we've done since the 911 attacks, using the 911 attacks as our "jumping off place". . .

we've seen that this Holiday time period that we've JUST entered into is the


As you know, our Astro Points Bulletin ranks the terrorist 911 danger for USA on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the MOST dangerous.

This time period has dangerous 10's coming at us like bullets at duck in a shooting gallery. The next FIVE days are 10 rated and the month is full of them. Yikes!

Number 3 -- Review Academy's Metaphysical Guide to Personal and Family Safety

If you haven't had a chance yet to review this free information, please make it a point -- especially given the increased threats USA is under this month. Forewarned and prepared is forearmed!

Go to Safety Information

Did you notice that today's USA Homeland Security alert provides NO specifics about the nature of the threats facing us?

for explanation Go to Explanation

Academy Psychic*Surveillance™ TELLS YOU specifics.

It is information you need to know and we SHARE it.

In fact, some of our Academy Psychic*Surveillance™ data are being updated tonight based on information coming to our Dallas "listening post" just in the last few hours.

And we will KEEP it updated so you always have our most current interpretation.

Number 4 -- Keep Prayers, Channeling of God's Light Going

There have been many terrorist plans in motion over the last weeks that have NOT come to be.

Please keep your personal connection with God strong and the safety and well being of all in your prayers, especially during these next few weeks.

Number 5 -- Special Protection Request for Academy Staff

The impact of dealing with the difficult psychic energies of 911 and its far reaching effects on so many has been -- and continues to be -- tough duty.

I would greatly appreciate your continuing to include us in your prayers and sending along positive light.

Thank you and Godspeed.



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November 18, 2001

I'm writing to give you new Star*Sights codes AND to announce that the comprehensive 911 safety information I've been promising you has just been published on the psychic2020.com web site. Here are the details:

In addition to the comprehensive SAFETY information that has been added, we've also completed a number of aspects of the site relating to the Academy, our background and services. There are lots of new goodies at psychic2020.


Some SPECIAL THANKS are in order to folks who have worked long and hard over the last 60 days to help gather and deliver all this valuable information to you. Sally Cartwright of Prism Business Forensics, Robin Ray of Violethost.com and SC, our personal security expert. Each of them has given hilariously for the greater good. Academy thanks them heartily!

Moments from now, a special issue of InZightsN5® will be published. It contains my first installment of the metaphysical significance of 911. More installments to follow.

As a client, you should already have a FREE subscription to InZightsN5®. Watch for your new issue later tonight.

If for some reason you do not have a subscription or do not receive your issue OR if a friend or family member wants to sign up, just go to:

Ezine Signup

Thankfully USA has not suffered any more known terrorist attacks. Again, a great testament to people like you who are keeping the prayer and healing energies flowing, as well as the dedicated people in our military and government agencies who are working day and night to keep all of us safe.

This Thanksgiving, be sure to include appreciation for those wonderful men and women in your thoughts and prayers.

Academy Psychic*Surveillance™, unfortunately STILL shows that we are moving into perilous times in the next few weeks and the Holidays.

Never has there been a more important time to use your personal connection with God to ask for and empower safety and well being for all. PLEASE keep it going.

On a practical basis, I'm still urging everyone to plan the Holidays with great flexibility in mind and to celebrate those you love.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and always know that we at the Academy are thankful to be able to serve you.

Please stay safe and Godspeed.



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November 2, 2001

Happy Week-end.

We have managed to get through a very dangerous week with no calamities so far. Please STRONGLY keep up your prayer and channeling of God's protection energies for our country at least until next Wednesday.

From my Dallas listening post tonight:

**the governor of California has given the public its first confirmation of what has been clear in the psychic realm for over a month -- terrorists are targeting West Coast bridges and nuclear sites,

**my sources report that American Special Forces on ground in Afghanistan actually had Osama bin Laden AND his confederates located and were moving in for the kill when word leaked at the last minute and he escaped -- only to have his underground cave location pinpointed by us again at this very moment,

**the USA heightened alert status designated early this week (absolutely matching psychic indications of greatly increased danger) has now been extended "indefinitely",

**Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld is whirlwind-headed to the war zone personally, indicating intensified fighting on the ground is imminent

**and it has been made clear that USA military is NOT going to cease its attacks during the sacred Ramadan Holiday period.

Our astrology based, Overall 911 American Safety Index for this coming week eases off to an average of 7.7 (worst possible being 10.0), compared to the scary 9.4 we have lived through this past week.

On a physical level, there is NO question that various actions by the USA government have prevented some heinous attacks planned by the terrorists in this time period. We can thank God for that! (But remember, the intense vulnerability continues into early next week.)

On a metaphysical level, the prayers and resolute spiritual strength of Americans have no doubt played a part in preventing further strikes here. Please keep it up. (I hope you are working with the protection tips I sent you earlier this week.)

Unfortunately, December still looks very treacherous so keep your plans conservative and flexible. Here's hoping that working together with God's spiritual connection, those danger energies will be discharged as well!

(some content omitted--confidential exclusive for clients)

Call for your personal appointment today at 214 219 2020.

Please stay safe and Godspeed.



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October 20, 2001

Here I am again. . .

(some content omitted -- exclusive for clients)

As I write this to you tonight a number of things are swimming through my head. If you have a minute or two, allow me to share please.

USA seems gripped with the realization that the sanctity of our offices, places of business and government have been yet again invaded by terrorists with their Anthrax attacks.

One has died and many others are infected. It's awful.

But in a sense, I am relieved. The psychic energy that had been building and "telegraphing" ahead over the last few weeks -- which you know about if you've been listening to the Star*Sights APB -- has been pretty serious.

Since 911, in the psychic realm, it has been obvious MORE was coming. Two facts create my relief, tonight.

1. While despicable, the Anthrax attacks so far seem to be fairly limited in their numbers and destruction;

2. Many intentions of the terrorists on USA soil have been interrupted, foiled and thwarted -- at least temporarily. (Much of what they had planned was FAR FAR worse than this Anthrax problem.)

For that we certainly give thanks!

We've gotten through a pretty tough week. The APB cumulative danger index for this past week went up from 59 to 64 out of a total worst of 70. PLUS we had three DAYS this past week with a danger index of "10", which is the worst. That's the most "10" days since we've started the APB. It is a relief that nothing worse than the Anthrax has happened.

This next week, we have another dangerous 64 (out of a total worst danger of 70) rating but we only have 1 day rated with the worst danger index of "10" (the 24th).

We had better NOT let our guard down. This next week is still tough and another tough week follows it. We don't get any easier indexes until we get past early November.

(And don't even ASK me about December. It still looks quite dark! Your Holiday plans need to emphasize LOVE and SAFETY.)

I hope you are taking full advantage, and EMPOWERING YOURSELF with the information we're providing through Instant Star*Sights -- AND using your guest privileges to share the access codes with family and friends.

Academy devotes well over $50,000.00 of resources to provide this unique daily information to you -- now free of charge. We want the effort we are making in research, tracking, preparation and delivery to be a worthwhile contribution to YOU.

It can't, if you don't use it!

In my previous notes, I've mentioned that we wanted to help you become more PREPARED to deal with what might be ahead, as well. Here's an update about that.

At this very moment, the finishing touches are being put on

Academy’s Metaphysical Guide For Personal & Family Safety

a comprehensive compendium of safety information and insight from a metaphysical perspective.

In the GUIDE, we will be introducing still more unique information derived through psychic and metaphysical means. So that the information will be absolutely up to the minute, I've planned one more series of "psychic scans" before we publish.

If all goes well, I'll be writing you again quite soon to announce the availability of the additional free information in this GUIDE for you, friends and family. It will soon be published on our website at


Two more quick things.

To say that absolutely INCREDIBLE volumes of information have come to me from my "listening post" in Dallas (that I am itching to share with you) -- is to say the least.

I've NEVER had such a flood of insight and information in my entire life. Obviously these are extraordinary times!

I'm working hard at catching my breath long enough to put some of it down in writing for you in the next issue of InZightsN5 which should publish soon. Watch for it. There's LOTS going on "beneath the surface."

(some content omitted--confidential exclusive for clients)

As always, THANKS for your personal notes and comments of encouragement to all of us here. I'm maintaining a full consultation schedule to work with you in these challenging times. You mean everything to us and keep us going through the long days and heavy energies.

WE APPRECIATE YOU !! Please stay safe.



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October 6, 2001

Wow. Was this past week full of trying energies or what? It was a tough one indeed.

Thanks be to God, there was not a disaster on a major scale -- although the Greyhound bus incident was awful and is a MINOR illustration of the kind of danger that lurks for all of us, even though it was apparently not organized terrorism.

I'm writing to provide you this week's secret code (scroll down to the end of this message) for your Instant Star*Sights service which includes:

***Overall 9-1-1 American Safety Index

A composite astro analyses of ALL the factors we know about the terrorists and their actions -- and we added new information as recently as last night -- all carefully factored into this critical index.

On a scale of 1 to 10, each day is rated as to the level of danger to Americans. A 10 ranking warrants the most caution.

Last week's average Index was a tough 8.57 and this next week it actually increases a little to 8.85. The danger for you is NOT abating. Stay alert!




Each day, we are giving you daily APB Action Specifics to help you stay aware of various aspects of danger planned by the terrorists.

We have taken 8 specific threats that appear in the terrorist data and are ranking them each day as to the level of danger.

For instance, on the day of the awful Greyhound bus attack, your Star*Sights APB astrology warned:

Ground Travel is: RED LIGHT FULL ALERT

Academy will continue this FREE ACCESS for you in the months to come -- as long as this danger to your personal safety seems critical.

There are two ways to hear my daily recording. From our telephone system at our Dallas headquarters OR, if your computer is equipped with speakers, directly from our web site at




Normally we restrict Star*Sights subscriptions to one individual per payment, but due to the highly unusual circumstances our country is in, we're not only giving the subscription to ALL clients free of charge. . .

but I also urge you to SHARE your free subscription code with your close friends and family. I want YOU and YOURS to be empowered with this daily information.

Please continue to pray for love to prevail, truth to come to the surface and for the safety of all.

(some content omitted--confidential exclusive for clients)




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September 26, 2001

I hope this finds you are yours safe and sound. I'm sorry it has taken me this long to write you again.

(Please read all of this rather long message.)

(some content omitted--confidential exclusive for clients)

Since I last wrote you, things have been incredibly busy here. I've had the opportunity to speak to many of you personally and learn how the 911 events impacted you and yours. We all share many of the same reactions: shock, hurt, sadness, depression and anxiety about events to come. None of us has failed to note the human positives during such a trying time, either. The enormous courage, kindness and sensitivity shown by many.

As promised, I'm going to have much more to share with you about the 911 event itself, my interpretation of the deep spiritual meaning of these events and the challenges in our collective future. . . (watch for InZightsN5 soon)

but for now, all of us at the Academy have been working day and night on one of the most important projects we've done in 30 years of metaphysical service, having to do with our


We all know that America is now engaged in the greatest campaign of our life time to protect the country and the citizens from terrorist threats that are as awful as our imagination can phantom.

At the Academy, we needed to figure out how psychic insight and metaphysical tools could best be used to ADD to all of our protection.

We've carefully studied the problem and have decided what we can do to help. Keep reading for full instructions on how we hope to enhance YOUR personal safety.

We have done exhaustive astrological analyses from the "birth chart" of the wave of terrorist threats against America, derived from the exact timings of the first WTC bombings.

I don't want to get too technical here, but enormous practical information can be gleaned about the threats at hand -- now and in your future -- through intuitive use of astrology. We've been hard at work doing that for you.

Here's how we're going to get that information to you in a form that we hope will make you safer, more aware and empowered against those who seek to do you and our country harm:


Starting two days ago, in addition to the regular astrological and spiritual guidance we provide for every sun sign, we have enhanced our Instant Star*Sights Daily Spiritual Astrology Advisory service with the new


Through various means of metaphysical and astrological interpretation, every day we are presenting the following information to help empower your safety:

***Overall 9-1-1 American Safety Index

Composite astro analyses of all the factors we know about the terrorists and their actions (and we will be adding new information all the time), are carefully factored into this critical index.

On a scale of 1 to 10, each day is rated as to the level of danger to Americans. A 10 ranking warrants the most caution.

Next, we are giving you daily APB Action Specifics to help you stay aware of various aspects of danger planned by the terrorists.

We have taken 8 specific threats that appear in the terrorist data and will rank them for you each day as to the level of danger. The danger rankings are:





Here are the dangers we are ranking for you each day:

**Terrorist Attack Warning

**Explosive Hazard Warning

**Nuclear Hazard Warning

**Fire Hazard Warning

**Accident Warning

**Air Travel

**Ground Travel

**Sea Travel

And we will also tell you the

***Overall 9-1-1 American Safety Index

for the NEXT day.


This new service is operational and available to you right now. So as not to completely overload our systems, a "secret code" is required for access.

(some content omitted--confidential exclusive for clients)

Academy will continue this FREE ACCESS for you in the months to come -- as long as this danger to your personal safety seems critical.

There are two ways to hear my daily recording. From our telephone system at our Dallas headquarters OR, if your computer is equipped with speakers, directly from our web site at



Normally we restrict Star*Sights subscriptions to one individual per payment, but due to the highly unusual circumstances our country is in, we're not only giving the subscription to ALL clients free of charge. . .

but I also urge you to SHARE your free subscription code with your close friends and family. I want YOU and YOURS to be empowered with this daily information.

Just today we have upgraded our systems to handle the increased traffic load. Feel absolutely free to personally give the "secret code" to whomever you feel might benefit from it. Our only request is that you NOT publish it for wide circulation, as that would likely overwhelm our systems.

It is our hope to help you be PREPARED and EMPOWERED through the specific knowledge offered by this new service.

Frankly at first it is a little jarring to hear about the level of potential danger each of us is suddenly in. But we DARE NOT ignore it! Our strength will come from AWARENESS, being sensibly cautious. KNOWING that we are EMPOWERED with knowledge and are PUSHING NEGATIVE AWAY.

There is so much more to say, but it will have to wait.

Briefly I should mention:

--Make NO mistake about it: as I write these words terrorists are intent and focussed on creating more death and destruction in the American homeland. We MUST be vigilant;


--We must rapidly adjust to something of a new way of ALERT living while preparing ourselves for a knock-down battle over the FREEDOMS that this country was founded on. Both MISguided folks and intentionally self-serving folks are gearing up an unprecedented campaign to snatch and erode your everyday freedoms. If we don't intelligently resist that movement, the terrorists WILL have accomplished a big part of their objectives already. More later.


--In addition to the Emailings of your access code, I'll also be writing soon on the theme of vital self protection that you need to get into place for you and your family, both PHYSICAL and METAphysical. Please watch for it.

(some content omitted--confidential exclusive for clients)




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September 16, 2001

(Please read this entire message. I've got important free information I want to share with you.)

I pray that you are OK and that these awful events have spared you any direct personal loss. I want to add my thanks to what Jim Bates extended yesterday, for the many warm wishes we have received at the Academy during this trying week. Thanks be to God, we are all safe.

If you are one of the many who has joined me in sending light to those most impacted by these events, I thank you and ask you to maintain those positive transmissions until the Fall Equinox on 9/22. Also we all need to be SO careful in our thinking. Condemning an entire people, race, country or faith for the acts of very few is as repugnant as the acts committed against us. Don't participate in, nor support hate in any way! Even the many souls who have been making their "transition" under the most difficult of circumstances this last week, understand that God's love MUST prevail.

I've been at my "listening post" in Dallas all week, doing my utmost to get a grasp and an understanding of these events, the deep spiritual significance and what we seekers should be doing. Both to prepare ourselves for what is ahead AND to be spiritually obedient to the message that God has sent.

I have so much I want to share with you. I've been searching day and night to discover what we all need to know and have made many discoveries. The sheer volume of information and the press of time dictates that we take things in priority order and that's why I am writing you today.


As I write this, my sources report that US troops have begun arriving in Pakistan. The first wave is apparently the Special Services Group of "Green Seals" from the US Marine Corps and the Pakistani Army has taken over the airport in Karachi. The foundation for the USA response has obviously begun.

Meanwhile, intelligence sources in Russia report that the group responsible for the USA bombings has over 400 suicide bombers who are at this moment preparing more attacks on USA installations. This gigantic network is hardly limited to Osama bin Laden's Al-Qaida group. (Bin Laden for some time hasn't even been able to make phone calls and relies on "runners" to communicate with his network -- hardly adequate to coordinate the sophisticated attack we've suffered!)

In fact, the enemy apparently includes operatives from hundreds of fanatical Islamic cells operating around the world who put together an "ad hoc" organization to accomplish a new onslaught of terror on the USA. The danger may be as close to YOU as I am -- the most promising link to finding the culprits, a man reportedly identified and detained last Wednesday from a train in Fort Worth, Texas, just down the road from me.

All indications are that USA citizens DARE NOT feel that the danger is all behind us.

How can we use psychic insight and metaphysical tools to help protect us? That's a major issue I've been concerning myself with the last 100 hours.

A careful astrological analyses of the "birth chart" of this threat, coming from the first WTC bombing, gives us enormous confirmation that terribly troubled times have only just begun.

And that's the primary reason I'm writing you today.


As an Academy client you are probably aware of our service: Instant Star*Sights Daily Spiritual Astrology Advisory, available by subscription either by telephone or from our website (if your computer is equipped with speakers.)

For years, I have personally reviewed the astrological conditions of every weekday and weekend and translated them into a "plain English" daily advisory for you, including the metaphysical spiritual lesson of the day. Perhaps you have subscribed to Instant Star*Sights and have been benefiting from the daily guidance.

In these highly unusual times, the Academy has decided that Instant Star*Sights is the ideal vehicle to arm YOU with self-protection information and we are shortly expanding it to include:


Volumes and volumes of astrological data is available to us from careful analyses of the "birth time" of this new terrorist campaign on the USA.

We can use that data to astrologically interpret SPECIFIC DANGER DAYS and DANGER ASPECTS in the future. That is what our new ASTRO POINTS BULLETIN will do for you. Give you specific guidance on what days/times/zones/aspects are the most critical and danger filled in the weeks and months to come.

AND. . .


(some content omitted--confidential exclusive for clients)


Normally we restrict Star*Sights subscriptions to one individual per payment, but due to the highly unusual circumstances our country is in, we're not only giving the subscription to ALL clients free of charge. . .

but I also urge you to SHARE your free subscription code with your close friends and family. I want YOU and YOURS to be empowered with this daily information. All the instruction details will be in the Email.

If you are a VERY good metaphysical student, you may be thinking of a question that I want to answer immediately.



The answer to that is YES.

However, it is our hope to help you be PREPARED and EMPOWERED through knowledge. If any of us operates in complete ignorance, we are vulnerable like fish in a barrel. If we are ALERT, AWARE, PREPARED, STRONG and sensibly CAUTIOUS, we are EMPOWERED in our thinking and thus PUSH NEGATIVE AWAY.

That will be Star*Sights Astro Points Bulletin's objective: to empower you with knowledge.

I URGE you to take full advantage of it and will be Emailing you again shortly to give you full access instructions, as well as other empowering information about self-preparedness.

Two more quick things:

Some folks are circulating quotations over the Internet, said to be from Nostradamus about the WTC bombing and foretelling the beginning of World War III. The quotation is incorrect and mostly fabricated.

However, I've been researching Nostradamus quatrains and there IS one that seems to apply. I'll write you about it soon.

Please read my next Email carefully!

And lastly, as I am writing this, the Tokyo Stock Exchange has just opened and immediately began trading 5% down. Not a good sign for USA stocks reopening tomorrow morning. My thoughts:

The world -- AND the terrorists -- will be watching the reopening of USA markets Monday.

"Those who panic immediately in times like this generally regret that decision later on. Financial decisions are always best made as free of emotion as possible.''

--Mark Keller, chief investment officer, AG Edwards Asset Management

There are several solid historical precedents to show that "buy" is a more sensible instinct in tomorrow's market than "sell".

Remember the Gulf War Rally!

I urge you to join many patriotic Americans sending a message to the world tomorrow by buying the stock of any USA company you admire at market close!

Thanks for your attention. There's so much more to tell and say, but that will have to wait for now. Please take good care of yourself and those close to you. You are important to me.




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