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Psychic 2020
Over 30 Years Dedicated to Excellence in Metaphysical Service
Psychic 2020
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  • Why Consult A Psychic??

    He'll act as a best friend and trusted advisor. Probably the most comfortable you've ever had. Applying a God-given gift for your guidance. Be it personal or business issues - he'll sense your innermost objectives. He'll be totally loyal to YOU - never revealing anything about you. He'll be spiritual. And yet practical and down-to-earth.

    He'll talk to you in no-nonsense terms. With insight about your choices AND opportunities. And where they could lead. He'll reveal what he senses about the true motives and feelings of people around you. He'll be honest. What he doesn't know or can't predict - he'll tell you. What he does feel and sense - he'll share completely. Patient and understanding, he'll emphasize your God-given responsibility and right of Free-Will Choice to create your future! He'll have spent years in rigorous training and decades in hands on experience in learning how to use his psychic gift effectively and his work for you will prove it!

    A psychic consultant will serve as the "instrument panel" for your life. Confirm when you are "on course" - going toward your objectives. And sound the alarm when he feels you are "off course" - headed to a crash. And should you decide to make "mid-course corrections", he'll apply decades of metaphysical training helping you learn how to
    do it

    He'll critique your plans, troubleshoot your problems and uncover your opportunities. Leave you with a burst of insight and understanding about your life. Along with fresh, creative, practical ideas.

    All you need is the right psychic consultant. Not a "fortune teller" holdover from the 20th Century. Not a "dining room" psychic nor a 900 number script reader. But a true sensitive. An established authority in the field. Gifted, educated, experienced and disciplined. A dedicated professional who has learned to make practical use of his ability by helping many thousands of clients world-wide.

    Someone who communicates superbly. Gives you revealing answers. Tells the whole truth. Someone who never cheapens his talent - nor insults your intelligence with a "carnival" atmosphere. Someone who charges only for his time. Only for his counsel. And only when you ask for it!

    Someone with an impressive client roster. Someone who is recognized. Successful. Busy. In-demand.

    Someone very much like. . .

    Timothy Dexter Latus, DPMP, founder, Academy of Psychic Arts & Sciences.

    And he'd like to work for YOU.

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    Who Is Timothy?

    Timothy Dexter Latus, founder, Academy of Psychic Arts & Sciences.

    Timothy consults, counsels, coaches, teaches, writes and speaks -- as well as serving as CEO of Academy of Psychic Arts & Sciences.

    During his career as a professional psychic consultant, he has devoted over 35,000 hours to helping individuals the world over through personal metaphysical practice. His insightful guidance has been relied upon by clients walking numerous paths of life, from some of the wealthiest individuals in the world to struggling students. From psychiatrists and scientists to dancers, artists and show business stars. From European royalty and CEO's of world-class companies to authors, inventors, entrepreneurs and diplomats. The phenomenal value of Timothy's counsel is dramatized by over 90% of his consulting practice coming from repeat engagements. He helps people get results.

    Thoroughly seasoned in real world experience, Timothy's visionary talents are apparent throughout a background which includes accomplishments in many fields of endeavor.

    His interest in and reputation for investigative reporting began at age 17 when his work was honored by the Associated Press as a "Story of the Year" about the US Air Force cover-up of an Atlas missile silo explosion in that $40.1 Billion [today's dollars] defense program.

    After college, as a young broadcaster, he was summoned to Capital Hill to support another case in landmark proceedings that successfully preserved vital journalist and free speech rights during the Viet Nam war.

    In the music industry, he produced hit records and managed business and creative affairs for chart-topping artists. With two partners, he founded an independent production company to develop and produce a conceptual pilot of a seminal concept in entertainment and artistic expression -- "music video". Calling the pilot an "Illumination", he premiered it as the world's first, expounding on the concept in his keynote address at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, France during the inaugural International Video Symposium in 1972.

    In video, he envisioned and advocated the concept of motion pictures for rental on videocassette and negotiated the first movie studio contract for that purpose -- paving the way for today's six billion dollar a year industry. In technology, he saw the vast potential for computers in the home and introduced the first national mass direct marketing campaign. In publishing, he spearheaded a video division for the country's major print publisher, which eventually produced and marketed the biggest selling videocassette in history. He was honored as one of the world's most influential video "Movers & Shakers" at the birth of the industry.

    Timothy has been engaged as Keynote Speaker for forums ranging from World Wide Conferences and Corporate Annual Meetings to the University Campus. His teaching efforts include conducting seminars and workshops for hundreds of people, in addition to appearing in media across America including network radio, national newspaper syndication, national magazines and television.

    His publishing activities include InZightsN5, a 5 Minute Viewsletter® -- Life and Events from a Metaphysical Perspective, The Timothy Letter™, a subscription audio compendium of metaphysical observations and techniques and Instant Star*Sights™, a daily syndicated audio broadcast Spiritual Astrology Advisory, as well as scores of tape cassette educational programs and books, articles, opinion pieces, commentary and content for Academy's websites.

    An ordained metaphysical minister of Christian background, Timothy first began advanced spiritual studies in 1983 with the Esoteric Institute, Brussels, Belgium and eventually earned his Ph.D. in +Esoteric Psychology, an interdisciplinary portfolio degree synthesizing studies and research in parapsychology, metaphysics and personal spirituality -- each aspect an important focus in his day to day professional practice. Recognized as a leader in the field, he has been twice recruited by an United Nations agency promoting international cross cultural communications, cooperation and understanding, to visit the former USSR for collaboration with professional colleagues involved in the study of psychic giftedness and parapsychology.

    Timothy endorses and subscribes to the highest standards of conduct in the psychic profession and is Governor Emeritus of a professional society committed to promoting those standards. Many of the finest news and media organizations in the country have called on him to provide an understanding of how true psychic gifts work and the great importance of ethics in the profession. These include ABC News, Associated Press, CBS Evening News, Entertainment Tonight, Fate Magazine, FOX Television Network, Prodigy On Line, MS-NBC News, MTV Entertainment, Warner Brothers Television, newspapers across America and being written about in books and featured in leading magazines.

    Timothy serves on the Boards of Directors of a number of corporations. He is the only psychic in America to have his work acclaimed in Marquis WHO'S WHO IN THE SOUTH AND SOUTHWEST, WHO'S WHO IN EMERGING LEADERS IN AMERICA, WHO'S WHO IN RELIGION and WHO'S WHO IN THE WORLD.

    Timothy's primary residence, offices, consultation studio and "listening post" are in an urban neighborhood of Dallas, near the Turtle Creek. His "get away" writing places are nestled in the majestic mountains, under the blue skies of New Mexico sunshine and on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico.

    An avid animal lover and staunch supporter of pet adoption, Timothy counted as his two best friends, Pablo and Sally Patches who, Timothy says, "rescued him" -- both leaving home and going into Spirit within months of one another as a result, he says, of the "psychic energy onslaught" following the 911 tragedy. He is now awaiting "God's signal" for more cherished animals to be put onto his personal path.

    UPDATE: Several delightful and cherished animals have been put close to Timothy's path through the years and, in one way or another, Timothy has been able to "sponsor" them, but it took 6 years (amazingly, to the day), for a wonderful "fur-soul" to actually join Timothy in life. A rescuee, senior-aged Labahoola (cross between a Black Lab and a Catahoola Leopard dog) named Smokey was adopted in 2008. Smokey has adjusted beautifully to life with Timothy in the big city, after receiving loving care for over two years from a foster family in the Texas Hill Country. "He is a magnificent loving soul," Timothy says, "gentle, sweet, spirited and loyal -- exactly what I've needed to help heal the stresses of each day. I love him dearly and the fact that he arrived in God's time and with God's signals makes him all the more precious to me."

    All told, people seem to like Timothy best for his sensitive manner, inspired teaching and results-oriented practical guidance.

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    What Timothy's Clients Say

    "Boy, did I do the right thing coming here. I just can't get rid of the goose bumps. I have finally found the direction I need. I really appreciate it."
    -- Client BD 610

    "When I saw you last, you told me about the name Grant" somehow associated with my company. I couldn't make sense of it. Then a company named "Grant Brothers" tried to buy us. I get more out of a session with you than I did with a psychologist trying to dissect me."
    -- Client GJ 200

    "When I first saw you, I was skeptic of sorts. By God, when the things you told me started happening, I became convinced. This new job you told me about really happened because I listened to you."
    -- Client MS 140

    "I sure enjoyed this. I was nervous when I came. I thought you might be wearing robes and doing chants or something. But it turned out so much fun."
    -- Client OK 182

    "Timothy, you can't imagine how much I've grown spiritually since meeting you. Right now is by far the highest spiritual point of my life."
    -- Client TL 374

    "Absolutely amazing! Boy, he doesn't fool around. This blows me away."
    -- Client LH 720

    "When you described him so well, I was impressed. When you told me his initials, I though, "How in the hell did he know that?!"
    -- Client BI 681

    "Mister-you are fantastic!! You've just read my whole life to me-my relationships, my family, everything."
    -- Client OF 113

    "I just can't understand it. One session with Timothy helps more than 3 months on the psychiatrist's couch. I really feel good!!!
    -- Client PM 376

    "It was absolutely wonderful. I'm so pleased he lives up to everything I've heard about him."
    -- Client LT 971

    "You know Timothy has a reputation as one of the best, that he can really be trusted. He's sure proved that to me. He really goes for the results!"
    -- Client RC 105

    "I got the job I always wanted and I feel I owe it all to Timothy. When I first came, I was in such a rut and so negative, but after seeing him, it all just unfolded fantastically. I owe him a great deal of thanks."
    -- Client NP 171

    "You are VERY VERY good! I just got the chills when you started picking up on everything. It was just great!"
    -- Client MP 322

    "I just can't tell you how much he helped me when I saw him last. I've applied what he told me and it has literally changed my life. To say that it was worth the money is an understatement."
    -- Client FD 519

    "Frankly, I was a little skeptical about coming, but I'm sure convinced now. There were several things he called EXACTLY, that he had no way of knowing. He just hit too close, even calling Judy by name. That was really something!"
    -- Client JW 369

    "Three things you told me on my business deal happened just exactly as you described to me. Because we knew, we were successful and the deal went through last week. What a success story, Timothy."
    -- Client KG 113

    "It was absolutely uncanny how accurate he was about the court case. He hit it all completely. I tried to tell him the thing he picked up about my jewelry was something else- but it turned out to be exactly as he described it."
    -- Client MS 580

    "I want you to know how much I appreciate your professionalism. The way you handle everything is really first rate."
    -- Client CD 321

    "I've seen a lot of psychics, but you're number one. You have a lot of patience with people."
    -- Client VA 411

    "You certainly are talented. You answered all 10 of my questions-and I never even asked them!"
    -- Client AT 523

    (A selection from hundreds of unsolicited client comments)

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