Psychic 2020 Psychic First Aid Kit

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How to Help OTHERS
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    Academy's Psychic First Aid Kit gives you an opportunity to provide Divinely Inspired healing service to others through the goodwill power of positive thought and light. Help raise the consciousness of the planet and support your fellow men and women by asking God to use you as a channel for good.

    Psychic First Aid works through transmission of God-source healing energy from your creative thought. Time and space are transcended when you send positive thought energies to a receptive person or need situation.

    To participate, simply sit quietly, ask for Divine Guidance and focus as the need descriptions appear on your computer screen. Know that as you read each unique "identifier", you automatically create an "energy link" with the person in need.

    While reading the need description, open yourself as a channel for God's good and visualize beautiful energies pouring out from you, connecting with -- and healing -- the need.

    It's that simple! When the text scrolls to the next description, give thanks for the healing energy God has channeled through you. Repeat the process with the next need.

    This joyful work takes little time and increases your own spiritual connection. Invite other people of goodwill to participate and return as often as you can. Many make regular visits here a part of their spiritual giving, practice and discipline.

    Academy is pleased to provide this unique opportunity for transmitting love and light energy into the body of humanity. Godspeed!

Psychic 2020

    A beautiful reservoir of God's creative healing thought and energy is available to you through Academy's Psychic First Aid Kit. Utilize this opportunity to link with fellow men and women who are Divinely Inspired to strengthen and support you and your needs.

    Psychic First Aid spiritual service provides you with a planet-wide network of God-inspired loving, supportive, healing spiritual energies to be applied to whatever need you might be facing.

    Click on the button below to briefly describe your situation and the need for which you seek Divinely Inspired healing energy. Your need description will soon appear in Psychic First Aid -- opening up a worldwide network for channeling spiritual creative energies to you and your need.

    Names and exact specifics are not necessary nor allowed. Just generally describe your situation and provide a broad "energy identifier" to provide a "connecting point" for the healing. Your request will be acted upon for 30 days. Godspeed!

Psychic 2020

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