Psychic "Ambassador"
Helps Thousands

A Day In The Life of A Psychic Helper

One day’s visit to his Dallas offices provides a fascinating glimpse into a spiritual service being used by increasing numbers of successful people.

By Marc DuFrenne

A Day in the Life of a Psychic   8:30 a.m.

     "Timothy", as he is known to all of his clients and friends – although more accurately we would have to address him as "Dr. Latus" (the Doctorate is in Esoteric Psychology) – arises to greet the day a little before 9 AM. To some, that might seem a tad late in the day, but for a guy who has been helping others solve intense emotional, spiritual, personal and business problems until very late in the previous night, it is understandable.

     From his townhouse style home in a fashionable Dallas neighborhood called Turtle Creek, before even so much as a cup of coffee, this nationally renowned psychic consultant checks with the Academy of Psychic Arts & Sciences offices to arrange his schedule for the day. A workday that often grows beyond 10 hours because many people who work with him have problems to solve that just won’t wait. And, he says, he enjoys helping others so much that he’d rather be working than spending his time doing something "mindless" like "watching some nonsense program on TV."

     Besides, Timothy says, "In addition to the unmistakable spiritual calling in my life, the situations I work on are a whole lot more interesting – and dramatic – than what you would ever see on any television show, anyway." Asked about that "spiritual calling", Timothy explains that creating spiritual understanding and growth for people is the overriding objective for every consultation. "In our metaphysical belief at the Academy, no separation is possible between the psychic and the spiritual. It all has to do with a person’s relationship with the creator, no matter what kind of issue it seems to be on the surface – romantic, business, financial, health, family. That’s the kind of helper and healer I am."

A Day in the Life of a Psychic   10:00 a.m.

     Because the people he counsels and works for are literally scattered all over the globe – and among many different time zones – Timothy begins his day from his home studio with telephone consultations for clients in the East, where the time is later.

     "Some people think that for a psychic to be able to do good work for you, you have to meet with them in-person," he observes. "That is certainly not the case for me," he says. "I actually consult for and counsel more clients by phone than I do in-person and after doing it for 30 years, I see very little difference in the result. If anything, telephone psychic/spiritual work might be a little more accurate, because I’m not distracted by the visual aspects of a person. I really don’t experience much of the world from a visual standpoint anyway," said Timothy. "I mostly relate to people and situations from feelings, which in psychic work, we call clairsentience. I am also somewhat clairaudient – meaning sometimes, inside my head, I hear information about a client or situation. But I’m not much clairvoyant, which is experiencing psychic energy by seeing things."

A Day in the Life of a Psychic   Your Telephone: A Crystal Ball?  A Day in the Life of a Psychic

     "Working with someone by phone is not only very convenient for them, but produces excellent psychic insight as well," he commented.

     And judging by his packed schedule, it certainly must be producing results for the many hundreds of people who solicit his psychic insight on a whole variety of concerns.

     On the day we were with Timothy, several psychic consultations via phone were scheduled in the early part of his day. Citing the strict confidentially he insures every one of his clients, he would not let us "listen-in" to the conversations, but he did agree to share a "summary" of some of the work that he did that morning.

     "First up was an East Coast business executive who sold out his company to a larger one a few years ago. Part of the deal was a big-money payoff for him – due about a year ago. Because of complicated corporate politics, it didn’t happen," Timothy told us. "He had about given up on ever getting the money when a friend suggested he call me. I’ve worked with him several times before, providing insight about the motives of the executives around him. And I’ve given him specific suggestions about how to work it all out so he gets paid. Today, he told me he’s gotten a partial payment and has signed an agreement which insures he’ll get the rest shortly."

     When asked if the client was happy, Timothy replied, "Ecstatic. You can imagine what this means to him. He has kids in college and he had put everything he had into that company. Getting screwed out of it was literally about to do him in."

A Day in the Life of a Psychic   Corporate Psychic Intelligence  A Day in the Life of a Psychic

     If the guy had been successful enough to build up a multi-million dollar company, I asked Timothy, why couldn’t he protect himself and solve this problem on his own.

     "Oh it certainly isn’t that he’s not smart," Timothy emphasized, "because actually he’s brilliant! But often times a person gets so wrapped up in the issue at hand and the overwhelming importance of it, that they lose their perspective. There was a lot of deception going on around him and he just didn’t know whom to trust. There are always deep spiritual issues behind every happening in life. Recognition of the spiritual principles and how to handle them is always the key to success. The insights I gave him in that regard is what really did the trick. And you’ll notice, he was a smart enough guy to recognize that he needed help of a very special kind. He had never worked with a psychic before – had never probed business issues in the spiritual context -- but I’ll bet he will again.

     Indeed, the client Timothy described seems to be part of a growing trend – the hiring of an experienced and talented psychic consultant to help a person sort out many of the complications of modern day living. And the trend certainly isn’t limited to high-powered corporate executives either, as the next client Timothy told us about illustrated. "Then I worked with a woman from Florida whose husband passed away about a year ago," Timothy explained. "She inherited his small successful business and has been doing really well running it and discovering a fascinating new spiritual path as a result. Most of our previous consultations have been about that," he said. "But now, she has met this man whom she is crazy about and the prospect of a serious relationship is putting her through untold changes. She wants to get more involved with him and it scares the daylights out of her – all at the same time.

     I’m helping her understand the spiritual significance of what is going on in that relationship and the appropriate metaphysical approach to handling the challenges she faces with the newfound responsibility for her late husband’s company, as well as the exciting prospect of this new relationship.

     I mentioned to Timothy that his work with this woman almost sounded like psychotherapy.

     "But remember," he insisted, "I’m not a psychologist. I don’t take a traditional psychological viewpoint. I am a trained psychic and metaphysician. I counsel clients strictly from a spiritual perspective. For instance, to make matters even more complicated, this woman has developed an eating disorder. And while I am helping her understand the significance of that spiritually, I have also insisted that she get into a program of therapy to help her overcome it."

A Day in the Life of a Psychic   Says He’s A Psychic Ambassador  A Day in the Life of a Psychic

     "Of course I am a psychic consultant and that is how most people refer to me. It would also be fair to say that I am an esoteric counselor because I study, research, write and lecture about the paranormal – always from a spiritual perspective. I am educated in the science of metaphysics, as well. But I think the most accurate name for my role is "psychic ambassador." What I most try to do is utilize my God given abilities as a psychic to go between the psychic/spiritual worlds and the everyday earth world on behalf of Academy clients. I try to give them important insights to help them accomplish their objectives. I interpret psychic energies for them in language I hope they can understand and I use my metaphysical spiritual training to help them make the changes in their life that they might want to make given their increased spiritual understanding."

A Day in the Life of a Psychic   12:00 noon

     It was time for me to join Timothy as he made his way from his home near downtown Dallas to his offices located in the northern part of the city. Believe me, it’s quite an experience riding the busiest Dallas freeways with a "psychic chauffeur." Timothy drives his brand new cherry-red Cadillac Sedan de Ville with great fervor. I jokingly asked if he could foresee accidents and avoid them. He said "absolutely", but added that "unfortunately he didn’t always pay attention" to his own insights. Somehow, I could believe that. As much as anything to distract myself from the drive, I asked about the one other client he had worked with that morning.

     "She’s a terrific gal, in her mid-thirties and divorced about three years ago," he said. "She’s got a good relationship with her ex-husband and handles a lot of responsibility in her job with a regional real estate developer. Most of what I worked with her about today is her romantic relationship of about a year ago. The guy she’s involved with is a very ambitious and very much in love with her. But his last relationship was a difficult one and he is having trouble making as strong a commitment as the client wants. If there’s no future in the relationship between them, the client wants to let it go, even though she cares for him a lot."

     I interrupted Timothy by asking if he was able to tell her what the guy was going to do. "Yes, pretty much," he said. "But the important help I am giving her is guiding her to understand what is really going on spiritually – both inside herself and with her sweetheart. Relationships are enormously complex. From the metaphysical viewpoint, the spiritual connection between two people never comes without challenges. By understanding those challenges and the spiritual issues they represent, we can have happier, more successful and more enhancing relationships. That’s my true objective in working with any client on relationship issues – not just what is going to happen, but the why and spiritual importance behind what is going on. And how to use that understanding to accomplish the client’s objectives."

A Day in the Life of a Psychic   21st Century Style Minister  A Day in the Life of a Psychic

     In addition to his Doctorate, Timothy is also an ordained metaphysical minister and founder of Academy of Psychic Arts & Sciences. I asked him if he is any different from the typical kind of minister in a pulpit.

     "I suspect so," he said. "For one thing, although I minister all day every day, you won’t find me preaching much—except maybe in something I’ve written. With clients I am trying to help them find the truth within, because that is what will be right for them. I’m certainly not here to tell anybody what is right and what is wrong. I’m only trying to understand the person and shine a little loving light with some metaphysical spiritual truths. Academy is not obsessive about doctrine and scripture, either. We believe much of the Bible is written for its symbolism. And there’s another big difference too," Timothy said. "When you come for my help, the financial arrangements are clearly determined ahead of time. We don’t browbeat anybody for donations of money. We have a strong foundational concept that a person take total responsibility for their needs and expect value for what they pay for. And, of course, what I tell you isn’t influenced by the prospect of your making – or not making -- some additional offering, either. The finances are strictly need, responsibility and service based."

A Day in the Life of a Psychic   State Of The Art Offices  A Day in the Life of a Psychic

     When we arrived at his offices, I was immediately impressed by how efficient the operations were and how much technology was employed. Office after office was full of the latest in computers, FAX machines, automated telephone systems, mobile phones and so on. I asked Timothy if this was typical of a professional psychic.

     "Probably not," he replied. "First of all, I’d guess there are less than ten professional psychics in the US with enough clientele to support office operations. I think I am the only one in Texas, for instance. And I know of no other in the country who operates with the sophisticated office technology Academy has to bring spiritual help and understanding to folks who are looking for a different path than the traditional."

     "We use this technology for two reasons," he said. First, it enables us to serve more people better, and keep the cost of providing the service as low as possible. Second, it reduces Academy staff to the lowest level possible. We deal with many prominent people and many personal issues of great sensitivity. In keeping with our spiritual mandate, at all times we must insure the utmost privacy and confidentiality to our clients. By using technology, we limit the office staff that clients have to come in contact with and the clients appreciate it."

A Day in the Life of a Psychic   1:00 p.m.

     It was time for Timothy to begin seeing clients personally. I was looking forward to a consultation session that he had said I could observe. A client was flying in from Los Angeles. Timothy had told him about the article I was writing and asked if he would agree to my sitting in during his consultation. After stipulating that I was not to reveal his name or the specific content of the consultation or counsel, the client had agreed.

     That appointment was not until later in the afternoon. Meanwhile, I wanted to follow exactly what happens when a client steps into Timothy’s offices – before he personally sees them.

     As he had already emphasized, Academy office operations are carefully structured to make the most out of both Timothy’s and the client’s time. On the first visit, a new client is given an introductory notebook in which Timothy explains some details about how his psychic gift seems to operate and how the client can get the most out of their consultation. Another thing that catches your eye right away is a written description titled ACADEMY CODE OF ETHICS.

     In it, there is a detailed explanation about the Academy’s strict ethics – yet another sign of the dedication to professionalism. I was impressed!

     Timothy said that Academy clients come from every walk of life. That was no exaggeration! In the reception area, you feel like you’re in a friend’s cozy living room for a visit. While there, I saw both men and women, young and old, white, blue and no collar types, Anglo, Hispanic, Black, Oriental, yuppies, retirees and red-necks. It was amazing to know that these people likely had very little in common, but yet each was taking advantage of Timothy’s psychic ability for help in dealing with life’s issues and spiritual challenges.

A Day in the Life of a Psychic   3:30 p.m.

     Between clients, Timothy asked me into his office. He had promised I could see yet another use of modern technology to expand his ability to provide services. The Instant Insights service is a special feature for Academy’s established clients to give them access to psychic and spiritual counsel 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through an exclusive Dallas number. "Our relationships with clients are special and long-term," Timothy said. "I certainly want to be available to help!"

     He showed me how the computer system operated. It advised him of the number of client questions which had been called in by clients for his response. He emphasized that in the short breaks between his scheduled clients for the day, he would take each of these questions and carefully meditate upon it. After developing his psychic impressions and spiritual guidance, he would record a personal response, which the client could retrieve in 24 hours.

     He explained that, from anywhere in the world client’s call, at their convenience 24 hours a day, and leave questions for him, knowing they can retrieve his response 24 hours later. "I use the caller’s voice and comments as the foundation for my meditations," he said. "Often times these are urgent situations. The client has to make a decision or take action immediately, so I give Instant Insights very careful attention." Timothy emphasized. "We use technology to enhance convenience and communication, but it is a purely psychic process," he said.

     It was a pretty slick system, I had to admit. And obviously effective because of the number of calls he had that day. Given today’s busy schedules, it was easy to see this service was really a helpful bonus.

A Day in the Life of a Psychic   8:00 p.m.

     I had just finished sitting in on Timothy’s psychic consultation session with the man from Los Angeles. Being bound not to reveal the specifics, I can only say I was especially impressed with three things: first, Timothy’s ability to cut right to the heart of every issue. His psychic insight and spiritual guidance is remarkable and I could sure see how he helps so many. Second, he focused the consultation on subjects the client is interested in. Timothy made every effort to insure that the client’s visit served the client’s objectives. And third, Timothy’s emphasis on God-given free will choice. Repeatedly he pointed out the man’s decisions and choices--helping him understand them, the pitfalls and the opportunities and spiritual implications --some very hidden.

     Before concluding this interview, there were two questions I had to ask Timothy. His reaction to being chosen for inclusion in WHO’S WHO IN RELIGION and WHO’S WHO IN THE WORLD? He said simply, "Flattered." And, what motivated him to do such taxing work? "Even very smart people get a little fuzzy and off track from time to time. Spiritual issues come in widely varied forms," he said. "If my skill can shine a tiny light—just give them a little more understanding—so they can make key decisions toward success and happiness, then my days seem well spent," Timothy said.

     "And the good news is: hardly a week goes by that someone I’ve worked for doesn’t call or write to let me know how much they appreciate my help. That’s my real payment," he insisted, "and my continuing motivation!"

PS: Sure enough. That East coast executive called to say, that by following Timothy’s advice, he had just received a big fat check for the full payment due him. And that it turned out to be a spiritually uplifting win/win conclusion. For that man, life was sure sweet again.

This Timothy: an unusual ambassador indeed!

A Day in the Life of a Psychic