Academy’s Metaphysical Guide For
Personal & Family Safety

A primary spiritual metaphysical principle says that the best protection from danger comes from inculcating in oneself a deep sense of safety. Faith, self-protection, foreknowledge and preparation are essential ingredients in creating your own personal safety and sense of security.

Since 911 our lives have changed. While the battle to defeat true terrorism is a noble undertaking, we must realistically understand that evil cannot be eradicated from our own society, much less the world. 911 certainly was not the first or only signal, but it was a very dramatic message telling us that we must learn to live with evildoers of all persuasions.

At the Academy, we take our guidance from Matthew 10:16,
"Be wise as a serpent, harmless as a dove."

In accordance with that concept, we present Academy’s Metaphysical Guide For Personal & Family Safety to you.

  Psychic 2020  Protection Step One: Faith

Nothing could be more important to you personally and to our safety collectively than daily, regular spiritual prayer and meditation – communication with God. Whatever practice you employ to create your personal spiritual connection with God -- and asking for the highest good for all, it is vitally important that you do it regularly. You can add to this by joining in collective focus through Academy’s Spiritual Theme For the Week on this web site.

  Psychic 2020  Protection Step Two: Energy Creation

Prayer and other specific spiritual techniques, help you create and maintain a sense of protection around you and yours at all times and in all circumstances. Make protection an intentional energy focus in your home and workplace. Light candles of protection. Create energy or light circles of protection around you and your loved ones. Share prayer together. Participate in Academy's Psychic First Aid™ service. These techniques require very little time, effort or expense and they are quite effective. What is important is faith, openness, consistency and clarity.

  Psychic 2020  Protection Step Three: Foreknowledge & Vigilance

One reason the 911 incidents had such a profound impact on the USA is that they were so startling and unexpected by most. There were warning signals (some of which were discussed in this venue) but obviously nobody was prepared for the tragedy. We must be more vigilant. We must be more informed. We must listen, observe and discern better. Academy is using metaphysical tools in an effort to help.

In-depth astrological analyses go into our daily Instant Star*Sights™, Astro Points Bulletin™ and American 911 Safety Index. Listen to the daily message and be aware. Broad explanations and metaphysical interpretations are presented in our Viewsletter™, InZightsN5™. Subscribe, read them carefully and reflect on the themes and issues presented. In Step Four of this material, Understanding & Preparation, note the Academy Psychic*Surveillance™ content, a multi-sourced compilation of specific metaphysical insights on each hazard category. Visit this web site and review the information frequently to increase your vigilance. As new data becomes apparent, it will be immediately posted here.

  Psychic 2020  Protection Step Four: Understanding & Preparation

We know there are various "channels" that terrorists have planned to use to hurt us. Ignorance of these dangers increases our fear and vulnerability. Academy has summarized for you here, the pertinent details of four major categories of potential hazards, including Academy Psychic*Surveillance™ our up to the minute assessment of the likelihood terrorists will employ that particular weapon against us:

Psychic 2020
Hazard 1: Chemical Weapons
 Hazard 2: Biological Weapons
Hazard 3: Explosives as Weapons
Hazard 4: Water Supply Contamination
Psychic 2020

Study these details carefully. Feel free to print them out. Share them with friends and family. Develop a strategy to deal with each of them.

One inescapable fact is that the USA health delivery system is ill prepared to cope with the impact of terrorists using any of these weapons. See Realism About Possible Terror Attacks. Your personal preparation and strategy MUST take that FACT into consideration.

For that reason, we have included basic, preliminary information on two non-traditional, first line of health defense modalities for your review, research and careful consideration. These techniques are: Homeopathic Treatments and Essential Oil Health Support.

Please realize that we are by no means prescribing health treatment information here. We are strictly relying on research and information others have developed. In fact, please carefully read our specific disclaimer. We are giving you some broad, introductory information as well as some web site links and actual sources to assist the metaphysically inclined person in conducting further research so that you can personally decide what is right for you and your family.

Lastly, you will find two helpful checklists:

Essential Safety & Vigilance Tips For These Times

Your Personal & Family Preparation Checklist

Check back here often. This material will be updated and expanded as information flows to us. Meanwhile, push fear away with knowledge, understanding, preparation and faith. We Appreciate You !!



Special thanks to partners Sally Cartwright of Prism Business Forensics for exhaustive research, Robin Ray of for information architecture and many caring Internet sources for sharing their resources for the common good.

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