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Dear Friend,

You already know it! These are highly unusual times. 
It is more and more difficult to handle the tough challenges every day brings. But there is help available to you.

May I ask you a personal question?

I can just imagine how busy you are, but would you be able to spare 4 minutes each morning to learn powerful information, customized for you, to guide you through each day of your life for greater success?

  • Information that would tip you off to dangers for you on that specific day
  • A "heads-up" that would alert you to watch for a great opportunity coming your way on that specific day?
  • A big caution sign when it is simply too dangerous for you to make a risky move on that specific day?
  • Practical information to tip you off about how to handle a difficult situation you would be facing on that specific day?
  • Knowledge that "Lady Luck" was smiling on you for blessings and good fortune on that specific day

What do you think? 4 minutes each morning?

IF life has you so hemmed in (and unfortunately I know this could be the case) that you really are not able to spare 4 minutes each morning to learn such great practical, helpful information. . .

I understand and I've already taken
enough of your time, thank you.

Just click off this page now with all
my best wishes for great success and
On the other hand, IF you would gladly exchange 4 minutes out of your day to receive incredibly powerful information to enhance your life, happiness, efficiency and success every day, then by all means, please keep reading, because you are one of the people I've been working so hard to help. 

I've got very exciting help for you, too.

I've figured out how to help you -- my own voice to your ears -- in that 4 minutes every morning...just the two of us. 

You'll learn how
your secret life cycles are working
and how to use them
to your full personal advantage at all times.

Wow -- what a difference this is going to make
in your life!

How is that possible?

Its not only possible. . . but it is proven. By expert use of all the 21st Century advances from the ancient art and science of astrology.

Consulting Psychic
Timothy Dexter Latus, Ph.D. Mentor General, Academy of Psychic Arts & Sciences


Hello. I'm Timothy and I have a confession to make. I research, write and personally record, Audio Star*Sights, one of the most popular and unusual daily astrology guides on the entire Internet but I am NOT a trained, expert astrologer!

(I use my psychic understanding for grasping secrets the experts have figured out apply to you. And I report them to you in plain talk.)

Even so, as a metaphysical teacher and a leading professional psychic, astrology was an important part of my extensive training. . .

Best Selling Author Sybil Leek Astrologer To President Reagan

by one of the leading psychic astrologers in the world -- my early mentor the late Sybil Leek. . .

To tell you the truth, back in the day, I got impatient studying astrology. The calculations were complex and went on and on. I just didn’t have the patience to wait for data to be compiled for analysis -- when I could, quick-as-a-flash, receive accurate psychic impressions.

But that was before high powered computers.

Now literally tens of thousands of complex calculations are accomplished instantly at the push of a button.  The power of astrology has come to life as an incredibly robust tool for success.

Today, for me to not combine the wisdom of astrology, along with my trained psychic talent, would be a foolish mistake -- kinda' like being in the boxing ring. . .

with one hand tied behind my back!

Still, I talk astrology in language you can quickly and easily understand.  I'm not going to bore and confuse you with intricacies, theories and jargon of astrological calculations.

My focus is results -- and helping you get them.

That's the very reason WHY my Audio Star*Sights Daily Spiritual Astrology Advisory is such a success.

Hardly a week goes by that we don’t receive high thanks from a subscriber telling us how listening to Star*Sights helped them avoid a bad problem OR become empowered to take advantage of a great opportunity!

"I wouldn't begin my day without listening to your Star*Sights. You wouldn't believe how it keeps me out of harm's way. Not only do I get a jump on the day, but it has really helped my spiritual growth."
                                                                        -- Subscriber HG 312

It makes us proud to be able to help.

Please understand. Star*Sights is not some shallow cutesy newspaper horoscope with a short blurb for each Sun Sign. This is plain spoken in-depth analysis of ALL the astrological conditions, trends and circumstances impacting everybody.

You listen. Make choices. Take action.

It is astrology for smart people.

Here’s how daily Star*Sights is created for you. . .

while burning the "night oil" in the quiet of my studio
on the bluffs of Turtle Creek,
in the deep dark of night each day and weekend,

I meditate with and personally review the calculations and material analyzed by Academia Nestoria9,a distinguished and powerful group of highly talented, top rank professional astrologers. Their materials are the result of literally thousands of astrological calculations for that specific day applying ancient interpretive methods combined with the very latest scientific research and astronomical knowledge.

Their output is quite elaborate, to say the least.

That’s why I translate all these astrological complexities into a powerful "plain English" daily advisory just for my subscribers.  The unique results of my daily meditation channeling is included too – spiritual information that highlights what is most important about the energies being created on Planet Earth by that day’s astrology -- often including predictions of things to come.

I personally record this unique, exclusive guidance fine-tuned for my subscribers in a tight, information packed 4 minutes. Every day, this advisory is immediately available at the start your day in North America. I write an email to you with very brief personal success tips covering the conditions you'll be facing that day.  It pops into your in-box each morning to let you know that your powerful audio advisory is waiting for you to hear.  One click and you are in the know.

Hear your Star*Sights directly from our web page
OR from any telephone in the world.

One of the most important features in Star*Sights is learning several days ahead whether your personal Sun Sign faces an especially intense time of it that day - and clarifying whether that intensity will bring you an important opportunity OR a potential crisis. (knowing which, often is the difference between success and failure.)

As a subscriber to Star*Sights

you’ll never again be acting blind!

The EDGE is yours

"All human beings have magic in them. The secret is to know how to use this magic, and astrology is a vital tool for doing just that"
~ Sybil Leek 1917 - 1982

Star*Sights talks to you in no-nonsense, non-technical every day language.

Star*Sights gives you practical, down to earth, on target advice and counsel about what to do with your day. Tells you when to GO FOR IT. And keeps you from falling down through the trap doors of life.

I know you are busy.

Star*Sights is quick. Concise. Absolutely targeted to the pay-off guidance you NEED to know.

Make Life's Cycles Work FOR You

You already realize that often in life TIMING IS EVERYTHING.

You know about cycles. You've lived through them. You know that there are positive ones when things just flow. And negative ones where NOTHING comes out right.

But, do you really know about astrology? I mean far beyond sun signs and newspaper, magazine or internet daily horoscopes? Do you know that it is proven to be the finest and most sophisticated tool imaginable to harness and understand cycles? Plainly and simply, to ENHANCE your success?

Well, hundreds of thousands DO know. Some of them are already incredibly successful having smartly used expert astrology to increase their good fortunes.

And some of them are your neighbors, your co-workers -- the very people you are competing with in the world every day!

There is a reason why one of the wealthiest men in history, J.P. Morgan said. . .

"Millionaires don't use Astrology, Billionaires do."
— J. P. Morgan

(By the way, shrewd Mr. J.P. also did NOT perish in the dark cold waters of the Atlantic along with many of his fellow financial tycoons when the Titanic sank. Sure, just like all the super wealthy in that day, he bought a ticket for the Titanic's highly celebrated maiden voyage, but at the last minute, he totally changed his itinerary OFF the ill-fated Titanic -- AFTER he consulted with his personal astrologer. See what I mean about timing?)

Gain Your Power of Timing Every Single Day

Quickly Easily Reliably Understandably Economically

Yes, the impact of astrological guidance could be as critical as life and death, but Star*Sights is designed to give you positive impact in successfully handling all kinds of daily-life events, as well. And by the way, I specifically alert you when the choices you make on a particular day have a high chance of changing your life forever. It happens far more often than you might suspect.

We've all heard the stories:

Jeff finally asks for a raise. He richly deserves it, but he's turned down flat.

Later Marc pushes for one too. Far less deserving than Jeff, but he GETS IT.

What's the difference?

Probably timing.

Marci and Grant plan a much needed romantic get away. They pick the perfect spot. Plan for months. Purchase only the best for a wonderful time.

It turns out to be an argument-filled disaster.

What happened?

Probably timing.

Paul Abernathy works for months on a business deal that will propel his small company skyward. He knows the customer's needs from top to bottom. He has established great relations with every one of the important players. He has rehearsed his presentation until he knows it by heart. Surely it is a slam-dunk home run.

The big day arrives.

Nobody seems to believe anything he says. Acting like they've never heard of him before. Or that they are highly suspicious. The deal collapses right in front of his eyes. Heartbreaking!


Probably timing.

How much is the wrong timing costing YOU?

Have you ever stopped to think about the real cost -- of important things in your life that get absolutely screwed-up?

The emotional cost of not being understood?

The financial cost of lost opportunities?

The wasted energy of completely false starts?

The frustration of people reacting negatively to you for no apparent reason?

No doubt about it, poor timing wreaks havoc with plans, ambition, cooperation, progress -- and your future!

Audio Star*Sights Can Help!

You click on Audio Star*Sights, enter your password and listen.

Or pick up the phone, call, enter your password and listen.

It's always there for you: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call or click and listen again anytime you need to.

(Imagine -- you are about to meet a new great romantic prospect OR about to go into a very important meeting with your boss. Quick, click or call into that day's Star*Sights for a refresher on how to make the most of it and NOT fall through a trap door.)

Every day and every weekend, you will hear my four minutes or more advisory about the day's conditions AND the metaphysical spiritual lessons playing out that day.

Bottom line: you'll use life's cycles
to your full advantage!

(and all the while, effortlessly and painlessly, just by listening you'll also be picking up training in basic astrology that will serve you well for the rest of your life.  Even your friends and family will benefit as you explain to them what's happening behind the scenes in world news and the way others are behaving because of current astrological conditions.)

So please realize. . .

Star*Sights isn't ALL about selfish advantage.

Know the Sun Signs of those close to you and you'll learn when to give them extra support.

When to be more understanding.

When to give them space.

And you'll find Audio Star*Sights is a wonderful continuing lesson in metaphysical principles helping you. . .

BE a better person!

And it doesn't stop there, either.

Star*Sights Improves Safety and Security
for You and Your Family

It’s become a dangerous world.  America and Americans have to be constantly engaged and aware of personal safety.

It is a proven fact that sophisticated astrological analysis can not only forecast conditions of special danger, but can also pinpoint which Sun Signs have the most vulnerability at a particular time.

Wouldn’t you want to know if it is YOU?

Subscribe to Star*Sights and you will.

You may be asking, “I can learn all that in only four minutes a day?”

... Yup !

I told you Star*Sights was targeted and to the point.

We do the work for you. Extensive research and analysis each and every day. We have literally spent 21 years investing in, developing and refining the key unique, exclusive formulas and structure of Star*Sights' daily four minutes. These formulas are absolutely exclusive to us and protected by law. You cannot find them anywhere else.

What YOU hear is shrewdly simplified into your four minutes advisory that I personally speak to you for everyday.

Star*Sights is your

     easy to understand

     easy to act on

     personal advisory.

You’re no doubt wondering “How much does this cost?” Perhaps thinking “this sounds great for some wealthy investor with tons of money to spend on this kind of super expert service, but regardless of how valuable it is. . .

how in the world would I ever be able to afford it?”

It is a fact of life that highly trained, experienced expert service is expensive. For example, as a leading professional psychic with over 30 years in practice, the fee for an hour of my business consulting time is $450.00 – and over 90% of the work I do comes from repeat engagements. When people find an expert who gets results, they are smart enough to stick with him.

Insights from Timothy
Over 98% Rated Outstanding
Independent Feedback Evaluation Study Of His
Actual Performance In
417 New Cases Over 97 Weeks

And besides the time I personally put into your daily personal advisory, there are other expenses too. The expert astrologers Academia Nestoria9, editors, sound producers, equipment, computer programming, internet and phone delivery -- none of it comes cheap, because truly expert skill never does. In fact, the resources we dedicate to Star*Sights run well over $100,000 a year, not counting the decades of development costs. And we make it all available to you every day as a subscriber with just the click of your mouse.

Audio Star*Sights information is so unique, timely and valuable that if we charged $35 a day for it, you would be getting a real bargain because managing a life for success and happiness is certainly worth that and more. In fact, newspaper-style astrologers charge a whopping $400 plus a month for their sun-sign only audio-delivered daily horoscopes.

But I know budgets are tight and high costs would only deprive most people
of the critically important information contained in
Audio Star*Sights, so I instructed my people to provide Star*Sights to subscribers
at far less than a cup of coffee costs every day
– and no I didn’t mean expensive Starbucks coffee either. I meant plain old ordinary Walmart type coffee.

How about a dime and a half ??

And we've done it! You can gain all the advantages of listening to Audio Star*Sights every day for less than two dimes a day – only $4.79 a month.  OR if there are others in your household who also need to listen to the guidance, tips, warnings and opportunities every day, you can save even more. Include as many as reside in your household for only $7.99 a month, total.

YES. . .

right now the
Star*Sights Edge is available to you for pocket change.

In all candor, I do not know how long we can afford to offer this low cost subscription. It could be withdrawn at any time. But I will promise you this:  if you order today, we WILL honor this low price for the LIFETIME of your Audio Star*Sights subscription -- regardless of any price increases we are forced to make for others.

Now is the time for you to do a small thing for yourself that can turn into big results.

Subscribing is easy. There's no long-term commitment. Star*Sights will quickly prove itself to you. You do it a month at a time.  We accept all major payment cards, American Express, Discover, MasterCard and VISA.  Subscriptions are billed each month and appear on your payment card statement discretely through our confidential Dallas billing unit -- no mention at all of Star*Sights, astrology, horoscope or psychic (we know how nosy people are--let them figure out how and why, you just seem to "know things"). You may cancel future billings any time just by dropping us an email or giving us a call. No hassle.
How to subscribe now

Have your payment card handy and click below.  It takes about two minutes to sign up.  Ordering is 100% Safe, Secure & Totally Private. Data is transmitted using secure encrypted 128 bit SSL.  Your information is always protected by our iron-clad Your Privacy Is SacredSM standard of confidentiality.

(Remember too, once you are a subscriber you may listen to Audio Star*Sights on your internet connected computer or by telephone – your choice – or BOTH. Privately listen as much and as many times as you want every day – never an additional subscription charge.)

Within 24 hours after ordering you will receive an email with the secret Audio Star*Sights link AND the special secret telephone numberwhere you can call from anywhere in the world to hear your daily Audio Star*Sights. It’s always available to you, day or night, 24/7/365 (area 605 toll, free to call on cell phones and many land lines having call anywhere plans-check with your provider.)

You’ll also immediately receive a handy FREE E-Book Report, How To Use Audio Star*Sights To Increase Happiness & Success In Your Life that will explain all the research that goes into the service and how you can get the most out of it. Print it out and keep it handy. Not only will you realize the incredible depth of information in your Star*Sights, but you'll also begin to pick up useful personal knowledge of astrology, effortlessly.

Imagine getting the immediate advantage of a
positive daily winning edge in life. . .

Every Single Day.

for less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

I've devoted my life and career to helping people.  After over 20 years of development and spiritual direction, I finally figured out how to give you positive pay-off help every single day for less than one-fifth of what it would cost you to buy a daily throw-away newspaper.

This is the accomplishment of my life's work. I hope you will take advantage of it. Invest this tiny bit toward your success, your happiness and your personal growth. At $4.79 a month (a month at a time - no commitment) you get every day and every week-end inspired expert targeted life guidance delivered to you in a way that conveniently fits right in with your established daily life routine. You couldn't make a finer investment in your future success and happiness.

Get signed up in less than two minutes.

Do it now so you don't forget.

You know, going another day without the Every Day Edge For Winning you get from Star*Sights just doesn’t make good sense -- being in the dark without knowing what astrological conditions and timing are doing to your life.  The positive results you’ll get from listening to Star*Sights will prove the value to you in no time. If you don’t see the proof, just cancel. Your subscription is a month at a time. To cancel future months, just let us know by email or phone. No hassle.

At your service every day,

••Over 30 Years Dedicated To Excellence In Metaphysical Service ••

Honored by
Who’s Who In Religion and Who’s Who In The World

Composite of Timothy channeling & explication of manifold astrological analyses. Special thanks to Academia Nestoria9. Performance & Content Copyright MCMXC-MMXII, APA&S All Rights Reserved. Broadcast Or Distribution Strictly Prohibited. Audio Star*Sights, Star*Sights & Your Privacy Is Sacred, Exclusive World Wide Marks of Academy of Psychic Arts & Sciences Dallas, Texas USA