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The Academy of Psychic Arts & Sciences has a special outreach to our Fellow Metaphysical Practitioners.

You have reached the site area RESERVED EXCLUSIVELY for individuals actively engaged in a professional metaphysical practice -- experience in helping clients or patients with basic metaphysical fundamentals fully integrated into your helping/healing approach

(If you are NOT a Fellow Metaphysical Practitioner, please click on the NO button below to explore other areas of the site available to the general public. Thank you.)

The psychic2020 site, when fully completed, will include a special area available only to bona fide fellow professional metaphysical practitioners. Completion of a brief questionnaire about you and your work is all that is necessary to be included.

If you ARE a Fellow Metaphysical Practitioner and you have not yet completed your qualifying questionnaire, we invite you to do it now by clicking on the YES button below.

If you have previously completed the questionnaire, please be assured that we will notify you by Email as soon as this special portion of the psychic2020 site is launched.

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Timothy Dexter Latus, DPMP